In 1983, the book ``Experimental Plant Morphology'' was written in Czech by the above named authors. Widespread interest in the publication outside Czechoslovakia encouraged the authors to prepare this new English edition, ``Experimental Morphogenesis and Integration of Plants''. It is more than a mere translation of the original: the contents have been extended and further aspects of structural integrity and regulation in plants have been included, especially on the molecular, cellular and tissue level. The overall concept of the book is new and has been supplemented with the latest information on the subject. It aims to inform the scientific public, of current studies on morphogenesis and structural integration in plants. In addition, this book will show the possible way of regulating morphogenesis and structural integrity in plants with regard to the practical needs of agriculture, horticulture and silviculture.

Table of Contents

A selection of contents: Introduction. 1. Methods and General Aspects of Studies of Experimental Plant Morphogenesis. Plant Hormones as Factors of Morphogenesis and Structural Integrity in Plants. Indole and non-indole auxin. Gibberellins. Cytokinins. Abscisic acid. Ethylene. Phenols and other secondary substances. The possible participation of steroids, prostaglandin-like compounds and polyamines in the regulation of plant growth and development. Principles of the Methods for the Estimation of Growth Substances. Extraction and purification procedures. Physico-chemical methods of phytohormonex estimation. Immunochemical methods. Bioassays. Morphogenesis and Phytohormone Effects at the Molecular, Subcellular and Cellular Level. Action of phytohormones at the molecular level. Binding sites and phytohormone receptors. Morphogenesis and phytohormone effects on the cell level. Morphogenesis on the Level of Tissues. Methods of tissue culture. Regeneration capacity of explants. Differentiation in tissue cultures. Morphogenesis on the Level of Organs. Methods of classical experimental morphology. Cultures of organs in vitro. The plant as an integral organism. Transport of Phytohormones. Structure of vascular tissues. Transport of phytohormones in stem and root. 2. Plant Integrity in the Sphere of Vegetative Organs. Plant Growth Correlations. Stem/root growth correlations. Growth-correlative effects of cotyledons. Growth correlating effects of leaves and scales. Growth correlating effects emanating from tubers and bulbs and substances effects of tuberization. Senescence and abscission of leaves as phenomena of plant structural integrity. Stem apical dominance. Regeneration as the Recovery of Disturbed Plant Structural Integrity. Types of regeneration. Regeneration of adventitious buds. Regeneration of adventitious roots. Polarity as a Phenomenon of Plant Sructural Integrity. Polarity in the shoot. Polarity in the leaf and cotyledon. Polarity


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