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Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry V1 - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780123955906, 9780323161275

Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry V1

2nd Edition

Editor: Georg Brauer
eBook ISBN: 9780323161275
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1963
Page Count: 1030
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Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 1, Second Edition focuses on the methods and mechanisms involved in conducting experiments on inorganic chemistry. Composed of contributions of various authors, the first part of the handbook focuses on special methods and devices for inorganic preparations. The materials mentioned include metals, plastics, pure solvents, and mercury. The text also looks at the importance of temperature and electrical discharges at the laboratory. The second part focuses on elements and compounds, hydrogen peroxide, and fluorine. Schematic diagrams and numerical representations are presented. The chemical reactions of these compounds when exposed to different laboratory conditions are analyzed through numerical representations and schematic diagrams. The handbook also presents lengthy discussions on the properties, compositions, and chemical responses of elements, compound, alkali metals, and earth metals. The formulas, reactions, and methodologies used in the experiments are presented. Considering the value of experiments contained, this manual is a valuable reference for readers interested in studying inorganic chemistry.

Table of Contents

From the Preface to the First Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

Translation Editor's Preface

Conversion of Concentration Units

Part I Preparative Methods

Preparative Methods

Assembly of Apparatus


Ceramic Materials



Pure Solvents


Sealing Materials and Lubricants

High Temperatures

Low Temperatures

Constant Temperature

Temperature Measurement

High Vacuum and Exclusion of Air

Special Vacuum Systems


Liquefied Gases as Solvent Media

Electrical Discharges

Purification of Substances

Analysis of Purity

Powder Reactions

Part II Elements and Compounds

Section 1. Hydrogen, Deuterium, Water

Hydrogen H2

Pure Water

Deuterium and Deuterium Compounds

Deuterium D2

Hydrogen Deuteride HD

Deuterium Fluoride DF

Deuterium Chloride DCl

Deuterium Bromide DBr

Deuterium Iodide DI

Deuterium Sulfide D2S

Deuterosulfuric Acid D2SO4

Deuteroammonia ND3

Deuterophosphoric Acid D3PO4

Section 2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2

Section 3. Fluorine, Hydrogen Fluoride

Fluorine F2

Hydrogen Fluoride HF

Section 4. Fluorine Compounds

General Remarks

Chlorine Monofluoride ClF

Chlorine Trifluoride ClF3

Bromine Trifluorid BrF3

Bromine Pentafluoride BrF5

Iodine Pentafluoride IF5

Iodine Heptafluoride IF7

Dioxygen Difluoride O2F2

Oxygen Difluoride OF2

Chlorine Dioxide Fluoride ClO2F

Chlorine Trioxide Fluoride ClO3F

Chlorine Tetroxide Fluoride ClO4F

Sulfur Tetrafluoride SF4

Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6

Thionyl Fluoride SOF2

Thionyl Tetrafluoride SOF4

Sulfuryl Fluoride SO2F2

Trisulfuryl Fluoride S3O8F2

Thionyl Chloride Fluoride SOClF

Sulfuryl Chloride Fluoride SO2ClF

Sulfuryl Bromide Fluoride SO2BrF

Fluorosulfonic Acid HSO3F

Potassium Fluorosulfinate KSO2F

Selenium Hexafluoride SeF6

Selenium Tetrafluoride SeF4

Tellurium Hexafluoride TeF6

Nitrogen Trifluoride NF3

Ammonium Fluoride NH4F

Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride NH4F • HF

Nitrosyl Fluoride NOF

Nitrososulfuryl Fluoride FSO2NO

Nitryl Fluoride NO2F

Fluorine Nitrate NO3F

Phosphorus (ΙII) Fluoride PF3

Phosphorus (V) Fluoride PF5

Phosphorus Dichloride Fluoride PCl2F

Phosphorus Dichloride Trifluoride PCl2F3

Phosphorus Oxide Trifluoride POF3

Tetrachlorophosphonium Hexafluorophosphate (V) PCl4 • PF6

Phosphonitrilic Fluorides (PNF2)3,(PNF2)4

Ammonium Hexafluorophosphate (V) NH4PF6

Ammonium Difluorophosphate (V) NH4PO2F2

Potassium Hexafluorophosphate (V) KPF6

Arsenic (III) Fluoride AsF3

Arsenic (V) Fluoride AsF5

Antimony (III) Fluoride SbF3

Antimony (V) Fluoride SbF5

Antimony Dichloride Trifluoride SbCl2F3

Bismuth (IIΙ) Fluoride BiF3

Bismuth (V) Fluoride BiF4

Carbon Tetrafluoride CF4

Trifluoromethane CHF3

Trifluoroiodomethane CIF3

Carbonyl Fluoride COF2

Carbonyl Chlorofluoride COClF

Carbonyl Bromofluoride COBrF

Carbonyl Iodofluoride COIF

Silicon Tetrafluoride SiF4

Trifluorosilane SiHF3

Hexafluorosilicic Acid H2SiF6

Germanium Tetrafluoride GeF4

Potassium Hexafluorogermanate K2GeF6

Tin (II) Fluoride SnF2

Tin (IV) Fluoride SnF4

Lead (II) Fluoride PbF2

Lead (IV) Fluoride PbF4

Boron Trifluoride BF3

Fluoroboric Acid HBF4

Sodium Fluoroborate NaBF4

Potassium Fluoroborate KBF4

Potassium Hydroxyfluoroborate KBF3OH

Nitrosyl Fluoroborate NOBF4

Aluminum Fluoride

Ammonium Hexafluoroaluminate (NH4)3AlF6

Ammonium Tetrafluoroaluminate NH4AlF4

Gallium (III) Fluoride GaF3

Ammonium Hexafluorogallate (NH4)3(GaF6) 228

Indium (III) Fluoride InF3

Ammonium Hexafluoroindate (NH4)3(InF6)

