High Excitation and Short Pulse Phenomena

1st Edition

Editors: M.H. Pilkuhn
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444869319
eBook ISBN: 9780444600189
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1985
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High Excitation and Short Pulse Phenomena contains the proceeding of the Third Trieste ICTP-IUPAP Semiconductor Symposium on ""High Excitation and Short Pulse Phenomena"", held at the International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy on July, 2-6 1984. This book contains the keynote papers of the symposium and the contributions from the participants. It describes the non-equilibrium electron-hole plasmas in direct and indirect gap semiconductors; transport of plasmas and of hot carriers; and expansion velocities. The book also elucidates the screening effects involved in the exciton-plasma transition; the optical bistability and nonlinearity; and experimental techniques with short pulse spectroscopy. Other topics emphasized are the physical aspects of laser annealing and of melting at the highest excitation levels, as well as the results of high excitation and short pulse physics of quantum wells. The fast relaxation processes, as well as the carrier-carrier and carrier-phonon interactions are also explained. This material will serve as a source of information and reference, and will stimulate ways for further research.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction Contents Electron-Hole Plasmas Electron-Hole Plasma Generation and Evolution in Semiconductors Non-equilibrium Plasma; Theory and Experiment Plasma Expansion and Band-Gap Renormalization in CdTe and GaP Inelastic Light Scattering in Highly Excited GaAs Electron-Hole Plasma in Ga1-xAlxAs: Expansion and Confinement Transport Effects Optical Studies of Fast Plasma Transport in Si Transport of Degenerate Electron-Hole Plasmas in Si and Ge On the Investigation of the Diffusion Processes of Photoexcited Carriers in Silicon by ps-Reflectivity Measurements Hot-Carrier Transient Transport New Transport Phenomena in Variable Gap Semiconductors and Their Device Applications Screening of Excitons Excitonic versus Plasma Screening in Highly Excited Gallium Arsenide Photoluminescence of Germanium near the Screening Ionization Limit of Excitons Optical Bistability and Nonlinearity Nonequilibrium Many-Body Theory of Optical Nonlinearities of Semiconductors Nonlinear Optics and Plasma-induced Bistability in CdS Optical Nonlinearity and Bistability in CdS Optical Bistability in CucI Theory of Absorptive Bistability Short Pulse Spectroscopy Progress in Femtosecond Measurement Techniques Chirped and Chirp-Free Femtosecond Pulses in Passively Mode-Locked Dye Lasers High Density Electron-Hole Plasma in Si Induced by Femtosecond Pulses Pulsewidth-Dependence of Nonlinear Energy Deposition and Redistribution in Si, GaAs and Ge during 1 µm Picosecond Irradiation Subpicosecond Time-Resolved Mott Transition in CucI Picosecond Studies of Highly Excited CdS Relaxation Processes Ultrafast Relaxation Processes in Semiconductors Hot Electron Relaxation in In0.53Ga0.47As Transient Anisotropy Effects in the Absorption Saturation of GaAs Bound Exciton Formation and Excitonic Localization in Semimagnetic Semic


© North Holland 1985
North Holland
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