Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear

Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear

For Practitioners and Students

4th Edition - January 1, 1936

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  • Editor: A. Logan Turner
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483194332

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Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear: For Practitioners and Students, Fourth Edition provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of the diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. This book discusses allergy and its allied conditions. Organized into six sections encompassing 41 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of anatomical structure of the nose. This text then explores the various processes of examination of the cavities of the nose, pharynx, larynx, and ear. Other chapters consider inference with phonation, which is one of the most common symptoms in affections of the larynx. Other chapters consider the sensitivity of the nasal mucous membrane to atmospheric changes, including temperature, humidity, sunshine, prevailing wind, and dust. This book discusses as well heliotherapy as a useful adjuvant to other treatment in nasal disease. The final chapter deals with the congenital defects of the labyrinth, which are responsible for the condition known as sporadic congenital deaf-mutism. This book is a valuable resource for clinicians.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1.—Diseases of the Nose

    Chapter 1. Anatomy

    The External Nose

    The Nasal Cavity

    The Nasopharynx

    The Paranasals in Uses

    Chapter II. Methods of Examination. Symptoms and General Treatment

    The Use of Reflected Light

    Anterior Rhinoscopy

    Median Rhinoscopy

    The Nasopharyngoscope

    Posterior Rhinoscopy

    Digital Palpation of the Nasopharynx

    Nasal Defenses against Infection

    Symptoms of Nasal Disease

    Notes on Treatment and Local Anesthesia

    General Hygiene

    Chapter III. the External Nose, Nasal Orifices and Septum

    Injuries to the Nose

    Hematoma and Abscess of the Septum

    Depressed Nasal Bridge

    Congenital Atresia of the Choane

    Dermatitis of the Nasal Vestibule

    Deviations and Spurs of the Septum

    Perforations of the Septum

    Chapter IV. Inflammatory Diseases

    Acute Rhinitis

    Chronic Rhinitis

    Chapter V. Nasal Polypus

    Chapter VI. New Growths

    Chapter VII. Chronic Infective Diseases




    Ulcerative Granuloma

    Rhino Scleroma

    Chapter VIII. Epistaxis, Foreign Bodies and Parasites


    Foreign Bodies


    Fungin and Parasites in the Nose

    Maggots in the Nose

    Chapter IX. Allergy and Allied Conditions

    Nasal Allergy

    Asthma and the Nose

    Allergy and Nasal Operations

    Cerebrospinal Rhinorrhea

    Section II.—Affections of the Paranasal Sinuses

    Chapter X. Introduction. Pathology. Acute Inflammation in the Sinuses


    Inflammatory Affections of the Paranasal Sinuses

    Acute Inflammation

    Chapter XI. Chronic Catarrh and Suppuration in the Paranasal Sinuses: Symptomatology and Diagnosis


    Diagnosis of Chronic Suppuration in the Anterior Group of Sinuses

    Diagnosis of Chronic Suppuration in the Posterior Group of Sinuses

    Chapter XII. Treatment of Chronic Suppuration in the Paranasal Sinuses

    Chapter XIII. Complications of Suppuration in the Paranasal Sinuses. Other Affections of the Sinuses

    Orbital and Ocular Complications of Sinus Disease

    Intracranial Complications

    Mucocele of the Paranasal Sinuses

    Dental (Periodontal) Cysts in Connection With the Maxillary Sinus

    Naso-Antral (Choanal) Polypi

    Simple Chronic Hyperplasia of the Maxilla

    Vacuum Frontal Headache

    Tuberculosis of the Sinuses

    Malignant Disease Affecting the Sinuses

    Section III.—The Pharynx and Nasopharynx

    Chapter XIV.Anatomy

    The Pharynx

    The Tonsils

    The Lymphoid Tissues of the Pharynx and Waldeyer's Ring

    The Function of the Tonsils

    Chapter XV. Method of Examination

    Chapter XVI. Acute Inflammations of the Pharynx

    Acute Pharyngitis

    Vincent's Angina



    Acute Septic Inflammation of the Pharynx

    Agranulocytic Angina

    Retropharyngeal Abscess

    Chapter XVII. Chronic Inflammations of the Pharynx

    Chronic Pharyngitis

    Chapter XVIII. Chronic Infective Conditions of the Pharynx


    Acute Miliary Tuberculosis


    Rhinoscleroma and Leprosy

    Chronic Hyperplasia of the Mucous Membrane

    Chapter XIX. Affections of the Tonsils

    Acute Tonsillitis

    Chronic Inflammation of the Tonsils

    The Operation of Tonsillectomy

    Calculus of the Tonsil (Tonsillolith)

