Interactive QuickTime

1st Edition

Authoring Wired Media

Authors: Matthew Peterson
Paperback ISBN: 9781558607460
eBook ISBN: 9780080495460
Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 8th August 2003
Page Count: 597
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Steven Gulie Preface What This Book Is and Is Not How to Read This Book Explorations Acknowledgements

Part I Background Information

Chapter 1 What Is Interactive QuickTime? Explorations

Chapter 2 How Do You Play an Interactive Movie? Explorations

Chapter 3 The Stuff QuickTime Is Made Of What Are Atoms Tracks Samples Sprite Track Samples Sprites Scripts How to Make Interactive Sprite Tracks Explorations

Part II Wiring Existing Movies

Chapter 4 Getting Familiar with the Tools Explorations

Chapter 5 Customizing the Presentation of an Existing Movie Explorations

Chapter 6 Digital Rights Management Explorations

Chapter 7 Adding DVD Features Explorations

Part III Sprite Worlds

Chapter 8 A Simple World Explorations

Chapter 9 Talking with Sprites Targets Properties Actions Custom Actions Custom Properties Rotation Behavior Explorations

Chapter 10 Collision Detection Bounds Overlap Radius Overlap Point Testing Explorations

Chapter 11 Cel-Based Animation Picasso Interactive Door Looping Images Inchworm Technique Onionskinning <BR id="CRLF"


Interactivity is one of the most captivating topics for today's online community. It is a fast-growing field pushed by the rapid development and dispersion of Java, Shockwave, Flash, and QuickTime. While several good books are available about the interactive capabilities of Java, Shockwave, and Flash, until now there hasn't been a book about QuickTime interactivity. A logical follow-up to QuickTime for the Web, this eagerly awaited book by Matthew Peterson details the power of QuickTime's wired media technology and provides a resource for professionals developing and deploying interactive QuickTime content. This content can extend far beyond simple movies—it can act as application user interfaces, educational multimedia, scientific display panels, musical instruments, games and puzzles, etc., and can interact with you, your browser, a server, or with other movies.

Key Features

  • Describes concepts and techniques of interactivity applicable to technologies beyond QuickTime—including Flash.
  • Features real-world, hands-on projects of progressive sophistication allowing developers to start with a project appropriate to their own level of QuickTime experience.


Web developers, multimedia authors, and game developers.


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"Matthew Peterson, one of the world's most innovative minds, infuses Interactive QuickTime with applicable insight and helpful humor. This book goes well beyond the basics, far into the best practices, with plenty of supporting scripts and sample projects. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, Interactive QuickTime: Authoring Wired Media addresses the building of UIs, repurposing already existing media, using physics for richer motion, and that's just getting started. The appendices along with the exploration of XML in QuickTime are indispensable resources for the active producer of QuickTime media. I am excited to have this resource available for QuickTime authors!" —Michael Shaff, founder of Small Hands "This book belongs on the shelf of anyone who takes multimedia development seriously. For the aspiring QuickTime media developer, it addresses the most critical authoring issues—and the techniques described are clever and applicable to multimedia development of any ilk." —Ken Loge, Oregon Research Institute "You are holding a book written by one the smartest people I have ever met—and it has been my pleasure to know some VERY smart people—a book about one of the most exciting technologies on the planet. The writing is clear and enjoyable. It starts with material suitable for beginners and proceeds steadily through intermediate, advanced, and into previously uncharted territory . . . . It's a trip, my friend. And one worth taking . . . Be warned: this is not an ordinary book. It can literally change your life." —from the foreword by Steven Gulie, author of QuickTime for the Web "This book is chock-full of useful algorithms and interesting approaches to programming interactive behaviors in QuickTime movies." - MacTech

About the Authors

Matthew Peterson Author

Matthew Peterson is a neuroscientist at the University of California, Berkeley, and is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of the M.I.N.D. Institute, in Costa Mesa, California. Matthew has made many contributions to the QuickTime community in the form of open source projects, libraries, and applications. He is a familiar speaker at QuickTime Live!, MacWorld, and Apple's World Wide Developer Conferences.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Berkeley, and the M.I.N.D. Institute, Costa Mesa, California, U.S.A.