This book is an overview of ESIS Technical Committee 4's activities since the mid-1980s. A wide range of tests is described and the numerous authors is a reflection of the wide and enthusiastic support we have had.
With the establishment of the Technical Committee 4, two major areas were identified as appropriate for the activity. Firstly there was an urgent need for standard, fracture mechanics based, test methods to be designed for polymers and composites. A good deal of academic work had been done, but the usefulness to industry was limited by the lack of agreed standards. Secondly there was a perceived need to explore the use of such data in the design of plastic parts. Some modest efforts were made in early meetings to explore this, but little progress was made. In contrast things moved along briskly in the standards work and this has dominated the activity for the last fourteen years. The design issue remains a future goal.


For researchers involved in testing of polymers and composites in an academic and industrial environment.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Work of ESIS TC 4 (J.G. Williams). Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics. Introduction to linear elastic fracture mechanics (J.G. Williams). KC and GC at slow speeds for polymers (J.G. Williams). Determination of fracture toughness (GIC and KIC) at moderately high loading rates (A. Pavan). The measurement of Kc and Gc at slow speeds for discontinuous fibre composites (D.R. Moore). Determination of the impact fracture toughness KId of plastics at high rates of loading "1m/s" (W. Böhme). Fatigue crack growth of polymers (L. Castellani, M. Rink). Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics. Introduction to elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (J.G. Williams). J-fracture toughness of polymers at slow speed (G.E. Hale, F. Ramsteiner). J-fracture toughness of polymers at impact speed (H.J. MacGillivray). Essential work of fracture (E. Clutton). Adhesion Fracture Mechanics. Introduction to adhesion and adhesives (A. Kinloch). Peel testing of flexible laminates (D.R. Moore, J.G. Williams). Fracture tests on structural adhesive joints (B. Blackman, A. Kinloch). Delamination Fracture Mechanics. Introduction to delamination fracture of continuous fibre composites (P. Davies). Mode I delamination (A.J. Brunner et al.). Mode II delamination (P. Davies et al.). Delamination fracture of continuous fibre composites: mixed-mode fracture (B.R.K. Blackman et al.). List of Symbols. List of Abbreviations. Author Index. Author Affiliations.


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D.R. Moore

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Business Research Associate, ICI plc, UK

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