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Differentiation and Development - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780120454501, 9780323146210

Differentiation and Development

1st Edition

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Editors: Fazal Ahmad J Schultz T. R. Russell R. Werner
eBook ISBN: 9780323146210
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1978
Page Count: 556
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Differentiation and Development is the 15th volume in the continuing series under the title ""Miami Winter Symposia"". This volume summarizes the progress in selected areas of biochemistry and the insights into the molecular basis of biological phenomena. It is divided into 92 chapters that cover topics that represent logical sequel to previous symposia on cloning and genetic manipulation of recombinant DNA.
The introductory chapters discuss the discovered RNA phages with particular emphasis on the use of specific and transformed cells to study cell formation and differentiation. Then, the developmental regulation of protein synthesis and hierarchical controls of nucleolar synthetic functions are discussed. This volume also explains the relationship between cellular events, as well as DNA folding and histone organization in chromatin. The effects of phage infection, DNA damage repair in mycoplasmas, and multiple chorion structural genes are also presented.
This volume looks into the biological features occurring frequently in cell development and differentiation. It studies differentiation and development of various cancer cells and role of several biomolecules in these processes. It also discusses the 3-D structure of a DNA unwinding protein and the role of prostaglandins in cell proliferation and differentiation. The book explains milk proteins and genes during lactogenesis and induction of surface immunoglobulins by lipopolysaccharides. It also examines the genetic control of milk zinc availability and the development of adult muscles in Drosophila abdomen.
The concluding chapters discuss the embryonic gene regulation and biochemical markers for hematopoietic cell differentiation. The origin and significance of tissue-specific histone variant patterns in mammals are explained. Finally, the book covers DNA sequence analysis of chicken ovalbumin gene.
Cell biologists, scientists, and researchers, as well as biochemists, teachers, and students will find this book invaluable.

Table of Contents

Speakers, Chairmen, and Discussants


The Ninth Feodor Lynen Lecture: In Further Defense of DNA

The Adipose Conversion of 3T3 Cells

Discussion: T. Borun, W. J. Rutter, R. E. Miller, C. West, S. Weinhouse, H. V. Rickenberg, and P. Feigelson

Regulation of the Conversion of 3T3-Fibroblasts into Adipose Cells

Discussion: H. V. Rickenberg, J. M. Cardenas, H. Green, R. A. Hickie, C. West, D. Gershon, M. M. Rasenick, and R. E. Miller

The Use of Transformed Fibroblastic Cells as a Model for Differentiation

Discussion: H. Busch, H. Green, P. Feigelson, E. Adelberg, and E. Silverstein

Viral Transformation of Pancreatic Beta Cells in Culture

Discussion: R. Hay, C. West, W. J. Rutter, and P. Cohen

Pancreas Specific Genes and Their Expression during Differentiation

Discussion: R. Oshima, J. Morrissey, S. Seaver, E. E. Atikkan, and S. Counce-Niddas

Marrow Colony Stimulating Factor from Human Lung

Discussion: S. R. Dienstman, K. Latham, and W. Verdeckis

The Organization and Expression of the Natural Ovalbumin Gene

Discussion: J. D. Gurdon, B. L. Malchy, R. G. Kallen, S. P. Craig, and K. S. McCarty

Regulation of Gene Expression in Normal and Neoplastic Cells

Discussion: H. Lodish, K. McCarty, T. Borun, E. Atikkan, A. Zweidler, H. Smith, A. Kootstra, and H. Busch

The Role of Cyclic Nucleotides in Development

Discussion: P. Feigelson

Transcriptional and Translational Control of Protein Synthesis during Differentiation of Dictyostelium discoideum

Discussion: R. Kallen, T. Maden, W. Cieplinski, and D. Gershon

Hierarchical Controls of Nucleolar Synthetic Functions

Discussion: W. Cieplinski, T. Borun, J. D. Watson, K. McCarty, and V. G. Allfrey

Transmembrane Control and Cell Surface Recognition

Discussion: A. Marks, R. G. Kallen, I. B. Sabran, C. West, and I. B. Fritz

DNA Folding and Histone Organization in Chromatin

Discussion: J. Cardenas, W. Cieplinski, B. L. Malchy, F. Haurowitz, H. S. Shapiro, A. Kootstra, and R. G. Kallen

