'Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right' Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General Edited by two world-renowned scientists in the field, The Handbook of Water and Wastewater Microbiology provides a definitive and comprehensive coverage of water and wastewater microbiology. With contributions from experts from around the world, this book gives a global perspective on the important issues faced in the provision of safe drinking water, the problems of dealing with aquatic pollution and the processes involved in wastewater management. Starting with an introductory chapter of basic microbiological principles, The Handbook of Water and Wastewater Microbiology develops these principles further, ensuring that this is the essential text for process engineers with little microbiological experience and specialist microbiologists alike.

Key Features

Comprehensive selection of reviews dealing with drinking water and aquatic pollution Provides an understading of basic microbiology and how it is applied to engineering process solutions Suitable for all levels of knowledge in microbiology -from those with no background to specialists who require the depth of information


Graduate and research microbiologists, public health scientists, wastewater and civil engineers.

Table of Contents

Basic Microbiology 1 Microbial Nutrition and Basic Metabolism E C S Chan Introduction to Microbes of Sanitary Importance 2 Viruses John Heritage 3 Bacteria Ed Schroeder, 4 Protozoa Nigel Horan 5 Filamentous Fungi In Water Systems Graham Kinsey, Joan Kelley 6 Microbial Flora of the Gut B S Drasar 7 Faecal Indicator Organisms D D Mara 8 Detection, Enumeration and Identification of Environmental Microorganisms of Public Health Significance Howard Kator, Martha Rhodes 9 Fundamentals of Biological Behaviour M C Wentzel, G A Ekama, R E Loewenthal Water and Excreta Related Diseases 10 Microorganisms and Disease R Morris 11 Unitary Environmental Classification of Water and Excreta Related Communicable Diseases D D Mara and R G A Feacham 12 Emerging Waterborne Pathogens Debra E Huffman, Walter Quintero-Betancourt, Joan Rose 13 Health Effects of Water Consumption and Water Quality Pierre Payment 14 Drinking Standards fro the Developing World J Bartram, Guy Howard, Peter Murchie 15 Control of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Wastewater Recycling and Refuse in Agriculture Hillel Shuval and Badri Fattal 16 Developing Risk Assessments of Waterborne Microbial Contaminations Paul Gale 17 Effluent Discharge Standards David W M Johnstone 18 Health Constraints on the Agricultural Recycling of Wastewater Sludges A Godfrey Microbiology of Wastewater Treatment Introduction to Microbiological Wastewater Treatment 19 Fixed Film Processes Paul Lessard 20 Suspended Growth Processes Nigel Horan 21 Low-Cost Treatment Systems D D Mara 22 Anaerobic Treatment Processes Ken Anderson 23 The Nitrogen Cycle and It's Application in Wastewater Treatment C H W


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"...a valuable addition to the general area of ecological and applied microbiology, and editors Mara and Horan have done an excellent job in putting together this volume." -CHOICE (March 2004)