Frontiers of Fluid Mechanics

Frontiers of Fluid Mechanics

Proceedings of The Beijing International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, Beijing, People's Republic of China 1—4 July 1987

1st Edition - January 1, 1988

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  • Editor: Shen Yuan
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483147574

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Frontiers of Fluid Mechanics documents the proceedings of the Beijing International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, held in Beijing, People's Republic of China, 1-4 July 1987. The aims of the conference were to provide a forum for a cross-sectional review of the state-of-the-art and new advances in various branches of fluid mechanics, and to promote the exchange of ideas by experts from different parts of the world. The contributions made by researchers at the conference are organized into 18 parts. Part 1 presents invited lectures covering topics such as separated flow, porous flow, and turbulence modeling. Part 2 contains papers dealing with turbulence. Parts 3, 4, and 5 include studies on flow stability and transition, transonic flow, and boundary layer flows and shock waves, respectively. Part 6 is devoted to aerodynamics and gas dynamics. Part 7 examines water waves while Part 8 is devoted to hydrodynamics and hydraulics. The papers in Part 9 examine bubbles and drops. Part 10 deals with experiments involving vortices, jets, wakes, and cavities. Part 11 contains studies on geophysical and astrophysical fluid mechanics. Parts 12 and 13 investigate two-phase flow and flow through porous media, and non-Newtonian flow, respectively. Part 14 takes up magneto-hydrodynamics and physic-chemical flow. Part 15 covers biofluid mechanics. Part 16 contains papers on industrial and environmental fluid mechanics while Part 17 deals with heat transfer. Part 18 contains papers that were received after the conference.

Table of Contents

  • Invited Lectures

    Fundamentals Concerning Wave Loading on Offshore Structures

    Advances in the Study of Separated Flows

    The Fascination of Long Perturbation Series

    Modern Aspects of Transonic Research

    On Some New Problems of Porous Flow

    The Roughness of the Sea Surface

    The State of the Art in Turbulence Modeling


    The Application of the Pseudo-Similarity Condition in Turbulence Modeling Theory

    Asymptotic Analysis of Turbulent Free Shear Layers

    Effects of Anisotropie Free-Stream Turbulence on Turbulent Boundary Layer Behavior

    The Invariant Functions of the Turbulence Bispectrum

    Low-Resolution Simulations of Transitional and Turbulent Channel Flow

    Measurements of Velocity-Vorticity Correlations in a Turbulent Boundary Layer with a Multi-sensor Hot-Wire Probe

    Model and Procedure for the Indirect Determination of the Wall Shear Stress Vector in Pressure Driven Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers

    Numerical Simulation of Nonisotropic Turbulent Buoyant Recirculating Flows by an Algebraic Stress Model

    On Turbulence Structure of Near-Wall Flow in a Streamwise Corner

    Optics of Inhomogeneous Shear Layers

    Structure of a Horse-Shoe Vortex Artificially Induced in a Turbulent Boundary Layer

    The Structure of the Unsteady Turbulent Boundary Layer

    Turbulence and Mixing in Stably Stratified Fluids

    Turbulent Boundary Layer Development around a 180° Bend of Square Cross Section

    Turbulent Interfacial Layer and Wind Wave Interaction

    Turbulent Mixing in Buoyant Flows

    Two Dimensional Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics in a Stratified Fluid

    Utilization of Novel Digital Signal Processing Techniques to Analyze Transition to Turbulence Data

    Flow Stability and Transition

    Boundary-Layer Transition on a Swept Cylinder

    Codimension-Two Hopf Bifurcations in a Model for Langmuir Calculations

    The Development of Disturbances in Nonuniform Supersonic Flows

    Experimental Determination of Critical Taylor Number for Couette Flow between Rotating Cylinders with Porous Lining

    Fine Structure of the Transition Region of a Two-Dimensional Jet

    Flow Instability and Turbulence (ONERA Water Tunnel Visualizations)

    Global Stability Theory of Steady Rotation of Gyroscopes with Liquid filled Cavity about the Center of Mass

    Gravity and Surface Tension Effects on Stability of a Viscous Liquid Column (Jet)

    The Hydrodynamic Stability of Flows over Simple Non-Isotropic Compliant Surfaces

    Influence of Suction and Curvature on Görtier Instability on an Airfoil

    Instability of a Nonparallel Flow

    Instability of a Thin Liquid Sheet in the Gravitational Field

    Linear Instability of Compound Capillary Jets

    A Model Study of Stability of Couette Flow

    Nonlinear Stability of Time-Dependent Circular Couette Flow

    On the Generation of Tollmien-Schlichting Waves in the Boundary Layer of a Flat Plate by the Disturbances in the Free Stream

