Volume P. Fault Detection II, Aerospace, Marine Systems

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Chapter headings and selected papers: Fault-Tolerant Control. Fault tolerant-reconfigurable control for a mass-spring system (X.M. Dong et al.). Robustness in Fault Diagnosis. Robust fault detection in descriptor linear systems via generalised unknown input observers (G.R. Duan et al.). On sensitivity of robust fault detection observers (R.J. Patton, M. Hou). Integration of Fault Diagnosis Methods II. Neural network models of hammerstein systems and their application to fault detection and isolation (A. Janczak, J. Korbicz). Fault Detection and Isolation in Systems. Detection and isolation of faults in a thermal power plant (Q. Zhang et al.). Fault Diagnosis: Fuzzy and Non-Linear Approaches. Fault diagnosis based on fuzzy relation matrix and recognition (Y. Huo et al.). Applications of Fault Diagnosis. A real-time realization of fault-detection and diagnosis using finite-state automation (K.B. Ramkumar et al.). New Methods of Fault Diagnosis. New design of robust kalman filters for fault detection and isolation (D. Koenig, R.J. Patton). Navigation, Guidance and Control of Missiles. The application of an LPV/loop-shaping synthesis for a missile autopilot (A. Hiret et al.). Control of Aircraft and Helicopters. Stability analysis of gain-scheduled control and automation for flight control systems (R. Akmeliawati, I. Mareels). Satellite Attitude Determination and Control. Attitude estimation and control for the timed spacecraft (W.F. Dellinger). Spacecraft Control Systems. Input-output based finite dimensional control for a flexible space structure H.-H. Zhang). Space Launch, Landing and Optimisation. Guidance and control for Mars atmospheric entry: adaptivity and robustness (W.-M. Lu, D.S. Bayard). Aerospac


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