Thallium (I) Fluoride TlF

Thallium (III) Fluoride TlF3

Beryllium Fluoride BeF2

Ammonium Tetrafluoroberyllate (NH4)2BeF4

Magnesium Fluoride MgF2

Calcium Fluoride CaF2

Strontium Fluoride SrF2

Barium Fluoride BaF2

Lithium Fluoride LiF

Sodium Fluoride NaF

Potassium Fluoride KF

Potassium Hydrogen Fluoride KF • HF

Potassium Tetrafluorobromate(III) KBrF4

Potassium Hexafluoroiodate (V) KIF6

Copper (II) Fluoride CuF2

Silver Subfluoride Ag2F

Silver Fluoride AgF

Silver (II) Fluoride AgF2

Zinc Fluoride ZnF2

Cadmium Fluoride CdF2

Mercury (I) Fluoride Hg2F2

Mercury (II) Fluoride HgF2

Scandium Fluoride ScF3

Yttrium Fluoride YF3

Lanthanum Fluoride LaF3

Cerium (III) Fluoride CeF3

Cerium (IV) Fluoride CeF4

Europium (II) Fluoride EuF2

Titanium (III) Fluoride TiF3

Titanium (IV) Fluoride TiF4

Zirconium (IV) Fluoride ZrF4

Vanadium (III) Fluoride VF3

Vanadium (IV) Fluoride VF4

Vanadium (V) Fluoride VF5

Niobium (V) Fluoride NbF5

Potassium Heptafluoroniobate (V) K2NbF7

Tantalum (V) Fluoride T2F5

Potassium Heptafluorotantalate (V) K2TaF

Chromium (II) Fluoride CrF2

Chromium (III) Fluoride CrF3

Chromium (IV) Fluoride CrF4

Chromyl Fluoride CrO2F2

Molybdenum (VI) Fluoride MoF6

Tungsten (VI) Fluoride WF6

Uranium (IV) Fluoride UF4

Uranium (VI) Fluoride UF6

Manganese (II) Fluoride MnF2

Manganese (ΙII) Fluoride MnF3

Potassium Hexafluoromanganate (IV) KaMnF6

Rhenium (VI) Fluoride ReF6

Iron (II) Fluoride FeF2

Iron (III) Fluoride FeF3

Cobalt (II) Fluoride CoF2

Cobalt (III) Fluoride CoF3

Nickel (II) Fluoride NiF2

Potassium Hexafluoronickelate (IV) K2NiF6

Iridium (VI) Fluoride IrF6

Section 5. Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine

Chlorine Cl2

Chlorine Hydrate Cl2 • 6H2O

Bromine Br2

Bromine Hydrate Br2 • 8H2O

Iodine I2

Hydrogen Chloride HCl

Hydrogen Bromide HBr

Hydrogen Iodide HI

Ammonium Iodide NH4I

Potassium Iodide KI

Iodine Monochloride ICl

Iodine Monobromide IBr

Iodine Trichloride ICl3


Potassium Triiodide KI3 • H2O

Cesium Dichlorobromide CsBrCl2

Potassium Dichloroiodide KICl2

Cesium Dichloroiodide CsICl2

Potassium Dibromoiodide KIBr2

Cesium Dibromoiodide CsIBr2

Potassium Tetrachloroiodide KICl4

Tetrachloroiodic Acid HICl4 • 4H2O

Dichlorine Oxide Cl2O

Chlorine Dioxide ClO3

Dichlorine Hexoxide Cl2O6

Dichlorine Heptoxide Cl2O7

Bromine Oxides

Diiodine Pentoxide I2O5

Hypochlorous Acid HClO

Sodium Hypochlorite NaClO • 5H2O

Sodium Hypobromite NaBrO • 5H2O

Potassium Hypobromite KBrO • 3H2O