    Shock Wave Instability

    Stability and Flow Characteristics of Turbulent Wall Jets along Concave Surfaces

    Stability of Rotating Liquid Floating Zone

    Symmetry Breaking in a Circular Shear Flow

    Transonic Flow

    Application of Tomographic Holography to Three-Dimensional Transonic Flows

    The Applications of Zonal-Grids for Transonic Potential Flows

    Computational, Unsteady Transonic Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity about Airfoils and Wings

    Effects of Reynolds Number, Angle of Attack and Transition on the Performance of Airfoils in Transonic Flows

    Implicit TVD Finite Volume Methods for 2D Inviscid Transonic Flow Calculations

    A Method for Solving Inverse Aerodynamic Problem of Transonic Cascade

    Recent Progress in Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Transonic Diffuser Flowfields

    A Study of Unsteady Transonic Panel Methods for 3-D Harmonically Oscillating Wings

    A Variable-Domain Variational Theory Using Clebsch Variables for Hybrid Problems of 2-D Transonic Rotational Flow: Part I—Planar Channel Design

    Boundary Layer and Shock Wave

    The Boundary Layer behind the Reflected Shock Wave in a Shock Tube

    Compressible Dusty-Gas Boundary-Layer Flows in the Nonequilibrium Region

    3-D Boundary Layer Measurements on an Ellipsoid at Angle of Attack

    An Experimental Investigation of a Normal Shock Wave-Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction at a Curved Wall

    Interaction of Rarefaction Shock Wave with Other Waves

    A New Method for the Laminar Boundary Layer Flows

    Transition from Regular to Mach Reflection of Shock Waves in Pseudo-Stationary Flow

    Aerodynamics and Gasdynamics

    Aerodynamics of Rotors and Propellers in Hover and Forward Flights

    Analysis of Three-Dimensional Separation by Using a Boundary Layer Approach

    Asymmetric Flow over Cones at High Incidence

    Attenuation of Sound Waves in Turbulent Pipe Flow

    Computation of Separation Ahead of Blunt Fin in Supersonic Turbulent Flow

    Computing the Flow around Airfoils and Wings at High Lift

    An Efficient Implicit Multigrid Algorithm for the Euler Equations of Compressible Flow

    An Engineering Approach for Nearly Shock-Free Wing Design

    Experimental Investigation of 2-D Wall Interferences in Wind Tunnel Test Sections of Different Type

    Experimental Investigation on an Ogive-Nosed Body at High Incidence and Different Reynolds Numbers

    Kinetic Theory of Nonsteady Evaporation from a Plane Liquid Surface

    On a Variational Approach to the Wave and Energy Equations for the Acoustics of High-Speed Potential Flows

    On the Structure of Gas-Surface Interaction Classifier

    Simulation of Boundary Conditions in Rarefied Gas Dynamics

    Singular Aerodynamic Features of Low-Speed High-Angles-of-Attack Slender Bodies

    A Straightforward Way of Calculating Diffusion Slip Velocity

    A Study of the Interaction of Expansion Waves with Area Contractions in a Duct

    Subsonic Unsteady Aerodynamics in the Laplace Domain

    Water Waves

    The Fission of a Solitary Wave in the Weakly Stratified Fluid

    Interaction of Cnoidal Wave on Vertical Cylinder

    Internal and Topographic Waves in the Lake of Lugano

    Long Shallow Water Waves on a Porous Beach

    Nonlinear Surface Water Waves in Reservoirs during Earthquakes

    Nonlinear Wavemaking Problem of a Slender Body near Free Surface

    On the Nonlinear Interaction of a Pair of Oblique Gravity Waves

    Second Order Wave Loads on Large Structures

    Solitary Wave Solution of an Initial-Boundary Value Problem of the Sine-Gordon Equation

    Transmission of Obliquely Incident Water Waves through Small Apertures

    Upstream Internal Solitons Generated by Moving Disturbances

    Vortex Structures of the Wake and Internal Waves in a Density Stratified Fluid

    Wave Interactions in Stratified Shear Flows

    Hydrodynamics and Hydraulics

    Application of Vortex-in-Cell Method in the Random Discrete Vortex Simulation for the Separated Flow around a Circular Cylinder

    Block-Implicit Solution of Pressure-Linked Equations for Recirculating Flow

    The Dipole-Like Flow Field as a Controlling Mechanism for Shedding of Karman Vortex

    Flow past a Rotating Cylinder

    The (ώ, Θ) Framework and Vorticity Dynamics

    General Curvilinear Coordinate Transformation for Grid Generation in Flow Field

    Grade Structure Theory for the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics

