Identification and System Parameter Estimation 1982 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080293448, 9781483165783

Identification and System Parameter Estimation 1982

1st Edition

Proceedings of the Sixth IFAC Symposium, Washington DC, USA, 7-11 June 1982

Editors: G. A. Bekey G. N. Saridis
eBook ISBN: 9781483165783
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1983
Page Count: 868
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Identification and System Parameter Estimation 1982 covers the proceedings of the Sixth International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Symposium. The book also serves as a tribute to Dr. Naum S. Rajbman. The text covers issues concerning identification and estimation, such as increasing interrelationships between identification/estimation and other aspects of system theory, including control theory, signal processing, experimental design, numerical mathematics, pattern recognition, and information theory. The book also provides coverage regarding the application and problems faced by several engineering and scientific fields that use identification and estimation, such as biological systems, traffic control, geophysics, aeronautics, robotics, economics, and power systems. Researchers from all scientific fields will find this book a great reference material, since it presents topics that concern various disciplines.

Table of Contents

Opening Session

N. S. Rajbman: A Memorial

Plenary Papers

Process Fault Detection Based on Modeling and Estimation Methods

On the Coherence among the Multitude of System Identification Methods

The Academic Engineering Research Environment in the United States

Workshop on the State of the Art of Systems Identification (Session 00)

An Overview of the System Identification Problem: Introduction

The Choice and Use of Different Model Sets for System Identification

Identification Methods

Experiment Design

Model Validation

What Does System Identification Have to Offer?

Workshop on the State of the Art of Parameter and State Estimation (Session 01)

Parameter and State Estimation: Introduction and Interrelation

Estimation Theory and Signal Processing

Summary of Numerical and Computational Aspects of the Parameter and State Estimation Problem

Nonlinear Systems Identification (Session 10)

Nonparametric Identification of Continuous Nonlinear Systems Using Rajbman's Dispersional Method

New Estimation Methods of Dispersion Functions for Identification of Nonlinear Systems

Successive Identification of Volterra Type Nonlinear Multi-Input-Output System and Its Application to Parameter Estimation

On Identification of Linear Systems and the Estimation Lie-Algebra of the Associated Nonlinear Filtering Problem

Problems Relative to Identification of Nonlinear Systems with Cascade Structure

Nonlinear System Identification by Pseudorandom Signal Testing

System modeling (Session 11)

A New Approach of Nonlinear Systems: Homodynamic Systems

Selecting a Canonical Form to Represent a Multivariate Data Set

Modeling and Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems Using Jacobi Vectors

A Special Parametrization for Model Structure Determination of Multivariable Systems

System Structure Identification

On the Identification of Continuous Vibrating Systems Modeled by Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations

Estimation in Time-Series Models (Session 12)

A Decomposition Algorithm for a Robust Estimation of Multivariate ARMA Models

A New Algorithm for Recursive Estimation of Controlled ARMA Processes

An Analysis of Least Squares Derived Techniques for Parallel Implementation in the MIMO-ARMA Situation

Consistency Results for Bayesian Estimators of Multivariate ARMA Processes

Reduction of ARMAX Models by Transformation to State Space Form

Uniqueness of Prediction Error Estimates of Multivariable Moving Average Models

Process Identification I (Session 13)

Development, Test and Application of Improved Models for the Dynamics of Large Crossflow Heat Exchangers-Case Study

Adaptive Threshold Estimation for the Inspection of Hot Steel

Identification of the Diffusion Coefficient of a Drying Process

Identification of a Liquid-Saturated Steam Heat Exchanger

Application of On-Line Estimation to a Rougher Flotation Process

Application of MIMO-Identification to a Blast Furnace

Adaptive Control (Session 14)

Some Critical Questions about Deterministic and Stochastic Adaptive Control Algorithms

Convergence Results for Widrow's Adaptive Controller

An Indirect Adaptive Regulator: Computational Algorithms and Simulation Results

Deterministic Convergence of an Adaptive Regulator with Variable Forgetting Factor

