Forensic Document Examination

1st Edition

Fundamentals and Current Trends

Print ISBN: 9780124166936
eBook ISBN: 9780124104198
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 27th March 2014
Page Count: 232
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Forensic Document Examination enlightens forensic document examiners, forensic investigators, attorneys and others using the services of forensic document examiners with the basic principles and current trends in the area. Standards and methodologies apply now, which were non-existent 20 years ago. Instrumentation has moved beyond the microscope and the magnifying glass to digital cameras, digital microscopes, video spectral comparators, electrostatic detection devices for the development of indented writing on paper, scanners, and software programs like Write-On 2.0 and Photoshop.

Key Features

  • Covers basic principles and methodologies used in forensic document examination
  • Contains state-of-the-art techniques and new trends
  • Includes research over the last ten years and describes the future direction of forensic document examination


Primary: Forensic document examiners and forensic investigators. Secondary: Attorneys and forensic science students.

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. A Brief History of Writing
    • Cave Paintings
    • Cuneiform Writing
    • Egyptian Writing
    • Phoenician Writing
    • Greek Alphabet
    • Etruscan Alphabet
    • Roman Alphabet
    • Word Separation in Manuscripts
    • Carolingian Minuscule
    • Gothic Script
    • Italic Script
    • Copperplate Handwriting
    • Calligraphy
    • Modern Handwriting
    • Modern Pictograms
  • Chapter 2. The History of Forensic Document Examination
    • Daniel T. Ames
    • Albert S. Osborn
    • Other Pioneers of Forensic Document Examination
    • Questioned Document Organizations
    • Forensic Laboratories Established with Questioned Document Sections
  • Chapter 3. Forensic Document Examination Defined
    • Forensic Document Examination
    • Graphology
    • Training of Forensic Document Examiners
    • Certification
  • Chapter 4. Handwriting Individuality
    • Individuality in Handwriting
    • Research
  • Chapter 5. Basic Methodology
    • Methodology in Forensic Document Examination
    • ACE Method
    • Elements of Writing in Forensic Document Examination
    • Other Ways to Articulate FDE Methodology
    • Natural Variation in Handwriting
    • Conclusion
  • Chapter 6. Instrumentation
    • Stereo Microscope
    • Magnifiers
    • Light Panels
    • MiScope
    • Video Spectral Comparators
    • Hyperspectral Imaging
    • Electrostatic Detection Devices
    • Photography and Imaging
    • Specialized Grids
  • Chapter 7. Case Examples
    • Introduction
    • John Waters Will Case
    • Medical Records Case
    • Original Contract Case
    • Irene V. Vander Zee Will Case


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"The layout of the book is extremely well thought out and makes it very easy to read, due to the chapter division by colors, the font size, type and spacing….it contains excellent colored illustrations…"--Interfaces, Forensic Document Examination