    Investigation of Flow over Grooved Circular Cylinders

    Liquid Crystal Flow Within a Hele Shaw Cell

    A Numerical Predicting Method of Unsteady Sheet Cavity Flow around a High Aspect Ratio Hydrofoil with Thickness

    On the General Equations of Motion of a Ship in a Seaway

    A Parametric Study of Flow past a Rectangular Obstacle in a Two-Dimensional Channel

    The Radial Spreading of a Thin Oil Film over Water

    Bubbles and Drops

    The Axisymmetric Rise of a Bubble at the Exit of a Circular Orifice in the Presence of Insoluble Surfactant Caps

    The Characteristics of Air Bubble Penetration into Water Carried by a Vertical Downward Water Jet

    Deformation of a Liquid Droplet

    Experiments on Real and Simulated Spherical-Cap Bubbles

    The Stability of Nearly Spherical Bubble

    Vortex, Jet, Wake and Cavity

    Experimental Studies of Turbulent Water Jets

    Experiments on the Natural Transition of an Unsteady Wake

    Flow Visualization of Horizontally Discharged Buoyant Jets

    Further Investigation on Starting Flow around a Flat Plate

    Linear Stability Analysis and Nonlinear Numerical Simulation of Wake Flows

    Phase Velocity Measurements Inside the near Wake of an Axisymmetric Bluff Body

    Relation between the Quasi-Cylindrical Approximation and the Critical Classification for Swirling Flow

    Stationary Cavitational Flow around the Body in the Presence of a Jet Going Towards the Flow; Exact and Asymptotic Relations for the Force and Geometry Characteristics

    The Structures of Starting Vortex behind Two-Dimensional Flat Plate

    A Study of Vortex Motion Induced by Oscillating Spoiler

    Wake Measurements and Flow Visualizations of Bluff Bodies

    Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Mechanics

    Correlation of the Direct Observation Results about Fluid-Dynamic Properties of the Galaxy

    Doubly Diffusive Waves

    The Effects of Shelf Topography on the Boundary Current Instability

    An Experimental Study of Baroclinic Flow Regimes with and without Two-Wave Bottom Topography

    Laboratory Experiments on Two Crossing Fronts

    The Sensitivity Study of the Offshore Ocean Current to the Physical Parameters

    Two-Phase Flow

    Comparison of Different Dispersion Models for Particles in Lagrangian and Eulerian Prediction Codes

    Computation of the Trajectories of Solid Particles and the Impinging Action on Hydroturbine Runner Blades

    Description of Two-Phase Flow in Evaporator by Means of Double Continuum

    Discussion on the Basic Equations for Gas-Particle Flows in Various Models

    Gas-Liquid Flow on Curved Surface

    Numerical Solution of the Boundary Layer Equation of Pair-Distribution and the Rate of Gravitational Coagulation in a Dilute Polydisperse Suspension

    A One Dimension Two Phase Flow Model Suitable for Nuclear Thermohydraulic Studies—Mechanical Aspects

    On the Stability of Gaseous Nuclei in Liquid-Gas Solutions

    Particle Turbulent Energy Transport Equation in Suspension Two-Phase Flows

    Resuspension, Deposition, and Transport of Fine-Grained Sediments

    Some Possibilities of Joint Physical and Computational Experiment in Studying High-temperature Dust-Laden Jets

    Structure of Gas-Solid Two-Phase Supersonic Freejets

    Turbulent Dispersion of a Small Solid Spherical Particle

    Flow through Porous Media and Non-Newtonian Flow

    Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Heavy-Oil Reservoirs

    Constitutive Equation Theory and Stability of Extending Non-Newtonian Fluid Sheets

    Cubic Spline Analysis of Substrate and Microorganisms Coupling Transport in Porous Media

    Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Porous Media

    Instability of Multi-Layered Power Law Fluid Films

    Non-Newtonian Laminar Flow through Arbitrarily Shaped Axisymmetric Contours

    On Solving the Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Tapered Dies Using the Method of Multiple Scales

    Simulation of two Dimensional-Planar Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid

    A Theory of Mixtures for Flow through Porous Media

    MHD and Physico-Chemical Flow

    A Class of Exact Solutions in Viscous Incompressible Magneto-Hydrodynamics

    Fluid Motion near the Electrode Induced by an Electric Current

    Interaction of Gas-Flow-Medium with Laser Radiation and Its Numerical Simulation

    Low Frequency MHD Instability in a Hot Electron Plasma

    MHD Solutions of Two Component Plasma in a Magnetic Field Under the Quasi-Ambipolar Diffusion Condition

