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History: - K.D. Watson, P. Wexler, and J. Everitt. Highlights in the History of Toxicology. Selected References in the History of Toxicology. A Historical Perspective of Toxicology Information Systems. Books and Special Documents: - G.L. Kennedy, Jr., P. Wexler, N.S. Selzer, and L.A. Malley. General Texts. Analytical Toxicology. Animals in Research. Biomonitoring/Biomarkers. Biotechnology. Biotoxins. Cancer. Chemical Compendia. Chemical--Cosmetics and Other Consumer. Products. Chemical--Drugs. Chemical--Dust and Fibers. Chemical--Metals. Chemicals--Pesticides Chemicals--Solvents. Chemical--Selected Chemicals. Clinical Toxicology. Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology. Environmental Toxicology--General. Environmental Toxicology-- Aquatic. Environmental Toxicology--Atmospheric. Environmental Toxicology--Hazardous Waste. Environmental Toxicology--Terrestrial. Environmental Toxicology--Wildlife. Epidemiology. Food and Nutrition. Forensic. Genetic Toxicology. Molecular, Cellular, and Biochemical Toxicology. Noise. Occupational Health. Pathology. Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism. Radiation. Regulatory Toxicology. Risk Assessment. Target Sites--General. Target Sites--Cardiovascular. Target Sites--Endocrine. Target Sites--Gastrointestinal. Target Sites--Hematopoietic. Target Sites--Immune. Target Sites--Kidney.


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"Every library (personal, institutional, or public) should have this volume available." -TOXICOLOGY LETTERS (September 2000) "The editors have taken on the herculean task of concisely describing essential worldwide toxicological information resources. The book really has no peers in toxicological publishing and should find a useful place on the reference shelf of toxicologists, allied professions, and information professionals. A particular feature of this third edition is coverage of digital and electronic information resources. Increased interest in environmental and risk assessment issues are also evident and new to this edition. With more public and government awareness of toxicology in general and the attendant growth of digital and electronic resources, a fourth edition probably looms on the horizon." -DOODY'S PUBLISHING REVIEWS