The objective of this book is to present a comprehensive picture, first of the fundamentals of general contamination of solid surfaces and water, and in the second part, to review the main practical procedures and means of applied decontamination used in the fields of activity. The most emphasis on radioactive contamination deals with decontamination of the operational facilities in nuclear power plants. Other special decontamination branches of current interest are also dealt with briefly. The art of decontamination is being enriched by the progress achieved in relevant scientific disciplines and employs these relative advances. The current volume discusses in detail the following trends in decontamination: Firstly, the development and use of new decontamination methods that are highly efficient, non-agressive to decontaminated materials, and economically feasible; secondly, the utilization of progressive elements of automation and robotics; thirdly, the development and use of such decontamination formulations that would minimize the volume of wastes and would produce wastes in a form in which they could be either easily further treated or safely disposed of without risk to human health or the environment; finally, the choice of suitable materials used both for the structural and the technological parts of nuclear installations with regard to their minimal contaminability and ease of decontamination.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations, symbols and quantities. Preface and Introduction. Fundamentals of radioactive contamination and general principles of decontamination. Basic terms and concepts. Biological effects of ionizing radiation. Basic safety standards for radiation protection in the course of decontamination. Contamination with radioactive substances. Standardization of experimental methods in studies on contamination and decontamination of solid phase surfaces. Surfaces of solid contaminated materials and sorbents - prevention of contamination and facilitation of decontamination. Behaviour of trace amounts of radionuclides in the course of decontamination. Decontamination agents. Special part: a detailed consideration of decontamination techniques. Decontamination of nuclear power plant circuits. Decontamination of hot cells. Decontamination of disassembled components of nuclear power plants, machinery parts and tools. Decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Decontamination of buildings and work places. Removal of tritium from laboratories and other work places. Decontamination of protective clothing, footwear and other protective equipment. Decontamination of environmental terrain and road systems. Decontamination of persons. Decontamination of domestic animals. Decontamination of human and animal food. Decontamination of water. Organization of decontamination activities. Planning of decontamination actions. Decontamination Centres. Treatment of radioactive wastes resulting from decontamination. Characterization of RAW. Methods of radioactive waste treatment. Economic analysis of decontamination. Costs of means used for surface decontamination. Benefit resulting from decontamination. Subject Index.


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