Industrial Manipulator Control Using Kalman Filter and Adaptive Controller

A New Model Reference Identification System

Biomedical System Identification (Session 15)

Model Reference Adaptive Control of Drug Infusion Rate

Mathematical Models of Ketone Bodies Kinetics in the Human. Experiment Design and their Identification/Validation

On-Line Estimation in the Control of Post-Operative Pain

The Relationship between System Identification and Model Validation in a Clinical Model of Renal Dialysis

Identification of Iron Metabolism

Mathematical Model for Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex

Nonlinear Systems Identification-Recent Theoretical Developments and Applications-Functional Series Methods (Session 20(I))

Functional Series Representation of Nonlinear Systems-Some Theoretical Comments

Direct Estimation of the Volterra Kernel Functions Using Multi-Frequency Test Signals

Signal Transformations by Nonlinearity as the Foundation for Identification Procedures

Identification of Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems Using Random Search

Modeling of Stochastic Systems (Session 21)

Software of Identification and Modeling for Linear Multivariable Stochastic Systems

Characterization of Dynamical Systems via Syntactic Pattern Recognition

Determination of the Structure of Multivariable System and Its Parameter Estimation in Canonical Form

Application of Identification Techniques to Dynamic Systems of Uncertain Structure

On the Problem of Structure Selection for the Identification of Stationary Stochastic Processes

Recent Advances in Modeling and Identification of Stochastic Multivariable Systems and their Applications

Filtering and Smoothing (Session 22)

Optimal Smoothing of Empirical Bode Plots by Hubert Transform Reciprocation

State Space Approach for Two-Dimensional Data Smoothing

A Semi-Linear Estimation Method

A New Computationally Efficient Fixed-Interval, Discrete-Time Smoother

Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of U-D Factorized Kalman Filter

Fast Numerical Method Applied to System Modeling and State Estimation

Process Identification II (Session 23)

Identification of a Bio-Methanization Process: A Case Study

Identification of a Thermostatic Expansion Valve

Digital Off-Line Identification and Control of the Nonlinear Behavior of Torque and Manifold Pressure of the Motor in Test-Cell

Identification of Multivariable High Performance Turbofan Engine Dynamics from Closed Loop Data

Mathematical Models of Recovery Mechanisms in Naturally Fractured Petroleum Reservoirs

Parameter Estimation of Spark-Ignited Internal Combustion Engines

Deterministic Adaptive Control (Session 24)

Parameter-Adaptive Control of a Class of Nonlinear Processes

Two New Algorithms for Parameter Estimation in Adaptive Multivariable Systems

Model Reference Adaptive Control for Multivariable Continuous Systems

On the Stabilizability Condition in Indirect Adaptive Control

Adaptive Dead-Time Compensation

Non-Parametric Identification Methods: Applications to Physiology and Medicine I (Session 25(I))

Signal Transfer among Retinal Neurons

Spatiotemporal Nonlinear Analysis of Frog Horizontal Cells

The Contrast Gain Control and Feedback within the Retina

On the Interpretation of Kernels-Computer Simulation of Responses to Impulse Pairs

Nonlinear Systems Identification-Recent Theoretical Developments and Applications-Parameter Estimation Methods (Session 30(1))

Nonlinear System Identification by "Linear" Systems Having Signal-Dependent Parameters

Parameter Estimation Techniques for Nonlinear Systems

On the Approximation of Nonlinear Systems by Some Simple State-Space Models

Application of Nonlinear Identification to Long Range Weather Prediction

Modeling of Deterministic Systems (Session 31)

Constructing Continuous-Time Models from Discrete-Time Data

About the Problem of Estimating the System Order

A New Algorithm for Determining Continuous or Discrete Low Order Linear State Variable Models from Measured Data

Input-Output Multistructural Models in Multivariable Systems Identification

Modeling and Identification of Deterministic Models from Closed-Loop Data

On An Approach to Dynamic Analysis of Certain Class of Lumped Parameter Systems

Recursive Estimation (Session 32)