Sodium Chlorite NaClO2 • 3H2O

Chloric Acid HClO3

Ammonium Chlorate NH4ClO3

Barium Chlorate Ba(ClO3)2 • H2O

Bromic Acid HBrO3

Barium Bromate Ba(BrO2)2 • H2O

Iodic Acid HIO3

Perchloric Acid HClO4

Alkaline Earth Perchlorates

Nitrosyl Perchlorate NOClO4

Nitryl Perchlorate NOSClO4

Periodic Acid H5IO6

Sodium Periodates Na3H2IO6, NaIO4

Potassium Periodate KIO4

Barium Periodate Ba3H4(IO6)2

Chlorine Nitrate ClNO3 326

Dipyridineiodine (I) Perchlorate [l(C5H5N)2]ClO4

Bromine (III) Nitrate Br(NO3)3

Iodine (III) Nitrate I(NO3)3

Iodine (ΙII) Sulfate I2(SO4)3

Iodine (ΙΠ) Perchlorate I(ClO4)3

Iodine (III) Iodate I(IO3)3 or I4O9

Oxoiodine (III) Sulfate (IO)2SO4 • H2O

Diiodine Tetroxide IO • IO3 or I2O4

Section 6. OXygen, Ozone

Oxygen O2

Ozone O3

Section 7. Sulfur, Selenium, Tellurium

Sulfur S

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S

Crude Sulfane H2Sx

Pure Sulfanes

Ammonium Hydrogen Sulfide NH4HS

Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide NaHS

Sodium Sulfide Na2S

Potassium Sulfide K2SO

Sodium Disulfide Na2S2

Potassium Disulfide K2S2

Potassium Trisulfide K2S3

Sodium Tetrasulfide Na2S4

Potassium Tetrasulfide K2S4

Sodium Pentasulfide Na2S5

Potassium Pentasulfide K2S5

Potassium Hexasulfide K2S6

Ammonium Pentasulfide (NH4)2S5

Dichloromonosulfane SCl2

Dichlorodisulfane S2Cl2

Dichlorotri-, -tetra-, -penta-, -hexa-, -hepta- and -octa- sulfane S3Cl2, S4Cl2, S5Cl2, S6Cl2, S7Cl2, S8Cl2

Dichlorotrisulfane S3Cl2

Dichlorotetrasulfane S4Cl2

Sulfur Tetrachloride SCl4

Dibromodisulfane S2Br2

Dibromotri-, -tetra-, -penta-, -hexa-, -hepta- and -octa- sulfane S3Br2, S4Br2 , S5Br2, S6Br2, S7Br2, S8Br2

Lower Sulfur Oxides S2O,SO

Disulfur Trioxide S2O3

Polysulfur Peroxide (SO3-4)x

Thionyl Chloride SOCl2

Sulfuryl Chloride SO2Cl2

Chlorosulfonic Acid HSO3Cl

Pyrosulfuryl Chloride S2OBCl2

Thionyl Bromide SOBr2

Peroxymonosulfuric Acid H2SO5

Peroxydisulfuric Acid H2S2O8

Ammonium Peroxydisulfate (NH4)2S2O8

Potassium Peroxydisulfate K2S2O8

Cobalt Sulfoxylate CoSO2 • 3 H2O

Sodium Dithionite Na2S2O4 • 2H2O

Zinc Dithionite ZnS2O4

Sodium Dithionate Na2S2O6 • 2H2O

Barium Dithionate BaS2O6 • 2H2O

Potassium Trithionate K2S3O6

Potassium TetrathionateK2S4O6

Potassium Pentathionate K2S5O6 • 1.5H2O

Potassium Hexathionate K2S6O6

Wackenroder Liquid

Polythionic Acids H2SxO2, H2SxO6

Nitrosyl Hydrogen Sulfate (NO)HSO4

Tetrasulfur Tetranitride S4N4

Tetrasulfur Dinitride S4N2

Disulfur Dinitride S2N2

Sulfur Nitride Tetrahydride S4(NH)

