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1. Introduction History of the First Edition History of the Second Edition Objectives of the Second Edition Format of the Book Acknowledgments for the First Edition Acknowledgments for the Second Edition Abbreviations A Brief History of Paleopathology Research in Paleopathology at the Smithsonian Institution 2. The Biology of Skeletal Tissues Cellular Biology of Bone and Cartilage Bone Cells Cartilage Cells Types of Cartilage Growth and Development of Bone Modeling of Skeletal Tissue Types of Bone Tissue Remodeling of Skeletal Tissue Microscopic Bone Remodeling Activation Resorption Reversal Formation Quiescence Osteon Remodeling Bone Biochemistry and Mineral Homeostasis Growth and Development of the Spine Growth and Development of Teeth Vascular Conditions That Affect Bone Formation and Destruction 3. Background Data in Paleopathology Data Basic to Paleopathological Analysis Age Determination Ethnic Determination Sex Determination Stature Determination Demographic Analysis Archeological Excavation and Documentation 4. Methods Used in the Analysis of Skeletal Lesions Gross Study of Skeletal Lesions Distribution of Lesions within the Skeleton Types of Bone Abnormalities Types of Abnormalities Associated with Joints Radiological Study of Skeletal Lesions Microscopic Study of Skeletal Lesions 5. Recent Advances in Bone, Dentin, and Enamel Biochemistry Introduction Mineralized Tissue Cell Biology The Mineral of Bone, Dentin, and Enamel Paleopathological Considerations The Collagens of Bones and Teeth Paleopathological Considerations The Noncollagenous Proteins of Bones and Teeth Paleopathological Considerations Growth, Turno


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