The papers in this two volume set provide the latest information on research and development in the field of high Tc-materials. Special emphasis is placed on methods of preparation and microstructural characterization for both thin films and single crystals. Considerable attention is also paid to the potential applications of thin films and bulk materials. The following topics are covered in detail: New superconductors; Relations between structure and/or substitution and superconductivity in ternary Cu-oxides; Single crystals, microstructure; Thin films, preparation and properties; Technical applications.

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Contents: Vol. I. 1. General Theory. Unconventional superconducting properties of the High Tc oxides (G. Deutscher). Understanding high temperature superconducting oxides (B.K. Chakraverty et al.). Raman scattering as an analytical tool for high Tc superconductors (C. Thomsen et al.). 2. Structure, New Materials and Substitution. Structures and microstructures in the bismuth and thallium superconductors (M. Hervieu et al.). Electron microscopic studies of high Tc superconductors (S. Amelinckx et al.). Structure and conductivity of copper oxide based compounds (D.M. de Leeuw). Order-disorder and superconductivity in Tl-Ba-Cu-O and lead-substituted Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O compounds (P. Bordet et al.). A homologous series based on YBaCuO, YBa16Y2Cu24C56-m(0<m<8, m even) (M.A. Alario-Franco et al.). Two new bulk superconducting phases in the Y-Ba-Cu-O system: Ba2 Cu3.5 O7-e (Tc=40K) and YBa2 Cu4 O8+x (Tc=80 K) (J. Karpinski et al.). Characterization of bulk superconducting high-temperature ceramics by very low field a.c. initial susceptibility (B. Loegel et al.). High-pressure phase diagrams (1 . 3000 bar oxygen) of the (Y-Ba-Cu-O)-O2systems (J. Karpinski et al.). Reproducible growth of large free crystals of YBa2Cu3O7-x (W. Sadowski, H.J. Scheel). Crystal fibers of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O materials grown by the laser floating zone method (G.F. de la Fuente et al.). High Tc phase stabilization in Bi-Ca-Sr-Cu-O systems by lead doping (N. Brničević et al.). Preparation of superconductors of the BiSrCaCuO system by glass crystallization (A.P. Concalves et al.). Vol. II. 3. Physical Properties. The breaking torque concept in a sintered LaSrCuO sample (L. Fru


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