Heptasulfur Imide S7NH

α-Sulfanuric Chloride [OS(N)Cl]3

Trisulfur Dinitrogen Dioxide S3N2O2

Trisulfur Dinitrogen Pentoxide S3N2O5

Selenium Se

Hydrogen Selenide H2Se

Sodium Hydrogen Selenide NaHSe

Sodium Selenide, Potassium Selenide Na2Se, K2Se

Sodium Diselenide Na3Se3

Diselenium Dichloride Se3Cl3

Selenium Tetrachloride SeCl4

Hexachloroselenium Salts

Diselenium Dibromide Se3Br3

Selenium Tetrabromide SeBr4

Selenium Dioxide SeO3

Selenium Oxychloride SeOCl3

Selenous Acid (Anhydrous) H3SeO3

Sodium Selenite Na3SeO2 • 5H2O

Selenic Acid H3SeO4

Sodium Selenate Na3SeO4

Sodium Selenopentathionate Na3SeS4O6 • 3H2O

Selenium Sulfur Trioxide SeSO3

Selenium Nitride Se4N4

Tellurium Te

Colloidal Tellurium Solution

Hydrogen Telluride H2Te

Sodium Telluride, Potassium Telluride Na2Te, K2Te

Sodium Ditelluride Na2Te2

Tellurium Tetrachloride TeCl4

Hexachlorotellurium Salts

Tellurium Tetrabromide TeBr4

Tellurium Tetraiodide TeI4

Tellurium Dioxide TeO2

Tellurous Acid H3TeO3

Sodium Tellurite Na3TeO3

Tellurium Trioxide TeO3

Telluric Acid H6TeO6

Sodium Tetrahydrogentellurate (VI) Na2H4TeO6

Sodium Orthotellurate Na6TeO6

Sodium Telluropentathionate Na3TeS4O6 • 2H2O

Tellurium Sulfur Trioxide TeSO3

Section 8. Nitrogen

Nitrogen N2

Ammonia NH3

Lithium Amide LiNH2

Lithium Imide Li2NH

Sodium Amide NaNH2

Hydrazinium Sulfate N3H6SO4

Hydrazine Hydrate N2H4 • H2O

Hydrazine N2H4

Hydrazoic Acid HN3


Chlorine Azide ClN3

Monochloramine ClNH2

Nitrogen Trichloride NCl3

Nitrogen Triiodide and Tribromide, Monobromamine

Thionyl Imide SONH

Sulfamide SO2NH2)2

Trisulfimide and Its Silver Salt (SO2NH)3(SO3N)3Ag3 • 3H2O

Nitrous Oxide N3O

Nitric Oxide NO

Nitrogen Trioxide N3O2

Nitrogen Dioxide NO3, N2O48

Nitrogen Pentoxide N3O5

Nitric Acid HNO3

Hyponitrous Acid H2N2O2

Silver Hyponitrite Ag2N2O2

Sodium Hyponitrite Na2N2O2 • 9H2O

Nitramide NH3NO3

Hydroxylammonium Chloride (NH3OH)Cl

Hydroxylammonium Salts

Hydroxylamine NH2OH

Potassium Hydroxylamine Disulfonate HON(SO3K)2

Potassium Dinitrososulfite K2SO3 • (NO)2

Potassium Nitrosodisulfonate ON(SO3K)2

Potassium Nitrilosulfonate N(SO3K)3 • 2H2O

Potassium Imidosulfonate HN(SO3K)2

Potassium Amidosulfonate H2NSO3K

Potassium Chloroimidosulfonate ClN(SO3K)28

Amidosulfonic Acid H2NSO3H

Potassium Hydrazinedisulfonate H2N2(SO3K)2

Potassium Azodisulfonate N2(SO3K)2

Hydroxylamineisomonosulfonic Acid NH3SO4

Nitrosyl Chloride NOCl

Nitrosyl Bromide NOBr

Nitryl Chloride NO2Cl

Sodium Nitrosyl NaNO

Sodium Nitroxylate Na2NO2

Sodium Hyponitrate Na2N2O3

Section 9. Phosphorus

White Phosphorus P4

Red Phosphorus

Black Phosphorus

Colloidal Phosphorus

Phosphine and Diphosphine PH3P2H4

Sodium Dihydrogenphosphide NaPH2

Phosphonium Iodide PH4I

Thiophosphoryl Chloride PSCl3

Phosphoryl (V) Bromide POBr3

Thiophosphoryl (V) Bromide PSBr3

Diphosphoric Acid Tetrachloride P2O3Cl4

Diphosphorus Tetraiodide P2I4

Phosphorus (III) Iodide PI3

Phosphorus (V) Oxide P2O5(P4O1O)

