Encyclopedia of Volcanoes - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080547985

Encyclopedia of Volcanoes

1st Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780080547985
Imprint: Academic Press
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Volcanoes are unquestionably one of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring features of the physical world. Our paradoxical fascination with them stems from their majestic beauty and powerful, if sometimes deadly, destructiveness. Notwithstanding the tremendous advances in volcanology since ancient times, some of the mystery surrounding volcanic eruptions remains today. The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes summarizes our present knowledge of volcanoes. Through its thematic organization around the melting of the earth, it provides a comprehensive source of information on the multidisciplinary influences of volcanic eruptions--both the destructive as well as the beneficial aspects. The majority of the chapters focus on the geoscience-related aspects of volcanism (radioactive heat source, melting rock, ascent of magma, surface phenomena associated with exiting magma, extraterrestrial volcanism, etc.). In addition, complementary chapters discuss the multidisciplinary aspects of volcanism; these include the history of volcanology, geothermal energy resources, interaction with the oceans and atmosphere, health aspects of volcanism, mitigation of volcanic disasters, post-eruption ecology, and the impact of eruptions on organismal biodiversity.

In addition to its appeal to educators, students, and professional and amateur scientists, the Encyclopedia of Volcanoes functions as an important information resource for administrators and officials responsible for developing and implementing volcanic hazard mitigation around the world.

Key Features

  • The first and only reference work to cover all aspects of volcanology
  • More than 80 separate peer-reviewed articles--all original contributions by leading authors from major institutions of science around the world, commissioned for this work
  • An integrated transition from the volcanic process through hazards, risk, and societal impacts, with an emphasis on how volcanoes have influenced and shaped society
  • Convenient single-volume format with topics arranged thematically--articles provide coverage of nine different aspects of volcanology
  • Each entry in the Encyclopedia begins with an outline of the article content and a concise definition of the subject of the article
  • 3,000 Glossary entries explain key terms
  • Further Reading lists appear at the end of each entry
  • Extensive cross-referencing system links related articles
  • Sixteen pages of color will convey the science and excitement of this often violent phenomena
  • Large 8 1/2" x 11" page size, easy-to-read double-column format


Earth system educators, students, and amateur scientists as well as professional volcanologists interested in comprehending specialties outside their own expertise.

Table of Contents

R.D. Ballard, Foreword. Origin and Transport of Magma: H. Sigurdsson, B. Houghton, H. Rymer, J. Stix, and S. McNutt, Introduction. H. Sigurdsson, The History of Volcanology. R. Jeanloz, Mantle of the Earth. P. Asimov, Melting the Mantle. M. Daines, Migration of Melt. M. Perfit and J. Davidson, Tectonics and Volcanism. N.W. Rogers and C.J. Hawkesworth, Composition of Magmas. T.L. Grove, Origin of Magmas. P.J. Wallace and A.T. Anderson, Volatiles in Magmas. F.J. Spera, Physical and Thermodynamic Properties of Magmas. B.D. Marsh, Reservoirs of Magma and Magma Chambers. M.J. Rutherford and J. Gardner, Rates of Magma Ascent. C. Carrigan, Plumbing Systems. C. Jaupart, Magma at Shallow Levels. Eruption: T. Simkin and L.Siebert, Active Volcanoes on the Earth. D.M. Pyle, Sizes of Volcanic Eruptions. H. Sigurdsson, Episodes of Volcanism. Effusive Volcanism: G.P.L. Walker, Basaltic Volcanoes and Volcanic Systems. C. Kilburn, Lava Flows. J. Fink and S. Anderson, Domes and Coulees. J. Wolff and J. Sumner, Spatter-Fed Lavas and Fire-Fountaining. C. Conner and M. Conway, Basaltic Volcanic Fields. P. Hooper, Flood Basalt Provinces. R. Batiza and J. White, Submarine Lavas and Hyaloclastite. R. Schmidt and H.-U. Schmincke, Seamounts, Submarine Volcanoes, and Volcanic Islands. J. Smellie, Sub-Glacial Eruptions. Explosive Volcanism: Cashman, B. Sturtevant, P. Papale, and O. Navon, Magmatic Fragmentation. M.M. Morrisey, B. Zimoriski, K. Wohletz, and R. Buettner, Phreatomagmatic Fragmentation. S. Vergniolle and M. Mangan, Strombolian and Hawaiian Eruptions. M.M. Morrissey and L.G. Mastin, Vulcanian Eruptions. Cioni, P. Marianelli, R. Santecroc


Academic Press
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"Everything you ever wanted to know about volcanism is contained in this text [...] the authoritative reference on volcanology for years to come." --CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY, May/June 2000 "This monumental volume, authored by more than 100 leading specialists, dwarfs all previous works . . . the publisher has done a remarkable job." --CHOICE, June 2000 "This volume is the first sophisticated attempt at a comprehensive reference work about volcanoes and volcanic processes...The articles can be quite technical but not any more than they need to be in giving serios academic treatment to the topic. Readers who are less familiar with this area of geology will find the glossary in each article to be very useful...This volume is indispensable for anyone who is serious about understanding volcanoes on a sophisticated level. From the highly useful overview of specific topics and processes to the definitions of particular terms, there is no better or more comprehensive work available--nor is there likely to be....this valuable resource is highly recommended for larger public and academic libraries." --BOOKLIST/April 1, 2000 "This impressive work covers all aspects of volcanism....Geared for college students and researchers, the well-written articles include a glossary that defines terms within the context of the article, which is very helpful to readers unfamiliar with the terminology...Works such as The Encyclopedia of Earthquakes & Volcanoes are nowhere near as comprehensive as this volume...An excellent source for those who want more than general information on any aspect of volcanology, this volume is highly recommended for academic libraries." --Teresa Berry, University of Tennessee Library, LIBRARY JOURNAL/April 1, 2000 "The comprehensive and up-to-date Encyclopedia of Volcanoes represents good, broad scientific writing. Important topics about volcanoes that are rarely a