This book examines electronics reliability and measurement technology. It identifies advances in measurement science and technology for nondestructive evaluation, and it details common measurement trouble spots.


Quality assurance managers and reliability engineers in the electronics industry.

Table of Contents

Measurement Science and Manufacturing Science Research The Members Dollar SRC Structure An Industry View of the Future Direction of Manufacturing Science (Through 1955) Generated by the TAB Manufacturing Sciences Committee Future Directions of the Manufacturing Sciences Program Major Trends-Semiconductors Equipment Implications Semiconductor Equipment Business Semiconductor Capital Investment Plans Worldwide Sales Forecast 1985 Semiconductor Equipment Sales Major Trends-Semiconductor Equipment Programs Manufacturing Sciences Principal Thrusts The SRC/University of Michigan Program in Automated Semiconductor Manufacturing Manufacturing Sciences Significant Accomplishments Nondestructive SEM for Surface and Subsurface Wafer Imaging Introduction Image Processing Storage and Retrieval Time Resolved Capacitive Coupling Voltage Contrast Nondestructive Subsurface Imaging of Semiconductors References Surface Inspection-Research and Development Introduction Trends in Surface Analysis New Front End Detection Techniques Tool Development Research Topics Sensors Developed for In-Process Thermal Sensing and Imaging References Wafer Level Reliability for High-Performance VLSI Design Introduction Wafer Level Tests Wafer Level Electromigration Tests Mobile Ion Contamination Schottky Diode Structures Wafer Level Device Reliability Future Wafer Level Testing Conclusions References Wafer Level Reliability


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