Orthophosphoric Acid H3PO4

Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate NaH2PO4 • 2H2O

Potassium Phosphate K3PO4 • 8H2O

Hydroxyapatite Ca1O(PO4)6(ΟΗ)2

Condensed Orthophosphates



Orthophosphorous Acid H3PO3

Hypophosphorous Acid H3PO2

Barium Hypophosphite Ba(H3PO2)3 • H2O

Hypophosphoric Acid H4P2O6

Disodium Dihydrogen Hypophosphate Na2H3P3O6.6H2O

Tetrasodium Hypophosphate Na4P3O6 • 1OH2O

Barium Dihydrogen Hypophosphite BaH3P2O6 • 2H2O

Potassium Peroxydiphosphate Κ4P3O8

Phosphorus Trisulfide P4S3

Phosphorus Pentasulfide P4S5

Phosphorus Heptasulfide P4S7

Diphosphorus Pentasulfide P2S5

Monothiophosphoric Acid H3PO3S

Sodium Monothiophosphate Na3PO3S • 12H2O

Sodium Dithiophosphate Na3PO2S2 • 11H2O

Barium Dithiophosphate Ba3(PO2S2)2 • 8H2O

Sodium Trithiophosphate Na3POS3 • 11H2O

Sodium Tetrathiophosphate Na3PS4 • 8H2O

Tetraphosphorus Triselenide P4Se3

Triphosphorus Pentanitride P3N5

Phosphonitrilic Chlorides (PNCl2)n

Phosphonitrilic Bromides (PNBr2)n

Monoamidophosphoric Acid H2PO3NH2

Disodium Monoamidophosphate Na2PO3NH2 • 6H2O

Diamidophosphoric Acid HPO2(NH2)2

Phosphoryl Triamide PO(NH2)3

Thiophosphoryl Triamide PS(NH2)3

Pyrophosphoryl Tetramide P2O3(NH2)4

Tetrasodium Imidodiphosphate Na4P2O6NH • 1OH2O

Section 10. Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth

Arsenic As

Arsine AsH3

Sodium Dihydrogen Arsenide NaAsH2

Arsenic Trichloride AsCl3

Arsenic Tribromide AsBr3

Arsenic Triiodide Asl3

Arsenic Diiodide Asl3

Diarsenic Trioxide Ass2O3(As4O6)

Orthoarsenic Acid H3AsO4

Sodium Dihydrogen Orthoarsenate NaH2AsO4 • H2O

Ammonium Orthoarsenate (NH4)3AsO4 • 3H2O

Tetraarsenic Tetrasulfide As4S4

Diarsenic Pentasulfide As2S5

Ammonium Thioarsenate (NH4)3AsS4

Sodium Thioarsenate Na3AsS4 • 8H2O

Sodium Monothioorthoarsenate Na3AsO3S • 12H2O

Sodium Dithioorthoarsenate Na3AsOaS2 • 11H2O

Antimony Sb

Stibine (Antimony Hydride) SbH3

Antimony (IIΙ) Chloride SbCl3

Antimony (V) Chloride SbCl5

Antimony (III) Oxide Chloride SbOCl

Hexachloroantimonic (V) Acid HSbCl6 • 4.5H2O

Nitrosyl Chloroantimonate (V) NO(SbCl6)

Antimony (III) Bromide SbBr3

Antimony (III) Iodide Sbl3

Ammonium Hexabromoantimonate (IV) (NH4)2SbBr6

Antimony (HI) Oxide Sb2O3

Antimony (V) Oxide Sb2O5

Hydrated Antimony (V) Oxide Sb2O5 • (H2O)x

Diantimony Tetroxide Sb2O4

Antimony (ΙΠ)Sulfate Sb2(SO4)3

Antimony (III) Oxide Sulfate (SbO)2SO4

Sodium Thioantimonate (V) Na3SbS4 • 9H2O

Bismuth Bi

Bismuth (III) Chloride BiCl3

Bismuth Dichloride BiCl2

Bismuth Oxide Chloride BiOCl

Bismuth (III) Bromide BiBr3

Bismuth Oxide Bromide BiOBr

Bismuth (III) Iodide Bil3

Bismuth Oxide Iodide BiOI

Bismuth Oxide Nitrite BiONO2

Bismuth (III) Phosphate BiPO4

Bismuth (III) Borate BiBO3 • 2H2O

Sodium Bismuthate KBiO3

Potassium Bismuthate KaBiO3

Dibismuth Tetroxide Bi2O4

Section 11. Carbon

A) Elemental Carbon

B) Graphite Compounds

C) Volatile Carbon Compounds

Section 12. Silicon and Germanium

Silicon Si

Silanes SiH4(Si3H6, Si3H6)

