Handbook of Statistics, Volume 23

1st Edition

Advances in Survival Analysis

Print ISBN: 9780444548443
eBook ISBN: 9780080495118
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 30th January 2004
Page Count: 822
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The book covers all important topics in the area of Survival Analysis. Each topic has been covered by one or more chapters written by internationally renowned experts. Each chapter provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the topic. Several new illustrative examples have been used to demonstrate the methodologies developed. The book also includes an exhaustive list of important references in the area of Survival Analysis.

Key Features

· Includes up-to-date reviews on many important topics. · Chapters written by many internationally renowned experts. · Some Chapters provide completely new methodologies and analyses. · Includes some new data and methods of analyzing them.


Biostatisticians, Mathematical Statisticians and Reliability Engineers.

Table of Contents


Part I. General Methodology.

Evaluation of the Performance of Survival Analysis Models: Discrimination and Calibration Measures (R.B. D'Agostino, B.-H. Nam).
Discretizing a Continuous Covariate in Survival Studies (J.P. Klein, J.-T. Wu).
On Comparison of Two Classification Methods with Survival Endpoints (Y. Lu, H. Jin, J. Mi).
Time-Varying Effects in Survival Analysis (T.H. Scheike).
Kaplan-Meier Integrals (W. Stute).

Part II. Concensored Data and Inference.

Statistical Analysis of Doubly Interval-Censored Failure Time Data (J. Sun).
The Missing Consoring-Indicator Model of Random Censorship (S. Subramanian).
Estimation of the Bivariate Survival Function with Generalized Bivariate Right Censored Data Structures (S. Keles, M.J. van der Laan, J.M. Robins).
Estimation of Semi-Markov Models with Right-Censored Data (O. Pons).

Part III. Truncated Data and Inference.

Nonparametric Bivariate Estimation with Randomly Truncated Observations (Ü. Gürler).

Part IV. Hazard Rate Estimation.

Lower Bounds for Estimating a Hazard (C. Huber, b. MacGibbon).
Non-Parametric Hazard Rate Estimation under Proressive Type-II Consoring (N. Balakrishnan, L. Bordes).

Part V. Comparison of Survival Curves.

Statistical Tests of the Equality of Survival Curves: Reconsidering the Options (G.P. Suciu, S. Lemeshow, M. Moeschberger).
Testing Equality of Survival Functions with Bivariate Censored Data: A Review (P.V. Ra


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"Forty papers provide an overview of survival analysis and describe the state of the art (...) in this field of statistics. " (Journal of Economic Literature, 2004-1222) "The book successfully provides the reader with an overiew of which topics are the subject of current research in survival analysis. Areas covered include (to name a few): complex patterns of information loss, bivariate survival, multi-state models, gene expression analysis, and quality of life analysis." -Jan Beyersmann, in STATISTICS IN MEDICINE, Vol. 24, 2005