Digital signal processing is commonplace in most electronics including MP3 players, HDTVs, and phones, just to name a few of the applications. The engineers creating these devices are in need of essential information at a moment's notice. The Instant Access Series provides all the critical content that a signal or communications engineer needs in his or her daily work. This book provides an introduction to DSPs as well as succinct overviews of linear systems, digital filters, and digital compression. This book is filled with images, figures, tables, and easy to find tips and tricks for the engineer that needs material fast to complete projects to deadline.

Key Features

*Tips and tricks feature that will help engineers get info fast and move on to the next issue *Easily searchable content complete with tabs, chapter table of contents, bulleted lists, and boxed features *Just the essentials, no need to page through material not needed for the current project


Communications Engineers; DSP Engineers

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Why DSP? DSP Definitions The Need for DSP Learning Digital Signal Processing Techniques Instant Summary Chapter 2 The Analog-Digital Interface Definitions Sampling and Reconstruction Quantization Encoding and modulation Number Representation Digital-to-Analog Conversion Analog-to-Digital Conversion Successive Approximation ADCs Instant Summary Chapter 3 DSP System General Model Definitions The Big Picture Signal Acquisition More on Sampling Theory Sampling Resolution Instant Summary Chapter 4 The Math of DSP Definitions Functions Limits Integration Oscillatory Motion Complex Numbers Key Concept Example Applications Filters Causality Convolution The Fourier Series Orthogonality Continuous Functions vs. Discrete Sequences Orthogonality Continued Quadrature Instant Summary Chapter 5 Transforms Definitions Background The z-Transform and DFT Application of the DFT The Fourier Transform Properties of the Fourier Transform The Laplace Transform Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Instant Summary Chapter 6 Digital Filters Definitions FIR Filters The IIR Instant Summary Chapter 7 Applications of DSP Definitions Measurements and Analysis Telecommuni


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