The handbook is divided into four parts: model theory, set theory, recursion theory and proof theory. Each of the four parts begins with a short guide to the chapters that follow. Each chapter is written for non-specialists in the field in question. Mathematicians will find that this book provides them with a unique opportunity to apprise themselves of developments in areas other than their own.

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Model Theory (Contributors: J. Barwise, P.C. Eklof, H.J. Keisler, A. Kock, A. Macintyre, M. Makkai, M. Morley, G.E. Reyes, K.D. Stroyan). Set Theory (Contributors: J.P. Burgess, K.J. Devlin, T.J. Jech, I. Juhász, K. Kunen, M.E. Rudin, J.R. Schoenfield). Recursion Theory (Contributors: P. Aczel, M. Davis, H.B. Enderton, A. Kechris, D.A. Martin, Y.N. Moschovakis, M.O. Rabin, R.A. Shore, S.G. Simpson). Proof Theory and Constructive Mathematics (Contributors: H. Barendregt, S. Feferman, M.P. Fourman, L. Harrington, J. Paris, H. Schwichtenberg, C. Smorynski, R. Statman, A.S. Troelstra). Indices.


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@qu:Outstanding collection of thirty-one survey articles covering in some detail every major area of current research in mathematical logic. Each article is written by a prominent logician specifically for this volume... A very inviting book in which to browse as well as to obtain considerable detail on specific topics, considering the breadth of coverage. The handbook should be welcomed by the entire mathematical community. @source:American Mathematical Monthly @qu:This book will also serve as a valuable reference work for any course in mathematical logic. @source:Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik @qu:Briefly, this is a magnificent book... there is nothing to compare with it for breadth of coverage... exceedingly high standards of expertise and exposition. @source:Australasian Journal of Philosophy @qu:...the role of standard logic reference is fulfilled by the present volume... excellent value for money... the standard logic text for the 1980's... The book is certainly a gold-mine of information on modern logic... the only reliable reference in classical logic... deserves the widest possible use... @source:Canadian Journal of Philosophy