This book contains 15 fully peer-reviewed Invited Papers which were presented at the 13th Biennial European Conference on Fracture and is a companion to the CD-ROM
The organisers of the ECF 13 opted from the very beginning for an application-orientated conference, and consequently, this book contributes to the understanding of fracture phenomena, and disseminates fracture concepts and their application to the solution of engineering problems to practitioners in a wide range of fields.
The fields covered in this book can be broadly classified into: elastic-plastic fracture mechanics, fracture dynamics, fatigue and interactive processes, failure, structural integrity, coatings and materials, with applications to the following industrial sectors: transport, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, pipelines and automotive engineering.


For engineers, materials scientists working in the field of fracture, fatigue and related areas.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Fracture stress analysis: some "practical" examples (C.Atkinson). Some aspects of fatigue of engineering materials (H. Mughrabi). Failures of structures and components which fracture mechanics would have prevented (D.R.H. Jones). Interfacial cracking in thin film structures (J.M. Martínez-Esnaola et al.). Designing against fretting fatigue in aeroengines (C. Ruiz, D. Nowell). Aircraft fatigue life extension: development of a mid-life rework method based on peening (G. Clark). Coatings for hot section gas turbine components (J. Bressers et al.). Modeling cyclic deformation of thick thermal barrier coatings (D. Socie, E. Rejda). Application of fracture mechanics on Japanese automotive industry (T. Yoshimura). Gigacycle fatigue of high strength steels prediction and mechanisms (C. Bathias). Fatigue of railway axles: a classic problem revisited (R.A. Smith). Fracture mechanics applied to concrete (M. Elices et al.). Fatigue and fracture of steel bridges (P. Albrecht, W. Wright). Designing against ductile fracture propagation in very high strength steel gas pipelines: a review (G. Buzzichelli). Fracture mechanics concepts and structural integrity of filament wound pipes (A.Torres Marques et al.). Author Index.


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