    On the Structure of the Flow Field Induced by the Propagating Laminar Flame

    Optimum Gain Characteristics of an N2O Gasdynamic Laser

    Premixed Laminar Flames in Counterflowing Streams


    Chairman's Remarks on Biofluid Mechanics Sessions

    Computer Simulation of Glucose Homeostatic Perturbation by Oral Glucose Infusion

    Determining Turbulent Shear Stresses in Simulated Pulsatile Cardiovascular Flows

    Flow Development in the Aorta

    Flow through Large Curved Vessels and Heart Valves

    Fluid Mechanics Effects Involving Artificial Heart Devices

    Fluid Mechanics of the Lung

    Fluid Mechanics of the Penn State Artificial Heart

    Hemodynamic Shear Effects on the Lining of the Arterial Wall

    High Flux Plasma Filtration with a Rotating Cylindrical Membrane

    Interesting Problems in Intracardiac Flow Dynamics

    An In Vivo Study of Flow and Shear Forces at Arterial Bifurcations

    Laser Doppler and Color Doppler Flow Mapping of Mitral Heart Valve Prostheses

    Mechanisms of Dynamic Gas Flow in the Airways of the Lungs

    Modeling of Blood Flow in Arterial Segments of Animals and Humans

    On the Transient Diffusion of Macromolecules through Leaky Junctions and Their Sub-Endothelial Spread—Model and Observations

    On the Treatment of Velocity Disturbances in Pulsatile Flow

    Pressure-Flow Relationships in the Coronary Circulation

    The Relationship between Lymph Flow and Tissue Pressure

    Some Analysis on the Collapsible Tube-Jet System

    The Stokes Flow around the Rotating Double Spheres and Multiple Spheres

    Study of Visco-Elastic Blood Flow in a Locally Constricted Tube

    Transesophageal Pulsed Doppler Measurement of Hemodynamic Parameters

    Industrial and Environmental Fluid Mechanics

    The Aerodynamic Resistance of Vortex Chambers

    Aerodynamic Shaping of Power Cars for the New German ICE Experimental High-Speed Train

    Analysis of the Two-Phase-Flow in the Spray Cone of a Fan Type Nozzle for Water Atomization

    Calculation of Flows in a System of Bifurcating Channels

    Comparison of the Different Flow Situations in the Spray Cones of Different Types of Water Atomizers

    Concentration Distributions of the Fine Solid Particles on the Turbulent Rotational Air Flow in the Vortex Chamber

    Cross-Flow Induced Vibrations and Instabilities of Heat Exchanger Tube Arrays

    Dynamic Stability Analysis and Characteristics Performance for Cruciform Parachutes

    The Effect of Compressibility on Discharge through a Control Valve

    An Efficient Method for the Analysis of Air Flow over Rough Terrain

    Energy Losses in Condensing Supersonic Flows with and without Oblique Shock Waves

    Flow Characteristics around Coniferous Trees

    The Flow Characteristics of Cross Parachutes in Air and in Water

    Flow Resistance through Tubes Bundle in the Power Condensers

    Fluid Mechanics in Light Metals Industry

    Forces on an Oscillating Cylinder in a Steady Stream

    Nonlinear Aerodynamics and Equilibrium of a Heavy Membrane

    Numerical Investigations of Flows in a Channel with a Built-In Vortex Generator

    On Biastable Biased Flow behind Two Cylinders Arranged Side by Side

    On the Flow around Twin Circular Cylinders at Sub- and Supercritical Regimes

    The Significance of Aerodynamic Forces on Unsteadily-Moving Bluff Bodies, Such as Parachute Canopies

    Stability of a Sail in a Flow

    Use and Construction in China of Pulsa System Water Oscillation Hand Pumps: Technology Transfer

    Wind Tunnel Tests on a Cable-Stayed Pipe Bridge Model

    Heat Transfer

    The Analysis of Thermal Instability and Heat Transfer Prediction in a Horizontal Fluid Layer Heated from below

    Buoyancy and Surface-Tension Driven Instabilities in Presence of Random Vibrations

    The Dynamical Behavior of a Closed Convection Loop

    Heat and Mass Transfer in a Boundary Layer with Condensation Using an Air-Water Steam Mixture: Influence of the Sinusoidal Wall

    Heat Transfer in Unsteady Flow

    Numerical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Thin-Walled Vessel

    Prandtl Number Effects on Laminar Fluid Convection in the Annuli of Rotating Cylinders

    Contributed Papers

    Anomalous Saffmann Taylor Fingering

    Computational Study of the Free Oscillations of a Liquid Drop by Means of the Boundary Element Method

    Low Dimensional Description of Complicated Phenomena

    Coherent Mode Interactions in Developing Free Shear Flows

    The Method of the Separating Section Shape Parameters on Flow State of Whole Dam-Burst

    Variational Principles of Dynamical Instability in Geophysical Fluids

    Author Index

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