Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals

1st Edition

Understanding Digital Evidence from the Warrant to the Courtroom

Authors: Larry Daniel Lars Daniel
Paperback ISBN: 9781597496438
eBook ISBN: 9781597496445
Imprint: Syngress
Published Date: 2nd September 2011
Page Count: 368
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Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals provides you with a guide to digital technology forensics in plain English. In the authors’ years of experience in working with attorneys as digital forensics experts, common questions arise again and again: “What do I ask for?” “Is the evidence relevant?” “What does this item in the forensic report mean?” “What should I ask the other expert?” “What should I ask you?” “Can you explain that to a jury?” This book answers many of those questions in clear language that is understandable by non-technical people. With many illustrations and diagrams that will be usable in court, they explain technical concepts such as unallocated space, forensic copies, timeline artifacts and metadata in simple terms that make these concepts accessible to both attorneys and juries.

The authors also explain how to determine what evidence to ask for, evidence might be that could be discoverable, and the methods for getting to it including relevant subpoena and motion language. Additionally, this book provides an overview of the current state of digital forensics, the right way to select a qualified expert, what to expect from a qualified expert and how to properly use experts before and during trial.

Key Features

  • Provides examples of direct and cross examination questions for digital evidence
  • Contains a reference of definitions of digital forensic terms, relevant case law, and resources for the attorney


Attorneys, judges, paralegals, digital forensic professionals

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    • Intended Audience
    • Organization of this Book
    • Acknowledgments
  • Dedication
  • About the Authors
  • About the Tech Editors
  • Section 1: What Is Digital Forensics?

    • Chapter 1. Digital Evidence Is Everywhere

      • Publisher Summary
      • Introduction
      • 1.1 What is digital forensics?
      • 1.2 What is digital evidence?
      • 1.3 How digital evidence is created and stored
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2. Overview of Digital Forensics

      • Publisher Summary
      • Introduction
      • 2.1 Digital forensics
      • 2.2 A little computer history
      • 2.3 A brief history of computer forensics
      • 2.4 Computer forensics becomes digital forensics
      • Summary
    • Chapter 3. Digital Forensics: The Subdisciplines

      • Publisher Summary
      • Introduction
      • 3.1 The subdisciplines
      • 3.2 Computer forensics
      • Summary
    • Chapter 4. The Foundations of Digital Forensics: Best Practices

      • Publisher Summary
      • Introduction
      • 4.1 Who establishes best practices?
      • 4.2 Who should be following best practices?
      • 4.3 Summary of best practices
      • 4.4 What really happens in many cases
      • Summary
    • Chapter 5. Overview of Digital Forensics Tools

      • Publisher Summary
      • Introduction
      • 5.1 What makes a tool forensically sound?
      • 5.2 Who performs tool testing?
      • 5.3 Computer forensics tools: An overview
      • 5.4 Classes of forensics tools
      • 5.5 Mobile device forensics tools
      • Summary
      • References
    • Chapter 6. Digital Forensics at Work in the Legal System

      • Publisher Summary
      • Introduction
      • 6.1 Mitigation
      • 6.2 Pre-trial motions
      • 6.3 Trial preparation
      • 6.4 Example trial questions
      • 6.5 Trial phase
      • Summary<


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About the Author

Larry Daniel

Larry Daniel is a digital forensics examiner and cellular records analyst with Guardian Digital Forensics. Larry has testified over 45 times in state and federal courts, and is one of the top digital forensic examiners in the US, with experience in hundreds of civil and criminal cases involving all types of digital evidence, from computers to black boxes to cell phones. Larry is a sought-after speaker for both technical and legal conferences, and is the co-author of the successful Syngress title Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals.

Affiliations and Expertise

Larry E. Daniel is one of the country’s top digital forensic experts with experience in hundreds of civil and criminal cases.

Lars Daniel

Lars Daniel is a digital forensics examiner at Guardian Digital Forensics. Lars is an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), an AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE), an AccessData Certified Mobile Examiner (AME) a Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS), Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA), a Certified Internet Protocol Telecommunications Specialist (CIPTS), and a Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA). He spoke at the largest annual digital forensics conference, the Computer Enterprise and Investigations Conference (CEIC), in 2011 and 2013, and at the EnFuse conference in 2016. Lars has qualified as an expert witness and testified in both state and federal court, qualifying as a digital forensics expert, computer forensics expert, a cell phone forensics expert, a video forensics expert, and a photo forensics expert. He has attended over 300 hours of forensic training and has worked on over 600 cases involving murder, child pornography, terrorism, rape, kidnapping, intellectual property, fraud, wrongful death, employee wrongdoing and insurance losses among numerous other types of cases. Lars is the co-author of the book Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals: Understanding Digital Evidence from the Warrant to the Courtroom, published by Syngess, an imprint of Elsevier Publishing. He has extensive experience in both civil and criminal defense cases. He provides Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training classes for attorneys across the United States.

Affiliations and Expertise

Digital Forensics Examiner and Forensic Artist, Guardian Digital Forensics, NC, USA


"There is so much valuable information contained within this book that I found it was difficult to put down once I started it…Digital evidence is here to stay and the management of that evidence has been made easier to understand with Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals." --Law Technology News, May 2012

"No competent lawyer is foolish enough not to appreciate the pervasiveness of digital evidence, or that digital forensics requires mastery far beyond his ken.  Larry Daniels’ book provides the most comprehensive, nuts and bolts resource for trial lawyers on digital forensics.  This isn’t the sort of book to skim and stick on the shelf, but to keep on our desk because we’ll need it that often. This is part of the trial lawyer’s bible." --Scott H. Greenfield, Criminal Defense Attorney, New York City

"This isn't your stock standard book focusing on how to do digital forensics, it's an innovative text focusing on preparing technical and legal professionals for dealing with litigation. This is a must-have addition to anyone's digital forensic/legal library." --Jonathan T. Rajewski, Professor of Digital Forensics, Champlain College

"There is so much valuable information contained within this book that I found it was difficult to put down once I started it. Its readability is excellent and I could directly and immediately apply the book's lessons to my day-to-day work within technology, project management, and electronic discovery. As I was finishing the final two chapters, an attorney came to me with a case project that included a digital evidence acquisition with multiple cell phones and, lo-and-behold, I was equipped to speak to the process of the data acquisition and intelligently begin the project due to this book. Digital evidence is here to stay and the management of that evidence has been made easier to understand with Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals." <