Introduction to Floriculture

Introduction to Floriculture

1st Edition - May 28, 1980

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  • Editor: Roy A. Larson
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483269986

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Introduction to Floriculture provides an introduction to commercial floriculture, containing information on major and minor greenhouse and field crops, and includes potted plants and cut flowers. The book is organized into two parts. Part I on cut flowers discusses the history and propagation of chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, snapdragons, orchids, gladiolus, and minor cut crops. Part II on potted plants includes bulbous plants, azaleas, pot mums, African violets, poinsettias, and Easter lilies. This book was written for students who have been exposed to a sufficient number of biology courses to acquaint them with many of the terms and plant processes discussed in the text. It would be beneficial if they have also taken a course in greenhouse management or are taking one concurrently with their floriculture course. The book can be used by commercial growers who constantly seek more information to enable them to realize maximum gain from the investments of labor, time, and capitol they have placed in this challenging field.

Table of Contents

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    I Cut Flowers

    1 Cut Chrysanthemums

    I. History

    II. Classification

    III. Propagation

    IV. Soil Preparation

    V. Mineral Nutrition

    VI. Vegetative Growth

    VII. Flowering of Production Plants

    VIII. Inflorescence Initiation and Development

    IX. Year-Round Flowering

    X. Flowering during the Natural Season

    XI. Improving Inflorescence Quality with Photo-period

    XII. Use of Selected Growth Regulators

    XIII. Diseases

    XIV. Pests

    XV. Other Problems

    XVI. Postharvest Handling


    2 Carnations

    I. Introduction

    II. Propagation

    III. Vegetative Stage

    IV. The Flowering Stage

    V. Problems and Their Control

    VI. Handling of the Finished Product

    VII. The Future


    3 Roses

    I. History

    II. Botanical Information

    III. Cultivars Past and Present

    IV. Propagation

    V. Plant Culture

    VI. Insects, Diseases, and Physiological Disorders

    VII. Postharvest Handling


    4 Snapdragons

    I. Introduction

    II. CropProduction

    III. Plant Protection and Pest Control

    IV. Care and Handling of the Finished Product


    5 Orchids

    I. Introduction

    II. Botanical Information

    III. Prominent Genera Grown as Cut Flowers

    IV. Propagation

    V. Plant Culture

    VI. Field Production in the Tropics

    VII. Insects, Diseases, and Physiological Disorders

    VIII. Harvesting and Handling Cut Flowers


    6 Gladiolus

    I. Introduction: Historical Background

    II. Taxonomy

    III. Prominent Cultivars

    IV. Propagation

    V. Flowering Stock Culture

    VI. Pest Control

    VII. Harvesting and Handling Flowers


    7 Minor Cut Crops

    I. Introduction

    II. Principal Crops


    II Potted Plants

    8 Bulbous Plants

    I. Introduction

    II. Bulb Production Phase

    III. Marketable Bulbs

    IV. Programming and Greenhouse Phases

    V. Diseases, Insects, and Physiological Disorders

    VI. Handling of Marketable Products


    9 Azaleas

    I. Taxonomy

    II. Propagation

    III. Plant Culture

    IV. Control of Pests

    V. Physiological Disorders

    VI. Marketing of Plants


    10 Pot Mums

    I. Introduction

    II. Propagation

    III. Plant Culture

    IV. Control of Insects, Diseases, and Physiological Disorders

    V. Handling of Finished Product


    11 Gloxinias, African Violets, and Other Gesneriads

    I. Introduction

    II. Sinningia speciosa-Florist's Gloxinia

    III. Saintpaulia ionantha-African Violet

    IV. Episcia Species-Flaming Violet

    V. Sinningia pusilla and the Miniature Hybrids

    VI. Stemless Streptocarpus Hybrids


    12 Poinsettias

    I. Introduction

    II. Growth Requirements and Plant Responses

    III. Commercial Production

    IV. Consumer Satisfaction and Marketing


    13 Easter Lilies

    I. Origin and Native Habitat

    II. History

    III. Morphology

    IV. Influence of Temperature and Photoperiod Treatments on Flower Induction

    V. Commercial Bulb Production, Programming, and Forcing

    VI. Cultural Considerations

    VII. Problems


    14 Hydrangeas

    I. Introduction

    II. Growth

    III. Flowering

    IV. Growth Redardants

    V. Scheduling

    VI. Pests

    VII. Postgreenhouse Care


    15 Cyclamen

    I. Introduction

    II. History and Taxonomy

    III. Cultivars

    IV. Production

    V. Propagation

    VI. Vegetative Growth

    VII. Flowering

    VIII. Keeping Quality

    IX. Schedules

    X. Problems


    16 Begonias

    I. Introduction

    II. Begonia Species

    III. Insect and Disease Problems


    17 Kalanchoe

    I. History

    II. Botanical Information

    III. Propagation

    IV. Plant Culture

    V. Flowering

    VI. Height Control

    VII. Handling the Finished Product

    VIII. Diseases

    IX. Insects


    18 Other Flowering Pot Plants

    I. Introduction

    II. Calceolaria herbeohybrida

    III. Campanula isophylla 441

    IV. Capsicum Species and Solanum pseudocapsicum

    V. Clerodendrum Thomsoniae

    VI. Exacum affine

    VII. Pachystachys lutea

    VIII. Pelargonium

    IX. Primula

    X. Rosa

    XI. Schlumbergera

    XII. Senecio xhybridus

    XIII. Streptocarpus


    19 Bedding Plants

    I. Introduction

    II. Bedding Plants-A Definition

    III. History

    IV. Bedding Plant Families

    V. Planning for Future Crops

    VI. Propagation

    VII. Preparation for Transplanting

    VIII. Greenhouse Soils and Mixes

    IX. The Growing Environment

    X. Problems

    XI. Finding a Market


    20 Hanging Baskets

    I. Introduction

    II. Containers

    III. Soil Mixtures

    IV. Watering

    V. Fertilization

    VI. Planting in the Container

    VII. Growing Procedure

    VIII. Pinching

    IX. Shipping and Handling

    X. Marketing

    XI. Selection of Plant Material

    XII. Window Boxes

    XIII. Combination Boxes or Pots

    XIV. Vertical Gardens


    21 Foliage Plants

    I. History and Background

    II. Botanical Information

    III. Propagation

    IV. Culture

    V. Flowering Stage

    VI. Control of Insects, Diseases, Nematodes, and Physiological Disorders

    VII. Handling of Finished Plants




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  • No. of pages: 628
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1980
  • Published: May 28, 1980
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483269986

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