2nd Edition

The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook

Authors: Harold F. Giles Jr John R. Wagner, Jr.
Hardcover ISBN: 9781437734812
eBook ISBN: 9781437734829
Imprint: William Andrew
Published Date: 26th September 2013
Page Count: 636
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Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition

Preface to First Edition


Part I: Single Screw Extrusion

1. Extrusion Process


1.1 Raw Material Supply

1.2 Raw Material Blending and Mixing

1.3 Drying

1.4 Feeding Polymer to the Extruder

1.5 Extrusion

1.6 Secondary Operations

1.7 Inspection, Packaging, and Shipping

2. Extruder Safety


2.1 Hazards Associated with an Extruder

2.2 Proper Training

2.3 Inspection and Housekeeping

2.4 Material Safety

3. Single Screw Extruder: Equipment


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Equipment

3.3 Drive

3.4 Feed

3.5 Screw, Barrel, and Heaters

3.6 Die and Adapter

3.7 Controls

3.8 Extruder Devolatilization

3.9 Vertical Extruders


4. Plastic Behavior in the Extruder


4.1 Feed Zone

4.2 Polymer Melting or Plastication

4.3 Melt Conveying

4.4 Mixing

4.5 Extruder Throughput Calculations

4.6 Devolatilization

4.7 Die


5. Screw Design


5.1 Barrier Screw

5.2 Mixing Screw

5.3 Screw Wear

5.4 Screw Compression Ratios

5.5 Screw Performance

5.6 Summary


6. Processing Conditions


6.1 Extruder Temperature Profiles

6.2 Extruder or Production Run Setup

6.3 Start-Up

6.4 Steady-State Operation

6.5 Shutdown and Product Changes


7. Scale-Up



8. Shear Rates, Pressure Drops, and Other Extruder Calculations


8.1 Shear Rates

8.2 Extruder Screw Calculations

8.3 Different Extruder Section Output Calculations


Part II: Twin Screw Extrusion


The second edition of Extrusion is designed to aid operators, engineers, and managers in extrusion processing in quickly answering practical day-to-day questions. The first part of the book provides the fundamental principles, for operators and engineers, of polymeric materials extrusion processing in single and twin screw extruders. The next section covers advanced topics including troubleshooting, auxiliary equipment, and coextrusion for operators, engineers, and managers. The final part provides applications case studies in key areas for engineers such as compounding, blown film, extrusion blow molding, coating, foam, and reprocessing.

This practical guide to extrusion brings together both equipment and materials processing aspects. It covers basic and advanced topics, for reference and training, in thermoplastics processing in the extruder. Detailed reference data are provided on such important operating conditions as temperatures, start-up procedures, shear rates, pressure drops, and safety.

Key Features

  • A practical guide to the selection, design and optimization of extrusion processes and equipment
  • Designed to improve production efficiency and product quality
  • Focuses on practical fault analysis and troubleshooting techniques


Engineers working in product and process design, production and manufacturing with plastics.

Plastics Engineers (mostly with an academic background in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry).


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About the Authors

Harold F. Giles Jr Author

John R. Wagner, Jr. Author

John Wagner is a Director of Crescent Associates, Inc., which specializes in plastic films and flexible packaging. He holds numerous patents on flexible packaging films and coating technology, has contributed to and co-edited The SPE Guide on Extrusion Technology and Troubleshooting and The Plastics Technician’s Toolbox-Extrusion, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting. He is on the SPE Extrusion Division Board of Directors.

Affiliations and Expertise

Crescent Associates, Inc., Rochester, NY, USA