    Bone and Cartilage in the Tonsil Region

    Chapter XX. Other Affections of the Pharynx Including Tumors and Neuroses


    Hemorrhage From the Pharynx

    Foreign Bodies



    Chapter XXI. Diseases of the Nasopharynx

    Acute Inflammation

    Chronic Post Nasal Catarrh

    Adenoid Vegetations or Hypertrophy of the Pharyngeal Tonsil

    Nasopharyngeal Fibroma

    Simple Tumors

    Malignant Tumors

    Section IV.—The Larynx

    Chapter XXII. Anatomy

    Chapter XXIII. Examination. Symptomatology. General Therapeutics

    Indirect Laryngoscopy


    General Therapeutics

    Chapter XXIV. Acute Inflammations of the Larynx

    Simple Acute Laryngitis

    Acute Septic Laryngitis

    Acute Edema of the Larynx

    Diphtheritic Laryngitis or Group

    Chapter XXV. Chronic Inflammations of the Larynx

    Chronic Laryngitis

    Atrophic Laryngitis, or Laryngitis Sicca

    Pachydermia Laryngis

    Singers' Nodules

    Keratosis of the Larynx

    Perichondritis of the Larynx

    Fixation of the Crico-Arytenoid Joint

    Chapter XXVI. Chronic Infective Conditions of the Larynx

    Tuberculosis Syphilis

    Leprosy and Scleroma

    Chapter XXVII. Nervous Affections of the Larynx

    Neuroses of Sensation

    Spasmodic Affections

    Motor Paralysis

    Vocal Disabilities of Singers

    Chapter XXVIII. Tumors and Injuries of the Larynx

    Innocent Tumors

    Malignant Tumors


    Injuries of the Larynx

    Chapter XXIX. Various Conditions of the Larynx and Affections of the Lingual Tonsil

    Congenital Membranes of the Larynx

    Hypertrophy of the Lingual Tonsil

    Boulay's Method of Injecting the Superior Laryngeal Nerve for the Production of Temporary or Prolonged Anesthesia of the Larynx

    Section V.—Peroral Endoscopy

    Chapter XXX. Direct Laryngoscopy, Tracheoscopy, Bronchoscopy. and Oesophagoscopy


    Direct Examination of the Air-Passages

    Direct Examination of the Esophagus

    Chapter XXXI. Foreign Bodies in the Air- and Food-Passages

    Section VI.-Diseases of the Ear

    Chapter XXXII Anatomy

    The External Ear

    The Middle Ear

    The Internal Ear

    The Eighth Nerve and Its Central Connections

    Chapter XXXIII Physiology and Functional Examination of the Ear

    Physiology of the Auditory Apparatus

    Functional Examination of the Auditory Apparatus

    Physiology of the Vestibular Apparatus

    Chapter XXXIV. Symptoms of Ear Disease: Otoscopic Examination: General Therapeutics

    Chapter XXXV. Diseases of the External Ear and Affections of the Drumhead

    Congenital Malformation of the Auricle

    Deformities and Diseases of the Auricle

    The External Meatus

    Tumors of the Meatus

    Traumatic Rupture of the Tympanic Membrane


    Chapter XXXVI. Acute Otitis Media and Mastoiditis

    Acute Salpingitis

    Acute Non-Suppurative Otitis Media

    Acute Purulent Otitis Media

    Varieties of Acute Purulent Otitis Media

    Mastoiditis in Acute Otitis Media

    Apicitis or Petrositis

    Osteomyelitis of the Temporal Bone

    Mastoiditis in Diabetics

    Pharyngeal Abscess

    Chapter XXXVII. Chronic Purulent Otitis Media and Complications

    Chronic Purulent Otitis Media


    Granulations and Polypi

    Facial Paralysis

    Caries of the Ossicles

    Mastoiditis in Chronic Purulent Otitis Media

    Chapter XXXVIII. The Labyrinthine and Intracranial Complications of Suppurative Otitis Media


    Extradural Abscess


    Abscess of the Brain

    Venous Infections Multiple Intracranial Complications

    Chapter XXXIX. Chronic Catarrh of the Middle Ear. Chronic Adhesive Process. Otosclerosis. Otalgia

    Chronic Catarrh of the Middle Ear

    Chronic Adhesive Process



    The Relation Between Diseases of the Nose and Throat and of the Ear

    Chapter XL. Tuberculous, Syphilitic and Malignant Disease of the Ear

    Chapter XLI. the Labyrinth and Eighth Nerve

    Congenital Defects Traumatic Affections of the Auditory Nerve and Labyrinth

    Inflammatory Affections of Labyrinth (Labyrinthitis)

    Meniere's Symptom Complex

    Herpes Zoster Auricularis

    Deafness Due to Drugs

    Nerve Deafness Due to Influenza

    Arteriosclerotic or Senile Deafness (Presbyacusis)

    Deafness Due to Mumps

    Nerve Deafness of Doubtful Origin

    Tumors of the Eighth Nerve

    Hysterical Deafness

    Tests for Simulated Deafness


    Aids to Hearing


    Formula for Use in Diseases of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses, the Pharynx, the Larynx and the Ear


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  • No. of pages: 496
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1936
  • Published: January 1, 1936
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483194332

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