Handbook of Optical Holography

1st Edition

Authors: H. Caulfield
Hardcover ISBN: 9780121653507
eBook ISBN: 9780323138413
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th December 1979
Page Count: 638
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Handbook of Optical Holography is composed of 10 chapters that readers can turn to for specific questions regarding holography. This book begins by elucidating the classification of holograms, major types of holograms, and variations. The text then explains the image formation, cardinal points and principal rays for holography, equipment, and procedures. This book also tackles special problems and application areas of this technology. This text will be valuable to people who want to apply holography—whether to industry, government, health services, education, or research.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors Preface 1 Introduction References 2 Background 2.1 Integral Transforms References 2.2 Interference and Diffraction References 2.3 Partially Coherent Light 2.4 Image Evaluation References 2.5 Communication Theory References 2.6 Silver Halide Photography References 3 Classification of Holograms 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Recording Media and Use 3.3 Object-Wave Parameters Recorded 3.4 The Modulated Parameter 3.5 Configuration 3.6 Source Properties 3.7 Description of a Hologram References 4 Major Hologram Types 4.1 Fresnel Holography References 4.2 Fraunhofer Holograms References 4.3 Fourier Holography References 5 Variations 5.1 Reflection Holograms References 5.2 Multiplexed Holograms References 5.3 Color Holograms References 5.4 Polarization Holograms References 5.5 Synthetic Holograms References 5.6 Local Reference Beam Holograms References 6 Image Formation 6.1 Image Formation with Coherent Light 6.2 Image Formation of Image Brightness References 7 Cardinal Points and Principal Rays for Holography 7.1 Introduction 7.2 The Holographic Ray-Tracing Equations 7.3 The Principal Points of Holograms 7.4 The Cardinal Points of Holograms 7.5 The Conjugate Equations 7.6 Application to Hologram Types References 8 Equipment and Procedures 8.1 Solid State Lasers References 8.2 Gas Lasers References 8.3 Recording Media References 8.4 Holographic Systems References 9 Special Problems 9.1 Photographic Handling References 9.2 Speckle References 9.3 Hologram Copying 10 Application Areas 10.1 D


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H. Caulfield

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