Polysilanes (SiH)x, (SiH2)x

Silicon Tetrachloride SiCl4

Higher Silicon Chlorides

Silicon Tetrabromide SiBr4

Silicon (II) Bromide SiBr2

Silicon Tetraiodide SiI4

Chlorosilanes SiHCl3, SiH2Cl2, SiH3Cl

Tribromosilane SiHBr3

Dimethyldichlorosilane (CH3)2SiCl2

Chlorosiloxanes Si4O4C18, SinOn-1Cl2n+2

Silicon Monoxide SiO

Silicic Acids

Silicon Oxyhydride H2Si2O3

Silicon Disulfide SiS2

Silicon Tetraacetate Si(CH3COO)4

Silicon Cyanate and Silicon Isocyanate Si(OCN)4, Si(NCO)4

Tetraethoxysilane, Tetramethoxysilane Si(OCaH5)4, Si(OCH3)4



Germanium (IV) Oxide GeO2

Germanium (II) Oxide GeO

Metallic Germanium Ge

Germanium Hydrides GeH4(Ge2H6, G63H6)

Germanium (IV) Chloride GeCl4

Germanium Dichloride GeCl2

Germanium (IV) Bromide GeBr4

Germanium (IV) Iodide GeI4

Germanium Diiodide GeI2


Methylgermanium Triiodide CH3GeI3

Germanium Nitride Ge3N4

Germanium Disulfide GeS2

Germanium Monosulfide GeS

Tetraethoxygermane Ge(OC2H5)4

Germanium Tetraacetate Ge(CH3COO)4

Section 13. Tin and Lead

Tin Sn

Tin (II) Chloride SnCl2

Tin (IV) Chloride SnCl4

Hexachlorostannic Acid H2SnCl6.6H2O

Ammonium Hexachlorostannate, Potassium Hexachlorostannate (NH4)2SnCl6, K2SnCl6

Tin (II) Bromide SnBr2

Tin (IV) Bromide SnBr4

Tin (II) Iodide SnI2

Tin (IV) Iodide SnI4

Tin (II) Oxide SnO

Stannic Acids SnO2 • nH2O

Sodium Orthostannate Na4SnO4

Tin (II) Sulfide SnS

Tin (IV) Sulfide SnS2

Sodium Metathiostannate Na2SnS3 • 8H2O

Sodium Tetrathiostannate (IV) Na4SnS4 • 18H2O

Tin (IV) Sulfate Sn(SO4)2 • 2H2O

Tetramethyltin Sn(CH3)4

Tetraethyltin Sn(C2H5)4

Tin (IV) Acetate Sn(CH3COO)4

Lead Pb

Lead (IV) Chloride PbCl4

Ammonium Hexachloroplumbate (NH4)2PbCl6

Potassium Hexachloroplumbate K2PbCl6

Potassium Iodoplumbite KPbI3 • 2H2O

Lead (II, IV) Oxide Pb3O4

Lead (IV) Oxide PbO2

Sodium Metaplumbate Na2PbO3

Sodium Orthoplumbate Na4PbO4

Calcium Orthoplumbate Ca2PbO4

Lead Sulfide PbS

Lead (IV) Sulfate PB(SO4)2

Lead Azide Pb(N3)2

Tetramethyllead Pb(CH3)

Tetraethyllead Pb(C2H5)4

Neutral and Basic Lead Carbonate PbCO3, 2PbCO2 • Pb(OH)2

Lead (IV) Acetate Pb(CH3COO)4

Lead Thiocyanate Pb(SCN)2

Section 14. Boron


Aluminum Boride A1B2, AlB12

Diborane B2H6

Lithium Borohydride LiBH4

Sodium Borohydride NaBH4

Sodium Trimethoxyborohydride NaHB(OCH3)3

Borine Trimethylaminate BH3 • N(CH3)3

Borazole (HBNH)3

s-Trichloroborazole (C1BNH)3

Boron Trichloride BCl3

Boron Tribromide BBr3

Boron Triiodide BI3

Boron Trifluoride Dihydrate BF3 • 2H2O

Dihydroxyfluoroboric Acid H[BF2(OH)2]

Boron Trifluoride Ammoniate BF3.NH3

Boron Trifluoride Etherate BF3 • O(C2H5)2

Boron (III) Oxide B2O3

Boron (III) Sulfide B2S3

Boron Nitride BN

Sodium Orthoborate Na3BO3

Metaboric Acid HBO2

Sodium Metaborate NaBO2

Sodium Tetraborate Na3B4O7

Sodium Pentaborate NaB5O6 • 5H2O

Sodium Perborate NaBO3.4H2O

Lindemann Glass (Lithium Beryllium Borate)

