Food Science and Human Nutrition, Volume 29

1st Edition

Editors: G. Charalambous
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444888341
eBook ISBN: 9781483291093
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 6th May 1992
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Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors. Evaluation of Urtica Species as Potential Sources of Important Nutrients (H. Wetherilt). Alternates to Synthetic Antioxidants (R.J. Evans and G.S. Reynhout). Utilization of Cottonseed Protein in Preparing New Edible Food Products (Y.G. Moharram and N.S. Abu-Foul). Computer-Aided Organic Synthesis Applied to the Study of Formation of Aroma Compounds. Thermal Degradation of Diallyl Disulfide (G. Vernin, J. Metzger et al.). Flavor Compounds in Maple Syrup (I. Alli, E. Akochi-k and S. Kermasha). Analysis of the Volatile Constituents of a Special Type of White Bread (M.E. Komaitis, G. Angelousis and N. Giannonits-Argyriadis). Defining Roasted Peanut Flavor Quality. Part I. Correlation of GC Volatiles with Roast Color as an Estimate of Quality (J.R. Vercellotti, K.L. Crippen et al.). Growth Response of the Mushroom Agaricus campestris to Nitrogen Sources when Cultivated in Submerged Fermentation (A.M. Martin). Improved Retention of Mushroom Flavor in Microwave-Hot Air Drying (L.F. Di Cesare, M. Riva and A. Schiraldi). Water Sorption Hysteresis in Potato Starch and Egg Albumin (M. Lagoudaki and P.G. Demertzis). Soluble Coffee's New Biotechnology (R.L. Colton). Sensory and Analytical Evaluation of Beers Brewed with Three Varieties of Hops and an Unhopped Beer (N.B. Sanchez, C.L. Lederer et al.). Low-Alcohol Content Wine-Like Beverages. Storage Stability of those Obtained from Dealcoholized Wines (M.D. Salvador, R. Perez et al.). Synthesis of Optically Active Whisky Lactone (Y. Noda and M. Kikuchi). Microbiological Changes During the Ripening of Turkish White Pickled Cheese (M. Karakus and I. Alperden). Problems Associated with the Pr


This volume brings together 63 papers dealing with chemical, biochemical, sensory, microbiological, nutritional, technological and analytical aspects of foods for human consumption. The information presented is of considerable interest to all researchers, analysts, nutritionists, manufacturers, packagers, etc., involved in the perennial effort to gain more insight into the correlation between food science and human nutrition. (Limitation of space allows only a selection of papers to be mentioned).


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