This volume contains selected and edited papers from the 7th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM 7) held in Durham, UK on August 31-September 3 1993. The volume is organized as follows:- Invited Lectures, Pursuit and Co-Ordination, Saccade and Fixation Control, Oculomotor Physiology, Clinical and Medical Aspects of Eye Movements, Eye Movements and Cognition, Eye Movements and Language and finally, Displays and Applications.

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Invited Lectures. Eye movement and cognitive processes in reading, visual search, and scene perception (K. Rayner). Models of oculomotor function: An appraisal of the engineer's intrusion into oculomotor physiology (W. Becker). The sensing of optic flow by the primate optokinetic system (F. Miles). The functions of eye movements in animals remote from man (M.F. Land). Pursuit and Co-Ordination. Human eye muscle proprioceptive feedback is involved in target velocity perception during smooth pursuit (J.L. Velay et al.). Variability of sinusoidal tracking characteristics in children (A.P. Accardo et al.). Ocular tracking of self-moved targets: Role of visual and non-visual information in visuo-oculo-manual coordination (J.-L. Vercher et al.). Eye movements evoked by leg-proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation (F.M. Botti et al.). Effects of prediction on smooth pursuit velocity gain in cerebellar patients and controls (G.U. Lekwuwa et al.). Saccade and Fixation Control. The relationship between the initial direction and landing position of saccades (C.J. Erkelens, I.M.L.C. Vogels). Mechanisms for fixation in man: Evidence from saccadic reaction times (M. Biscaldi et al.). Saccade latency towards auditory targets (D. Zambarbieri et al.). Retinal eccentricity and the latency of eye saccades (P.E. Hallett, R.P. Kalesnykas). Is saccadic adaptation context-specific? (H. Deubel). Fast disconjugate adaptations of saccades: Dependency on stimulus characteristics (T. Eggert et al.). Visual mislocalization in moving background and saccadic eye movement conditions (H. Honda). Oculomotor Physiology. A neural mechanism subserving saccade-vergence interactions (L.E. Mays, P.D.R. Gamlin). Eye position effects on pursuit related responses in area LIP of macaque monkey (F. Bremmer, K.-P. Hoffman). Clinical and Medical Aspects of Eye Movem


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