Table of Contents

Part V. Higher-order logic and logical frameworks.
Chapter 15. Classical Type Theory (Peter B. Andrews).
1. Introduction to type theory.
2. Metatheoretical foundations.
3. Proof search.
4. Conclusion.
Bibliography. Index.
Chapter 16. Higher-Order Unification and Matching (Gilles Dowek).
1. Type Theory and Other Set Theories.
2. Simply Typed &lgr;-calculus.
3. Undecidability.
4. Huet's Algorithm.
5. Scopes Management.
6. Decidable Subcases.
7. Unification in &lgr;-calculus with Dependent Types.
Bibliography. Index.
Chapter 17. Logical Frameworks (Frank Pfenning).
1. Introduction.
2. Abstract syntax.
3. Judgments and deductions.
4. Meta-programming and proof search.
5. Representing meta-theory.
6. Appendix: the simply-typed &lgr;-calculus.
7. Appendix: the dependently typed &lgr;-calculus.
8. Conclusion.
Bibliography. Index.
Chapter 18. Proof-Assistants Using Dependent Type Systems (Henk Barendregt, Herman Geuvers).
1. Proof checking.
2. Type-theoretic notions for proof checking.
3. Type systems for proof checking.
4. Proof-development in type systems.
5. Proof assistants.
Bibliography. Index. Name index.
Part VI. Nonclassical logics.
Chapter 19. Nonmonotonic Reasoning: Towards Efficient Calculi and Implementations (Jurgen Dix, Ulrich Furbach, Ilkka Niemela).
1. General Nonmonotonic Lo


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