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Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat in Children - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9781483167992, 9781483195476

Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat in Children

2nd Edition

Author: T. G. Wilson
eBook ISBN: 9781483195476
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st January 1962
Page Count: 364
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Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat in Children, Second Edition focuses on the otolaryngological problems of childhood. This edition discusses the congenital abnormalities of the ear, hearing test in infancy and childhood, and cholesteatosis of the middle ear. The osteomyelitis of the maxilla in infancy, speech defects, branchial cysts, neonatal asphyxia, and diseases of the thymus gland are also considered.Other topics include the congenital abnormalities of the nose and face, inflammatory diseases of the tonsils, tuberculosis of the larynx, and indications for removal of the adenoids.

This book is suitable for pediatricians and clinicians interested in the diseases of the ear, nose, and throat in children.

Table of Contents

Part I Diseases Of The Ear

Preface To Second Edition


1. Congenital Abnormalities

General Etiological Considerations


Abnormalities of the Auricle

Abnormalities of the External Auditory Meatus and Middle Ear

Abnormalities of the Middle Ear and Eustachian Tube

Abnormalities of the Tympanic Membrane

Abnormalities of the Middle Ear and Mastoid Process

Congenital Abnormality of the Middle and Internal Ear

Malformations of the Skull with Associated Abnormalities of the Ear

Dermoids and Cholesteatomata

Abnormalities of the Internal Ear

2. Affections Of The External Ear And Tympanic Membrane

Foreign Bodies in the Ear

Rupture of the Tympanic Membrane

3. Acute Infections Of The Middle Ear In Infancy

Acute Suppurative Otitis Media

Acute Otitis Media in Association with Acute Gastro-Enteritis

4. Acute Infections Of The Ear In Later Childhood

Eustachian Obstruction

Catarrhal Otitis Media

Acute Suppurative Otitis Media

Affections of the Ear in the Acute Infectious Diseases

5. Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Of The Ear

Chronic Catarrhal Otitis Media

Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media and Mastoiditis

Chronic Tubo-Tympanal Otitis Media

Chronic Attico-Antral Otitis Media

Abnormal Pneumatization of the Temporal Bone

Tuberculosis of the Middle Ear and Mastoid in Infancy

6. Deafness In Childhood

Severe Deafness in Infancy

Partial Deafness

7. Testing The Hearing During Infancy And Childhood

8. The Training And Education Of Deaf Children

Auditory Training

Teaching the Deaf Child to Speak

Steps in the Development of Speech in Deaf Children

Social and General Training

Part II Speech Defects

9. Defective Speech In Childhood

The Normal Development of Speech in Infancy

Intelligence and the Development of Speech

Speech Defects

Mental Deficiency

Developmental Aphasia

The Normal Production of Speech Sounds


Part III Diseases Of The Nose

10. Congenital Abnormalities Of The Nose And Face

Total Occlusion

Occlusion of the Anterior Nares

Choanal Atresia

Cysts, Sinuses, and Congenital Bands of Fibrous Tissue

Abnormal Development

Micrognathia or Glossoptosis

Herniation of the Cranial Contents

11. Diseases Of The Septum


Foreign Bodies in the Nose

Fractures of the Nasal Bones and Septum

Hematoma and Abscess of the Septum

Deflection and Deformity of the Septum

Reconstruction of the Bridge of the Nose

12. Diseases Of The Nasal Cavity

Chronic Catarrhal Rhinitis

Atrophic Rhinitis and Ozaena

Nasal Diphtheria

Membranous Rhinitis

Congenital Syphilis

Nasal Neoplasms

Juvenile Angiofibroma of Nasopharynx

Acute Osteomyelitis of the Maxilla

13. Acute Rhinitis And Sinusitis

Post-Natal Development of the Nasal Sinuses

Reaction to Streptococcal Infection

The Etiology of Rhinitis and Sinusitis

The Common Cold

Acute Sinusitis

14. Chronic Nasal Sinusitis

Antro-Choanal Polypi

15. Nasal Allergy






Part IV Diseases Of The Pharynx

16. The Surgical Anatomy Of The Pharynx

The Fascial Spaces of the Neck

The Function of the Tonsils and Other Components of Waldeyer's Ring

17. Inflammatory Diseases Of The Tonsils

Acute Tonsillitis of Non-Specific Origin

Acute Tonsillitis of Specific Origin


Infectious Mononucleosis


Vincent's Angina


Chronic Tonsillitis

Tuberculosis of the Tonsil

18. Acute Inflammation Of The Neck

Peritonsillar Abscess

Parapharyngeal Abscess

Ludwig's Angina

Retropharyngeal Abscess

19. The Removal Of The Tonsils And Adenoids

The Surgical Removal of the Tonsils and Adenoids

Indications for Tonsillectomy

Indications for Removal of the Adenoids


The Guillotine Operation

Tonsillectomy by Dissection

Removal of Adenoids


Recurrence after Removal of Tonsils and Adenoids

Part V Diseases Of The Larynx

20. Stridorous Diseases In Childhood Or Intrinsic Laryngeal Origin

The Infantile and the Adult Larynx Compared


Paralysis of the Larynx

Bifid Epiglottis

Laryngismus Stridulus

Acute Laryngitis in Childhood

Laryngeal Diphtheria

Acute Laryngo-Tracheo-Bronchitis

Foreign Body



Laryngeal Web

Papilloma of the Larynx

Chronic Laryngitis in Children

Tuberculosis of the Larynx

The Characteristics of Stridor as an Aid to Diagnosis

Part VI Diseases Of The Neck And Thorax

21. Congenital Abnormalities Of The Lower Respiratory Tract And Œsophagus

Congenital Abnormalities of the Trachea, Bronchi and Lungs

Congenital Abnormalities of the Œsophagus

22. Branchial Cysts And Fistulas : Thyroglossal Cysts And Fistulas: Diseases Of The Thymus Gland

Branchial Cysts and Fistulas

Thyroglossal Cysts and Fistulas

Diseases of the Thymus Gland

23. Diseases Of The Lower Air And Food Passages

Asphyxia Neonatorum


Foreign Bodies in the Pharynx

Foreign Bodies in the Larynx

Foreign Bodies in the Œsophagus



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© Butterworth-Heinemann 1962
1st January 1962
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