The result of the European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, this volume gives an overview of the latest developments in most of the major fields of logic being actively pursued today. As well as selected papers, the two panel discussions are also included, on ``Trends in Logic'' and ``The Teaching of Logic''.

Table of Contents

On the Model Theory of Free Metabelian Groups of Bounded Exponent (A. Baudisch). D.O.P. and n-Tuples of Models (E. Bouscaren). Algebra and Model Theory of Chain Fields: An Overview (M.A. Dickmann). A Lefschetz Principle for Integral Closures (A. Macintyre). The C*-Algebras of Three-Valued Logic (D. Mundici). Some Problems and Results in the Theory of Actually Computable Functions (W.A. Maass, T.A. Slaman). Kleene-Spaces (D. Normann). On Bounded Time Turing Reducibility on the Recursive Sets (T.A. Slaman). The &Pgr;12-Singleton Conjecture: An Introduction (S. Friedman). The Descriptive Set Theory of &sgr;-Ideals of Compact Sets (A.S. Kechris). Solving Equation in Lambda-Calculus (C. Böhm, A. Piperno, E. Tronci). Comparative Logics and Abelian l-Groups (E. Casari). Finitary Inductively Presented Logics (S. Feferman). Geometry of Interaction: Interpretation of System F (J.Y. Girard). Intuitionistic Formal Spaces and their Neighbourhood (G. Sambin). Probabilistic Models (R. Chuaqui). Logical Partial Functions and Extension of Equational Logic (W. Craig). Panel Discussion on Trends in Logic: Relation with Computer Science (M. Davis). Some Remarks (S. Feferman). Trends in Logic (A. Macintyre). Remarks Concerning the Comments of A. Macintyre (V. Harnik). Remarks on Logic in Mathematics and in Computer Science (G. Longo). Comments on the Panel Discussion on Trends in Logic (A. Ranta). Concluding Remarks on the Panel Discussion (Y.N. Moschovakis). Panel Discussion on The Teaching of Logic: The Teaching of Logic (C. Bernardi). Teaching the Incompleteness Theorem (M. Davis). LTF - A Logic Teaching Framework (D.J. Watt).


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