Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties

2nd Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123877338
eBook ISBN: 9780123877567
Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 20th January 2012
Page Count: 296
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SQL is the de facto standard for database retrieval and anybody needing to access, update, or utilize data in a modern database management system will need SQL to do it. Most every application being written today will need to incorporate SQL in order to access data, therefore, SQL will continue to grow and thrive. The demand for SQL information and training continues to grow with the need for a database behind every website capable of offering web-based information queries. There are tens of thousands of database professionals who could benefit from this book and their number is growing rapidly worldwide. There is no doubt that SQL is the most popular programming language designed for querying and modifying data, and managing relational database management systems. And relational database management systems are being utilized across the online landscape worldwide. Although the manner in which those who use SQL is fairly consistent, the ends to which it is employed are not. The market opportunity for this book lies in the explosive growth expected in the use of SQL and the variety of uses being made by those using SQL. As evidence of the high level of interest in and popularity of programming techniques for representing trees and hierarchies in SQL, the author continues to devote considerable time and energy to explaining these techniques in newsgroups and personal emails. And people who have been reading the book continue to send him their programming tricks.

Joe Celko is one of the most-read SQL authors in the world. He is well known for his ten years of service on the ANSI SQL standards committee, his helpful presence on assorted SQL newsgroups, his column in Intelligent Enterprise (which won several Reader’s Choice Awards), and the war stories he tells to provide real-world insights into SQL programming. His best-selling books include Joe Celko’s SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming, Joe Celko’s SQL Puzzles and Answers,


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