Boron Phosphate BPO4

Boron Arsenate BAsO4

Boron Methoxide B(OCH3)3

Trimethylboron B(CH3)3

Triethylboron B(C2H5)3

Trimethylborazine (CH3BO)3


n-Butylboronic Acid n-C4H9B(OH)2

n-Butylboron Difluoride n-C4H9BF2

Sodium Tetraphenylborate Na[B(C6H5)4]

Section 15. Aluminum

Lithium Aluminum Hydride LiAlH4

Calcium Aluminum Hydride Ca(AlH4)2

Polymeric Aluminum Hydride (Α1Η3)n • xO(C2H5)2

Aluminum Chlorohydride Al2Cl3H3

Aluminum Hydride Trimethylaminate AlH3 • 2N(CH3)3, A1H3 • N(CH3)3

Diethylaluminum Bromide Al(C2H5)2Br

Triethylaluminu Al(C2H5)3

Triethylaluminum Etherate Al(C2H5)3 • O(C3H5)2

Diethylaluminum Hydride Al(C2H5)2H

Aluminum Chloride AlCl3

Aluminum Bromide AlBr3

Aluminum Iodide AlI3

Aluminum Chloride Hydrate AlCl3 • 6H2O

Sodium Tetrachloroaluminate NaAlCl46

Tetrachloroaluminic Acid Dietherate HAlCl4 • 2O(C2H5)2

Aluminum Chloride Ammoniate AlCl3.NH3

Aluminum Chloride-Sulfur Dioxide Adduct AlCl3 • SO2

Aluminum Chloride-Thionyl Chloride Adduct Al2Cl6 • SOCl2

Aluminum Chloride-Phosphorus Pentachloride Adduct AlCl3 • PCl5

Aluminum Bromide-Hydrogen Sulfide Adduct AlBr3 • H2S

Aluminum Iodide Hexaammoniate AlI3 • 6NH3

Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Sulfide Al2S3

Aluminum Sulfite

Aluminum Selenide Al3Se3

Aluminum Telluride Al2Te3

Aluminum Nitride AlN

Lithium Aluminum Nitride Li3AlN2

Aluminum Azide A1(N3)3

Aluminum Phosphide AlP

Lithium Aluminum Phosphide Li3AlP2

Aluminum Orthophosphate AlPO4

Aluminum Arsenide AlAs

Aluminum Carbide Al4C3

Lithium Aluminum Cyanide LiAl(CN)4

Aluminum Methoxide Al(OCH3)3

Aluminum Ethoxide Al(OC2H5)3

Aluminum Triethanolaminate Al(OC2H4)3N

Aluminum Acetate Al(O2CCH3)3

Aluminum Acetylacetonate Al(C5H7O2)3

Section 16. Gallium. Indium, Thallium

Gallium Ga

Trimethylgallium, Tetramethyldigallane, Digallane GaCH3)3, Ga2H2(CH3)4, Ga2H6

Lithium Tetrahydrogallate LiG2H4

Gallium (III) Chloride GaCl3

Gallium (III) Bromide GaBr3

Gallium (III) Iodide GaI3

Gallium (II) Chloride and Gallium (II) Bromide GaCl2, GaBr2

Gallium Hydroxide Ga(OH)3, GaO(OH)

Gallium (III) Oxide α-Ga2O3, ß-Ga2O3

Gallium (I) Oxide Ga2O

Gallium (III) Sulfide Ga2S3

Gallium (II) Sulfide GaS

Gallium (I) Sulfide Ga2S

Ammonium Gallium (III) Sulfate NH4Ga(SO4)2.12H2O

Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3, GaSe, Ga2Se

Gallium Telluride Ga2Te3, GaTe

Gallium Nitride GaN

Gallium Nitrate Ga(NO3)3

Gallium Phosphide, Arsenide and Antimonide GaP, GaAs, GaSb

Indium In

Indium (IΙ) Chloride InCl3

Indium (III) Bromide InBr3

Indium (III) Iodide InI3

Indium (II) Chloride, Bromide and Iodide InCl2, InBr2, InI2

Indium (I) Chloride, Bromide and Iodide InCl, InBr, InI

Indium Hydroxide In(OH)3

Indium (III) Oxide In2O3

Indium (I) Oxide In2O

Indium Sulfides In2S3, InS, In3S

Indium Selenides and Tellurides In2Se3, InSe, In2Se and In2Te3, InTe, In2Te 865

Indium Nitride InN

Indium Phosphide, Arsenide and Antimonide InP, InAs, InSb

Thallium Tl

Thallium (I) Chloride, Bromide and Iodide TlCl, TlBr ,TlI

Thallium (III) Chloride TlCl3, TlCl3.4H2O

Tetrachlorothallium (III) Acid H(TlCl4).3H2O

Thallium (I) Tetrachlorothallate (ΙΙI) Tl(TlCl4)

