Volume V is the counterpart of Volume IV and treats hydrophilic colloids and related items. Contains edited contributions on steric stabilization, depletion, polyelectrolytes, proteins at interfaces, association colloids, microemulsions, thin films, foams and emulsions. J. Lyklema is coauthor of two chapters and general editor. Other authors include: G.J. Fleer, F.A.M. Leermakers, M.A. Cohen Stuart, W. Norde, J.A.G. Buijs, J.C. Eriksson, T.Sottmann, R. Strey, D. Platikanov, D. Ekserova, V.Bergeron and P.Walstra.

Key Features

* This volume completes the prestigious series Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science * Together with Volume IV this book provides a comprehensive introduction to colloid science. * Explains and elaborates phenomena starting from basic principles and progresses to more advanced topics


Physical chemists working in Colloid, Interface, and Surface science; Industrial/Applied scientists in pigment, emulsion, dispersion, and powder research; Pharmaceutical chemists in membranes and drug formation.

Table of Contents

1) Effects of polymers on pair interaction (G. Fleer et al.).
Interaction Gibbs energies and disjoining pressures, profiles, SCF theory, depletion interaction, brushes non-equilibrium aspects.

2) Polyelectrolytes (M. Cohen Stuart et al.).
Charge and charge distribution, configurations, viscosity, conductivity. complexes, effect on colloid stability.

3) Proteins at interfaces (W. Norde et al.).
Structures, driving forces, solid-liquid and liquid-fluid interfaces, reversibility, competetive adsorption.

4) Association colloids (J. Christer Eriksson et al.).
Micelles, of various shapes, vesicles, critical micelle concentration, thermodynamics for small systems, self-assembly, model interpretations.

5) Microemulsions (T. Sottmann, R. Strey).
Phase behaviour, microstrcture, interfacial tension and bending energies, emphasis on non-ionic systems.

6) Thin films (D. Platikanov, D. Ekserova).
Experimental, thickness issue, thermodynamics, non-equilibrium states, disjoining pressure, black films, flow in films, stability.

7) Foams (V. Bergeron, P. Walstra).
Structure, foaming agents, formation. stability, coalecsence, rheology, optics, anti-foam and defoaming.

8) Emulsions (P. Walstra).
Characterizaion, preparation, stability, incl. Ostwald ripening and coalecscence, aggregation, creaming, Pickering stabilisation.

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(ii) Cumulative subject index Volumes I through V(H. Lyklema).


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