Volume 53. Ion Beam Processing of Materials and Deposition Processes of Protective Coatings

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Containing the proceedings of three symposia in the E-MRS series this book is divided into two parts. Part one is concerned with ion beam processing, a particularly powerful and versatile technology which can be used both to synthesise and modify materials, including metals, semiconductors, ceramics and dielectrics, with great precision and excellent control. Furthermore it also deals with the correlated effects in atomic and cluster ion bombardment and implantation.

Part two deals with the deposition techniques, characterization and applications of advanced ceramic, metallic and polymeric coatings or thin films for surface protection against corrosion, erosion, abrasion, diffusion and for lubrication of contracting surfaces in relative motion.

Table of Contents

(Please contact the publisher for a complete list of contents). Part I: Symposium J on Correlated Effects in Atomic and Cluster Ion Bombardment and Implantation and Symposium C on Pushing the Limits of Ion Beam Processing - From Engineering to Atomic Scale Issues. I. Fundamental aspects of cluster collisions. II. Production, acceleration and diagnostics of high intensity beams of molecular ions. III. Surface phenomena, photon, electron or ion emission, sputtering. IV. Cluster projectiles in materials processing. V. Insulating materials. VI. Silicon - defects and damage. VII. Silicon - processing issues. VIII. Oxygen/silicon system. IX. Engineering and materials processing. X. Group IV semiconductors. Part II: Symposium H on Advanced Deposition Processes and Characterization of Protective Coatings. Plasma-enhanced CVD processes. Ion-surface interactions. Hard coatings. Oxide coatings. Characterization of coatings. Carbon-based coatings. Solid lubricant coatings. Tribological coatings. Surface treatments. Diffusion barrier coatings on plastics. Laser-induced deposition processes.


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