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Electronics and Electronic Systems - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780408013697, 9781483135465

Electronics and Electronic Systems

1st Edition

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Author: George H. Olsen
eBook ISBN: 9781483135465
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 9th October 1987
Page Count: 414
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Electronics and Electronic Systems explores the significant developments in the field of electronics and electronic devices. This book is organized into three parts encompassing 11 chapters that discuss the fundamental circuit theory and the principles of analog and digital electronics. This book deals first with the passive components of electronic systems, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. These topics are followed by a discussion on the analysis of electronic circuits, which involves three ways, namely, the actual circuit, graphical techniques, and rule of thumb. The remaining parts highlight the fundamentals and components of analog and digital electronics. These chapters specifically tackle the mathematical techniques used in connection with both the j-notation and Laplace transforms. This book is an ideal source for first and second year undergraduates with degrees in electronics, electronic engineering, physics and other related subjects.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Passive Components and Circuit Theory

1 Introduction

2 Passive Components


The Basic Electronic System



Energy Storage

Inductors, Energy Storage

3 Basic Circuit Theory

Mesh and Nodal Analyses

Kirchhoff's Laws

Wheatstone Bridge

Superposition Theorem

Thévenin's and Norton's Theorems


4 Passive Component Networks

Sine-Wave Response in LCR Circuits

Phasor Diagrams

The j-notation

Power in A.C. Circuits

Polar and Exponential Forms

Frequency Response

The Decibel Scale

Phase Response

Elementary Filters

Resonant Circuits

Equation Transformation

Laplace Transforms

Non-Sinusoidal and Transient Response in LCR Circuits

Time Constant

Differentiating and Integrating Circuits


Part 2 Analogue Electronics

5 Semiconductor Devices

Charge Movement in Crystals

Impurity Conduction

The pn Junction Rectifier

Point-Contact Diodes

Zener Diodes

Thyristors (SCRs)



Unijunction Transistor

Solar Cells

Field-Effect Transistors, Junction and MOS Types

Junction (Bipolar) Transistors

6 Diode Applications

Clamps and Limiters

D.C. Level Adjuster

Rectification and Rectifier Circuits

Half-Wave, Full-Wave and Bridge Rectifiers

Filters for Power Supplies

Voltage Stabilizers

Switched-Mode Power Supplies

High-Voltage Generation

Power Control Circuits Using SCRs and Triacs


7 Transistor Amplifiers

Types of Amplifier

FET Amplifiers

Biasing Circuits

Square-Wave Response in Amplifiers

Estimation of Gain

Bipolar Transistor Amplifiers, Load Lines, Graphical Data

Bias Circuits and Thermal Stability, Stability Factors

Current Mirror Stabilization

Transistor Parameters and Equivalent Circuits

Multistage Amplifiers

Feedback Circuits


Negative Feedback and its Effect on Gain Stability, Bandwidth, Distortion, Phase Shifts, Input and Output Impedances

The Emitter-Follower

Regulated Power Supplies

The Darlington Pair

Bootstrap Techniques

The Miller Effect

Power Amplifiers


Push-Pull Types

Distortion in Class B Amplifiers

Heat Sinks


Quasi-complementary Transistors

Power FETs

Current Dumping


8 Analogue Integrated Circuits

Operational Amplifiers, Differential Types, Common-mode Signals, Single-ended Differential Amplifiers, Active Loads and Biasing Circuits

Applications of Analogue ICs

Gain Formula

Terms Used in Connection with Analogue ICs

Frequency Compensation

The Summing Amplifier, Integrators

Chopper Stabilization

The Differentiating Amplifier

Miscellaneous Circuits, Logarithmic Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers

Active Filters, Transfer Functions, Sensitivity Factors

The Sallen and Key Circuit, Butterworth, Chebyshev and Bessel Responses

Universal Active Filters

The Gyrator


9 Harmonic Oscillators

LC Types

Harley, Colpits and Crystal Types

RC Types

Phase-Shift and Wien Bridge Oscillators


Part 3 Digital Electronics

10 Fundamentals

Basic Ideas, Boolean Algebra

Logic Systems and Terminology

Logic Gates, TTL MOSFET, and CMOS Gates, Tri-state Types

Digital Signals, Generation of Square-Waves

Telex and Analogue Signals

Schmitt Trigger

Number Systems and Counting Codes

BCD Codes, Octal and Hexadecimal Coding

The ASCII Code

11 Logic Circuits

Combinational Logic Circuits

Adders, Equality Detectors

Decoders and Number Displays


Sequential Logic Circuits

SR-, JK-, Master-Slave JK- and D-type Flip-Flops

BCD Counters

Bounce Suppression

Modulo-n Counters, Reversible Types

Shift Registers

Digital-to-Analogue Converters

Monotonicity, Errors

Analogue-to-Digital Converters

Double-Ramp, Staircase, Successive Approximation and Flash Types


Sample-and-Hold Circuits

Memory Systems, RAM(RWM), DRAM, ROM, EPROM, Architecture of a Small Digital Computer, Exercises

Appendix 1 Preferred Values of Resistors

Appendix 2 The Karnaugh Map

Appendix 3 New Logic Symbols

Appendix 4 Supplementary Reading



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9th October 1987
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