This comprehensive database on physical properties of pure ionic liquids (ILs) contains data collected from 269 peer-reviewed papers in the period from 1982 to June 2008. There are more than 9,400 data points on the 29 kinds of physicochemical properties for 1886 available ionic liquids, from which 807 kinds of cations and 185 kinds of anions were extracted. This book includes nearly all known pure ILs and their known physicochemical properties through June 2008. In addition, the authors incorporate the main applications of individual ILs and a large number of references.

Key Features

-Nearly 50 tables include typical data, experimental and modelling or simulation comparison, and model parameters, enhancing the application of ILs.

-100 figures--from QSPR, EOS and gE models to quantum and molecular simulations--help readers understand
ILs at molecular level.

-Applications illustrate the role of IL properties in industry, in particular the development of novel clean processes and products.


Academic, Government and Industrial Research Libraries in the area of chemical Engineering, Environmental and Energy and Physical Chemistry (Catalysis) Physical Chemists, Organic Chemists, Chemical and Environmental Engineers Secondary Market: Government officials, professionals and consultants in the area of energy and environmental policy.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface Part I Ionic Liquids Chapter 1 Database of Ionic Liquids 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Database of Ionic Liquids 1.3 Usage of the Database Part II Physicochemical Properties and Applications Chapter 2 Imidazolium 2.1 1-Alkyl Imidazolium 2.2 1,3-Dialkyl Imidazolium 2.3 Tri-Alkyl Imidazolium 2.4 Tetra-Alkyl Imidazolium 2.5 Quinary Alkyl Imidazolium 2.6 Double Imidazolium Chapter 3 Triazolium Chapter 4 Pyrrolidinium Chapter 5 Piperidinium Chapter 6 Pyrroline Chapter 7 Pyridinium Chapter 8 Isoquinolinium Chapter 9 Thiazolium Chapter 10 Sulfonium Chapter 11 Ammonium Chapter 12 Guanidinium Chapter 13 Phosphonium Chapter 14 Polymeric Ammonium Chapter 15 Uronium Chapter 16 Sodium Chapter 17 Morpholinium Chapter 18 Tetrazolium Chapter 19 Oxazolidinium Chapter 20 Piperazinium Chapter 21 Pyridazinium Chapter 22 4,4-Dimethylimidazolium Chapter 23 Amino Acids References List of Symbols


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