Handbook of Chemical Vapor Deposition

1st Edition

Principles, Technology and Applications

Authors: Hugh O. Pierson
Hardcover ISBN: 9780815513001
eBook ISBN: 9781437744880
Imprint: William Andrew
Published Date: 1st January 1999
Page Count: 458
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Handbook of Chemical Vapor Deposition: Principles, Technology and Applications provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of chemical vapor deposition. This book discusses the applications of chemical vapor deposition, which is a relatively flexible technology that can accommodate many variations.

Organized into 12 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the theoretical examination of the chemical vapor deposition process. This text then describes the major chemical reactions and reviews the chemical vapor deposition systems and equipment used in research and production. Other chapters consider the materials deposited by chemical vapor deposition. This book discusses as well the potential applications of chemical vapor deposition in semiconductors and electronics. The final chapter deals with ion implantation as a major process in the fabrication of semiconductors.

This book is a valuable resource for scientists, engineers, and students. Production and marketing managers and suppliers of equipment, materials, and services will also find this book useful.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and General Considerations

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Historical Perspective

3.0 The Applications of CVD

4.0 CVD Coatings

4.1 Composite Nature of Coatings

4.2 Major Coating Processes

5.0 Profile of the CVD Industry

6.0 Trends in CVD

7.0 Book Objectives


2. Fundamentals of Chemical Vapor Deposition

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Thermodynamics of CVD

2.1 ΔG Calculations and Reaction Feasibility

2.2 Thermodynamic Equilibrium and Computer Programs

3.0 Kinetics and Mass Transport Mechanisms

3.1 Deposition Sequence

3.2 Deposition in a CVD Flow Reactor

3.3 Rate Limiting Steps

3.4 Mathematical Expressions of the Kinetics of CVD

4.0 Growth Mechanism and Structure of Deposit

4.1 Deposition Mechanism and Epitaxy

4.2 Structure and Morphology of CVD Materials

4.3 The Control of CVD Microstructure


3. The Chemistry of CVD

1.0 Categories of CVD Reactions

1.1 Thermal Decomposition (or Pyrolysis) Reactions

1.2 Hydrogen Reduction

1.3 Coreduction

1.4 Metal Reduction of the Halides

1.5 Oxidation and Hydrolysis Reactions

1.6 Reactions to Form Carbides and Nitrides

2.0 CVD Precursors

3.0 Halides

3.1 Halogens

3.2 Halide Formation or Halogenation

3.3 Halide Properties

4.0 Metal Carbonyls

4.1 Characteristics of the Carbonyls

4.2 Carbonyl Preparation

4.3 Metal Carbonyl Complexes



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About the Author

Hugh O. Pierson

Hugh Pierson is a private consultant in Chemical Vapor Deposition. He was the head of the Deposition

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Sandia National Laboratories (retired)