Johns Hopkins Anesthesiology Handbook

1st Edition

Mobile Medicine Series


  • Eugenie Heitmiller
  • Deborah Schwengel
  • Key Features

    • Features a user-friendly templated format—along with a two-color design—that makes it easy to find the answers you need.
    • Presents the work of the residents and faculty from Johns Hopkins University to provide you with the most current and comprehensive clinical handbook available.
    • Offers evidence-based guidance linked to ranked evidence in anesthesia and critical care for expert recommendations on best practices.
    • Provides lists of indications, dosages, treatments, and helpful guidelines to create a powerful clinical tool.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Residency Basics
    Sapna Kuchadkar, MD
    Edited by Deborah A. Schwengel, MD

    Chapter 2 Safety
    Haitham Al-Grain, MD, Stacey Hamid, MD, John Marvel, DO
    Edited by Bradford Winters, MD

    Chapter 3 Documentation, Economic and Legal Issues
    Adam Carinci, MD, Danesh Mazloomdoost, MD, Adam Schiavi, MD, PhD,
    Darcy Towsley, MD
    Edited by Jerry Stonemetz, MD

    Chapter 4 Preoperative Evaluation
    Ramola Bhambhani, MD, Enyi Nwaneri, MD
    Edited by Eugenie Heitmiller, MD, Jerry Stonemetz, MD

    Chapter 5 Equipment and Monitors
    Maria Birzescu, MD, E. David Bravos, MD, David Nieglos, MD
    Editor: Robert S. Greenberg, MD

    Chapter 6 The Airway
    Kanupriya Kumar, MD, Ira Lehrer, DO, Ankit Patel, DO
    Edited by Lauren Berkow, MD

    Chapter 7 General Care Issues
    Ankara Forsythe, MD, Jeremy Getz, DO, Stephen Yang, MD, Leo Hsiao, DO
    Edited by Theresa Hartsell, MD, Elizabeth Martinez, MD

    Chapter 8 Regional Anesthesia
    Meredith Adams, MD, Matthew Belan, MD, Benjamin Kong, MD
    Edited by Jeffrey Richman, MD

    Chapter 9 Cardiac Anesthesia
    Hassan Ahmad, MD, Rahul Baijal, MD, Anna Fernandez-Bustamante, MD,
    Brenda M. McKnight, MD, Polly-Anna Silver, MD
    Edited by Kelly L. Grogan, MD and Joshua D. Stearns, MD

    Chapter 10 Neuroanesthesia
    Anil Abraham, MD, PhD, Alexis Bilbow, MD, Merrie Griffin, CRNA, Ira Lehrer, DO
    Edited by Lauren Berkow, MD, Zenobia Casey MD, Laurel Moore, MD

    Chapter 11 Intraoperative Care for Specific Disorders and Procedures
    Nadia Averback, MD, Jeffrey Bolka, MD, Kelly Grogan, MD, Rabi Panigrahi, MD,
    Alok Sharma, MD
    Edited by Jose Rodriguez-Paz, MD

    Chapter 12 Obstetrical Anesthesia
    David Kim, MD, Jamie Murphy, MD, Michael Phelps, MD
    Edited by Andrew Harris, MD

    Chapter 13 Pediatric Anesthesia
    Joshua Dishon, MD, Jennifer Lee, MD, Justin Lockman, MD, Michael Nemergut, MD, Julie Williamson, DO
    Edited by Marco Corridore, MD, Eugenie He


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