This book presents the topics of major importance toward understanding the most feared failure mode in composite laminates, namely delamination. There are few books at present that describe the phenomenon of composite laminate failure by delamination in such detail. Written by pioneers and principal researchers in various aspects of composite delamination, starting from basic principles to the most current research findings, the work provides a complete study of the theoretical and experimental aspects of composite delamination in one volume.

Table of Contents

1. Models for Studying Free-Edge Effects (N.J. Pagano, S.R. Soni). Introduction. Effective-modulus theory. Free-edge boundary value problem. Finite-difference solution. Analysis of stacking sequence effect. Primitive delamination model. Elastic plate model for &sgr;z. Extended Reissner variational principle for composite laminates (local model). The global-local laminate variational model. Recent work in free-edge models. References. 2. Fracture Analysis of Interlaminar Cracking (A.S.D. Wang). Introduction. Physical characteristics of delamination. The energy method for free-edge delamination. Illustrative examples of free-edge delamination. Summarizing remarks. Appendix. References. 3. Experimental Observations of Free-Edge Delamination (R.Y. Kim). Abstract. Introduction. Initiation of delamination. Experimental determination of interlaminar normal stress. Prediction methodology for onset of delamination. Effect of delamination on stiffness. Delamination control. Summary. References. 4. Experimental Characterization of Delamination Fracture (J.M. Whitney). Introduction. The short-beam shear test. Strain energy release rate. The double cantilever beam test. Mode-I edge-delamination test. The end-notch flexure test. The cracked-lap shear specimen. Off-axis centre-notch tensile test. One-dimensional delamination buckling. Summary. List of symbols. References. Author Index. Subject Index.


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