Job Reconnaissance

1st Edition

Using Hacking Skills to Win the Job Hunt Game

Authors: Josh More
Paperback ISBN: 9780124166011
eBook ISBN: 9780124166608
Imprint: Syngress
Published Date: 25th September 2013
Page Count: 196
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There is considerably more skill in the IT and security communities than is reflected in the jobs people are able to attain. Most people's limiting factor in their ability to get better jobs is not technical skills or even the soft skills necessary to do well in a new job. It is that getting a job is a completely different skill set and one that most people only practice every few years.

Job Reconnaissance: Using Hacking Skills to Win the Job Hunt Game explains the job hunting process, why the most commonly followed models fail and how to better approach the search. It covers the entire job hunt process from when to decide to leave your current job, research new possible job opportunities, targeting your new boss, controlling the job interview process and negotiating your new compensation and the departure from your current job.

This is not a complete all-in-one job-hunting book. This book assumes that the reader is reasonably competent and has already heard most of the "standard" advice, but is having difficulty putting the advice into practice. The goal is to fill in the gaps of the other books and to help the readers use their technical skills to their advantage in a different context.

The emphasis in Job Reconnaissance is for infosec and IT job seekers to leverage the same skills they use in penetration testing and recon toward job-hunting success. These skills include targeting, reconnaissance and profiling combined with a technical look at skills other career search books commonly miss.

Key Features

  • Covers the entire job hunt process from when to decide to leave your current job to the departure of your current job
  • Suggests how to research new possible job opportunities
  • Shows how to target your new boss, controlling the job interview process and negotiating your new compensation

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    • The Ethics of Reconnaissance and Job Searching
    • The Cold, Hard Truth
    • Geek Culture
    • Protection and Avoidance
    • How to Read This Book

  • Chapter 1. Foundations: What You Ought to Have Done before Buying This Book
    • Task Management
    • Time Management
    • Your Personal Brand
    • Content Creation
    • Personal Brand Management

  • Chapter 2. Time to Leave: How to Know When You Should Move On
    • The End of the Road
    • Economic Cycles
    • Identifying What You Want

  • Chapter 3. Résumés and Cover Letters: Why the Common Approach Only Works against You
    • Résumés Close Doors
    • Networking Opens Doors
    • Cover Letters Open Doors
    • Using Résumés to Tell Stories
    • Creating and Tuning a Master Résumé
    • Example Résumé and Story Cards

  • Chapter 4. Talking about Yourself: The Fine Lines around Boasting, Bragging, Belittling, and Begrudging
    • Telling Timely Stories
    • Socially Engineering Your Audience
    • What to Avoid
    • Presentations

  • Chapter 5. Targeting: Cyclical Filtering to Choose Targets with High Likelihoods of Success
    • Job Tasks
    • Job Potential
    • Location and Size
    • Rating
    • Technology
    • The Short List
    • Example Short List

  • Chapter 6. Initial Reconnaissance: Uncovering Seeds
    • Ethics
    • Continual Reassessment
    • Time Management
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Alternate Search Engines
    • Quick Reference
    • Filling in the Lists
    • Harvester
    • Filling in by Title
    • Threat Agent
    • Recon-ng

  • Chapter 7. Deeper Reconnaissance: Uncovering Hidden Data
    • Company Analysis
    • Professiona


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About the Author

Josh More

Josh has over fifteen years of experience in IT, and ten years working in Security. Though today, he primarily works as a security consultant, he has also worked in roles ranging from user to developer to system administrator. He holds several security and technical certifications and serves in a leadership position on several security-focused groups. He writes a blog on security at and As security works best from a holistic approach, he works all angles: risk assessments, posture analysis, incident response, malware analysis, infrastructure defense, system forensics, employee training and business strategy. Josh More works at RJS Software Systems, a national data management and security company.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Security Consultant, RJS Smart Security (CISSP, GIAC-GCIH, GIAC-GSLC)


"The book uses hacking as a metaphor for a more aggressive approach to finding a job, rather than simply relying on the stale and hackneyed approach that most people use. More cautions several times that hacking does not mean lying…For those looking to find their next job, the right job; Job Reconnaissance: Using Hacking Skills to Win the Job Hunt Game is a great resource to help you get there.", January 6, 2014