Thallium (I) Hexachlorothallate (ΙΙI) Tl3(TlCl6)

Potassium Hexachlorothallate (III) K3(TlCl6) • 2H2O

Potassium Pentachloroaquothallate (ΙΙI) K2(TlCl5H2O) • H2O

Cesium Nonachlorodithallate (III) Cs3(Tl2Cl9)

Thallium (III) Bromide TlBr3 • 4H2O

Thallium (I) Tetrabromothallate (III) Tl(TlBr4)

Thallium (I) Hexabromothallate (ΙΙI) Tl3(TlBr6)

Rubidium Hexabromothallate (III) Rb3(TlBr6) • 8/7H2O

Thallium Triiodide TlI • I2, TlI3

Thallium (I) Oxide Tl2O

Thallium (I) Hydroxide TlOH

Thallium (II) Oxide Tl2O3, Tl2O3 • xH2O

Thallium SulfidesT

Thallium (I, ΙΙI) Selenide Tl2Se.Tl2Se3, TlSe

Thallium (I) Sulfate Tl2SO4

Disulfatothallic (III) Acid HTl(SO4)2 • 4H2O

Thallium (III) Hydroxide Sulfate Tl(OH)SO4 • 2H2O

Thallium (I) Nitride Tl3N

Thallium (I) Nitrate TlNO3

Thallium (I) Carbonate Tl2CO3

Thallium (II) Formate, Thallium (I) Malonate, Clerici's Solution

Section 17. Alkaline Earth Metals

Beryllium Be

Beryllium Chloride BeCl2

Beryllium Bromide BeBr2

Beryllium Iodide Bel2 892

Beryllium Oxide and Beryllium Carbonate BeO, BeCO3

Beryllium Hydroxide Be(OH)3

Sodium BeryHates

Beryllium Sulfide BeS

Beryllium Selenide and Beryllium Telluride BeSe, BeTe

Beryllium Nitride Be3N2

Beryllium Azide Be(N3)2

Beryllium Carbides Be2C, BeC2

Beryllium Acetate Be(CH3COO)2

Basic Beryllium Acetate Be4O(CH3COO)6

Magnesium Mg

Magnesium Hydride MgH2

Magnesium Chloride MgCl2

Magnesium Bromide MgBr2

Magnesium Iodide MgI2

Magnesium Oxide MgO

Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2

Magnesium Sulfide MgS

Magnesium Selenide MgSe

Magnesium Telluride MgTe

Magnesium Nitride Mg3N2

Magnesium Azide Mg(N3)2

Magnesium Phosphide and Magnesium Arsenide Mg3P2, Mg3As2

Magnesium Carbides MgC2, Mg2C3

Magnesium Silicide Mg2Si

Magnesium Germanide Mg2Ge

Calcium, Strontium, Barium Metals

Calcium Strontium and Barium Hydrides CaH2, SrH2, BaH2

Calcium, Strontium, Barium Halides

Calcium Oxide CaO

Strontium Oxide SrO

Barium Oxide BaO

Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2

Strontium Hydroxide Sr(OH)2 • 8H2O, SrO • 9 H2O

Calcium, Strontium, Barium Peroxides CaO2, SrO2, BaO2

Calcium, Strontium, Barium Sulfides CaS, SrS, BaS

Calcium, Strontium, Barium Selenides CaSe, SrSe, BaSe

Calcium, Strontium, Barium Nitrides Ca3N2, Sr3N2, Ba3N2

Barium Azide Ba(N3)2

Calcium Phosphide Ca3P2

Calcium Carbide CaC2

Calcium Cyanamide CaCN2

Calcium Silicides CaSi, CaSi2

Calcium Germanide CaGe

Section 18. Alkali Metals

Alkali Metal Compounds from Minerals

Free Alkali Metals

Alkali Hydrides NaH, KH, RbH, CsH and LiH

Alkali Metal Oxides LisO, Na2O , K2O , Rb2O , Cs2O

Lithium and Sodium Peroxides Li2O2 and Na2O2

Alkali Dioxides

Lithium Hydroxide LiOH • H2O, LiOH

Rubidium and Cesium Hydroxides RbOH, CsOH

Lithium Nitride Li3N

Phosphides, Arsenides, Antimonides and Bismuthides of Alkali Metals from the Elements

Sodium and Lithium Carbides Na2C2, Li2C2

Alkali Metal Carbonates of Highest Purity

Silicides and Germanides of Alkali Metals from the Elements NaSi, KSi, RbSi, CsSi, NaGe, KGe, RbGe, CsGe

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