Recursive Identification Methods for Off-Line Identification Problems

Lattice Implementation of Some Recursive Parameter Estimation Algorithms

A Computer Program for General Recursive Time-Series Analysis

Recursive Estimation of Space-Dependent Parameters in Noisy Distributed Parameter Systems Using Stochastic Approximation

Comparative Stochastic Convergence Analysis of Seven Recursive Parameter Estimation Methods

A Recursive Estimates Method of the Nonlinear Stochastic System Parameter and Its Convergence Analysis

Applications of Identification I (Session 33)

A Modular Approach for the Diagnostic Analysis of Dynamic Systems Using Time Series Models

A Hierarchical Diagnosis for Failure Detection of Dynamical Systems

Monitoring of an Electrical Driven Pump Using Continuous-Time Parameter Estimation Methods

Identification of Electromagnetic Object Response from Noisy Transient Measurements

The Parameter Identification of the Population Model of China

Experimental Design of a Model for the Dynamic Behavior of Pilot Candidates

Stochastic Adaptive Control (Session 34)

On the Optimal Adaptive Control of Linear Systems

Direct Minimization Methods for Adaptive Control of Non-Minimum Phase Systems

Optimal Control of Linear Stochastic Systems with Unknown Parameters by Multiple Hypothesis Testing

Validation of Prediction Error Identification Results by Multivariable Control Implementation

Methods of Markovian Decision Processes in the Problem of Identification and Adaptive Control of Stochastic Systems

Adaptive Control with Recursive Identification for Stochastic Linear Systems: Univariate Case

Non-Parametric Identification Methods: Applications to Physiology and Medicine II (Session 35(I))

Identification of Oculomotor Control Systems with Two Pseudorandom Inputs

Imagery Data Transmission by Cross-Correlation

Statistical Identification of Parallel Cascades of Linear and Nonlinear Systems

Nonparametric Modeling of Respiratory Mechanics and Gas Exchange

Identification and Estimation Requirements in Planning and Decision Support Systems (Session 40(I))

On Human System Identification

Information Automation and Human Responsibility

Issues in the Identification of Models of Human Behavior

An Interactive Approach to Alternative Ranking Involving Inverse Decision Aiding

New Ideas in System Identification (Session 41)

Information Theory and Identification—An Account of an Effective Interaction

Membership Set Estimation-An Alternative Approach to System Identification

System Identification Techniques Using the Group Method of Data Handling

Information, Renyi Entropy, H-Convergence, H-Stability. Applications to Identification and Parameter Estimation

On the Use of Entropy Functions for Identification of Dynamic Systems

An Information Theory Approach to Identification

Recursive Estimation of Stochastic Models: Recent Results (Session 42(I))

Parameter Estimation and Representation of Signals by Exponentials

Applications of Identification II (Session 43)

On Experimental Procedures for the Identification of Linearized Fluid-Film Models

The Use of D-Optimality to Improve the Quality of Squeeze-Film Parameter Estimates

Estimation of Rotor Support Characteristics and Unbalance Mass Distribution in Rotating Machinery

Filtering Algorithm for Estimating Fluid Temperature Profile in Solar Collectors

Practical Experiences on the Setup and Identification of a Distillation Pilot Plant

Instrumentation and Data Processing for Identification of Nonlinear Ship Hydrodynamics

Adaptive Estimation (Session 44)

Reduced-Order Adaptive Parameter Identification

A New Adaptive Model for Radar and Optronic Trackers

Implementation of Adaptive Filters Using Residue Number Systems

Robust Adaptive Prediction and Control by MUSMAR Techniques

On the Adaptive Identification of a Multicompartmental Model for Kinetics of Cell Proliferation

Application of Adaptive Identification Algorithms to Closed-Loop Adaptive Control Systems with an Identifier

Parameter Estimation in Traffic Systems (Session 45)

Survey of Modeling Techniques for Urban Traffic

On the Estimation of Traffic Occupancy with Application to Freeway Incident Detection

A Learning Algorithm for Adaptation to Traffic's Dynamical Variations

Comparative Study of Robust Methods of Vehicle State Estimation

Identification of Physical Parameters of Road Vehicles


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