From Academia to Entrepreneur

1st Edition

Lessons from the Real World

Authors: Eugene Khor
Paperback ISBN: 9780124105164
eBook ISBN: 9780124167179
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 23rd October 2013
Page Count: 272
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From Academia to Entrepreneur: Lessons from the Real World provides practical advice on entrepreneurship, interspersed with insights the author gained from starting up his own business and in associations with other ventures. These same insights can be applied to bringing a technology concept from academia to an enterprise.

A few of the questions From Academia to Entrepreneur: Lessons from the Real World answers:

  • How do I pragmatically appraise business opportunities?
  • What traits should I look for in an enterprise?
  • What can and should I do with my concept while in academia, before entering such an endeavor?
  • How do I overcome risk aversion?
  • And most importantly, why should I be the one to build this business?

Key Features

  • Provides insights into using academic research as a potential business, meeting the challenges and opportunities in today's academic research environment
  • Offers practical ideas on entrepreneurship
  • Describes how to take a company to financial profit and maintain it
  • Emphasizes the pragmatic details to work through, equipping you with the correct set of tools to build your business


Clinicians, engineers and scientists in academia, business, or government pursuing biomedical and associated research pondering turning their knowledge, results and experience into starting an enterprise

Table of Contents


About Entrepreneurs

About Biomedical Enterprises

About Academia’s Relevance to Biomed and Enterprise

From Academia to Entrepreneur

Why this Book?



About the Author

Chapter 1. Entrepreneuring Academic Biomedical Science

1.1 The Biomedical Buzz and its Economic Potential

1.2 A Piece of the Action

1.3 Singapore’s Biomedical Endeavor

1.4 Advantage Asia?

1.5 The Biomedical Industry in Transition

1.6 Confronting Some Commonly Held Beliefs

1.7 The Academic Dilemma

1.8 The Regulatory Imperative

1.9 Biomed Businesses

1.10 Enter the Biomed Runway Entrepreneur


Chapter 2. The Academic–Business Conundrum

2.1 Where the Science is Created

2.2 Life in Academia

2.3 Exacerbations to the Biomed Research-Enterprise Agenda

2.4 The Real World’s View of “Ivory Tower” Tenants

2.5 Business-Nizing Academic Research

2.6 Products from Biomedical Research: Serendipity or Planned Outcome?

2.7 Team Event

2.8 Relevance to the Research Agenda

2.9 Incentivize to Business-Nize

2.10 Myths and Misconceptions to Note when Traversing from Academia to Business

2.11 From Academia to the Real World

Chapter 3. Taking Academic Biomedical Research Beyond the Lab Bench

3.1 From the Patient to the Lab Bench

3.2 Medical Intervention: Science and Technology’s Role

3.3 From the Lab Bench Back to the Patient

3.4 At the Academic Lab Bench

3.5 IP and Licensing

3.6 Proof of Concept

3.7 INTO the Real World

3.8 Time to Market

3.9 Turning Point


Chapter 4. To Become a Runway Entrepreneur from Academia

4.1 A Path Few Choose

4.2 The Bra


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About the Author

Eugene Khor

Dr. Eugene Khor, Chiticore Enterprises Inc. Victoria, Canada.

Affiliations and Expertise

Chiticore Enterprises Inc.,Victoria, BC, Canada


"Khor offers this advice manual for entrepreneurship focusing on biomedical science. The book begins by presenting the potential of biomedical entrepreneurship as well as its challenges, and discussing the transition from academia to business in both personal and practical terms…The book also addresses viability assessment and concludes with the eventuality of leaving the business or taking a different role even if it is successful.", February 2014