These volumes bring together, from all over the world, papers from specialists working in all the diverse forms of energy derived from the sun. Experts in all fields of research in solar and renewable energy have also contributed an added feature: the latest research and developments in related areas such as wind energy, biomass, photovoltaics and energy conversion. Emphasis is placed on the many solutions solar and renewable energy offers to the global energy problem, and the different ways of combining solar and renewable energy to solve these problems. The work should stimulate readers to consider the broader horizons of renewable energy, energy conservation and the impact of new technologies on society...from the small remote village to the modern metropolis.


For all those involved in passive and active solar energy research and development, and for scientists, engineers, technologists and architects in the solar and renewable energy fields. An essential reference for all technical libraries.

Table of Contents

(partial) Building and system performance. Thermal characteristics of buildings. Simulation and design methods. Architectural aspects. Swimming pools. Heat pumps. Greenhouses. Active cooling. Passive cooling. Performance validation of operating solar industrial process heat systems. Financing and selling. Desalination and distillation. Irrigation and water pumping. Collector technology. Solar thermal power and cogeneration systems. Photovoltaic technology. Biogas. Biotechnology. Liquid fuels. Gasification. Municipal solid waste for energy. Solar hydrogen systems. Environmental aspects. Legal and regulatory issues. Corporate programs. Financing. Data bases and data processing.


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