Volume 3 of this series of the Handbooks in Economics follows on from the previous two volumes by focusing on the fundamental concepts of agricultural economics. The first part of the volume examines the developments in human resources and technology mastery. The second part follows on by considering the processes and impact of invention and innovation in this field. The effects of market forces are examined in the third part, and the volume concludes by analysing the economics of our changing natural resources, including the past effects of climate change. Overall this volume forms a comprehensive and accessible survey of the field of agricultural economics and is recommended reading for anyone with an interest, either academic or professional, in this area.

Key Features

*Part of the renown Handbooks in Economics series *Contributors are leaders of their areas *International in scope and comprehensive in coverage


Graduate students, researchers and professionals working or interested in the area of agricultural economics

Table of Contents

I Introduction Overview: Robert E. Evenson and Prabhu Pingali II Human Resources and Technology Mastery Chapter 1 – Agriculture and Human Capital in Economic Growth: Farmers, Schooling and Nutrition: Wallace Huffman and Peter F. Orazem Chapter 2 - Extension: Gershon Feder and Jock R. Anderson III Invention and Innovation Chapter 3 - The Role of International Agricultural Research in Contributing to Global Food Security and Poverty Alleviation: the case of the CGIAR: Prabhu Pingali and Tim Kelley Chapter 4 - Contributions of National Agricultural Research Systems to Crop Productivity: Robert E. Evenson & Douglas Gollin Chapter 5 - Livestock Productivity in Developing Countries: An Assessment: Simeon Ehui, Alejandro Nin-Pratt and Samuel Benin Chapter 6 - Agricultural Innovations: Investments and Incentives: Brian D. Wright, Philip G. Pardey, Carol Nottenburg and Bonwoo Koo Chapter 7 - Private Agricultural Research: Carl E. Pray, Keith Fuglie and Daniel K.N. Johnson Chapter 8 – Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries: Robert Herdt, Gary Toenniessen and John O’Toole IV Markets, Institutions and Transaction Costs Chapter 9 - Efficiency and Equity Effects of Land Markets: Keijiro Otsuka Chapter 10 - Labor: Decisions, Contracts and Organization: James Roumasset and Sang-Hyop Lee Chapter 11 – Fertilizer and Other Farm Chemicals: Paul W. Heisey and George W. Norton Chapter 12 – Agricultural Mechanization: Adoption Patterns and Economic Impact: Prabhu Pingali Chapter 13 - Transformation: Thomas Reardon and C. Peter Timmer Chapter 14 - Financial Markets: Christopher R. Udry and Jonathan Conning V Natural Resour


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