Release of 3 Micron Circles after Treatment of Nuclei with Trypsin Changes in Composition and Metabolism of Nuclear Non-Histone Proteins during Chemical Carcinogenesis. Association of Tumor-Specific DNA-Binding Proteins with DNAse I-Sensitive Regions of Chromatin and Observations on the Effects of Histone Acetylation on Chromatin Structure

Discussion: K. McCarty, S. Craig, N. Ghosh, J. Poupko, P. Sarin, H. V. Rickenberg, J. Kallos, R. Patnaik, L. Hnilica, and M. Urban

The Developmentally Regulated Multigene Families Encoding Chorion Proteins in Silkmoths

Discussion: A. C. Stoolmiller and D. Zouzias

Transcription at the Heat-Shock Loci of Drosophila

Discussion: C. West, R. Oshima, T. Maden, K. Latham, and J. Morrissey

Structure and Function of Xenopus Ribosomal Genes

Discussion: R. C. Leif, H. Smith, and J. B. Gurdon

Antigenic Properties of Non-Histone Proteins in Chromatin

Discussion: R. A. Hickie, M. Urban, and T. Maden

Physical Aspects of the Generation of Morphogenese Fields and Tissue Forms

Discussion: R. C. Leif, T. Maden, and J. D. Watson

The Cell-to-Cell Membrane Channel in Development and Growth

The Intercellular Transfer of Molecules in Tissue Culture Cells: A Kinetic Study by Multichannel Microfluorometry

Mutant Mice from Mutagenized Teratocarcinoma Cells

Discussion: R. Oshima, R. C. Leif, R. G. Kallen, L B. Fritz, C. West, H. V. Rickenberg, S. Weinhouse, W. Cieplinski, and W. T. McAllister

Nuclear Transplantation and Gene Injection in the Analysis of Amphibian Development

Discussion: C. C. Liew, I. C. Lo, and S. Yuspa

Free Communications

Increase in Fatty Acid Synthetase Content during the Differentiation of 3T3 Fibroblasts into Adipose Cells

Effect of Short Chain Fatty Acids on the Membrane Microviscosity of Hela Cells as Measured by Fluorescence Anisotropy

Differential Synthesis of Rabbit Aorta Contracting Substance (Thromboxane A2) by Human Lung versus Skin Fibroblasts in Tissue Culture

Genetic Analysis of the Cyclic AMP Chemosensory System of Dictyostelium Discoideum and Its Role in Morphogenesis

Induction of Cadmium-Thionein in Isolated Liver and Tumor Cells

Change in Phenotypic Expression Induced by Cyclic AMP in Differentiation-Arrested Murine Lymphomas

Chromosomal Proteins from the Embryoid Body/Teratocarcinoma System

Identification of Nonhistone Chromatin Proteins in the Chromatin Subunit Devoid of Histone H1 Terminal Differentiation of the Cardiac Muscle Cell

Possible Role of Metabolic Oscillations in the Induction of cAMP Signaling in Dictyostelium discoideum

Differentiation of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes May Require Induction on the T Cell Membrane of a Free Radical Producing Mechanism

The Macrophage Surface: Specific Constituents Related to Cell Type and Cell Shape

Thyroid Hormone Receptor: Interaction with Histone Hj and Implications for the Mechanism of Regulation of Transcription

Informosomal and Polysomal Messenger RNA: Differential Kinetics of Polyadenylation and Nucleocytoplasmic Transport in Chinese Hamster Cells

Relationships between the Appearance of T Cell Subsets and Surgical Intervention

Enzymatic Acetylation of Histones in Vitro

Origin of Stroma in Human Breast Carcinoma

Differentiation of Cervical Carcinoma Cells Mediated by Inhibitors of DNA Replication

Substances Controlling Morphogenesis in Hydra

Effects of Elevated Cyclic AMP Levels in Cultured Mouse Hepatoma Cells

Isolation of the Brain Specific like Protein S-100 from Teratocarcinomas OTT 6050 and Partial Purification of S-100-like mRNA

Studies of a Heme Requirement in the Differentiation of Friend Erythroleukemia Cells

Role of Lipids in Morphogenese Proliferation of Mouse Mammary Epithelium

Analysis of Rat DNA Purified by Nonhistone Chromosomal Protein-DNA Interactions

Accessibility of DNA in Chromatin to the Covalent Binding of a Chemical Carcinogen

Properties of Messenger Ribonucleoprotein Particles of Embryonic Muscle Cells and Their Role in Translational Control

Evidence for a Catalytic Mechanism Involved in the Actions of Glucocorticoid Receptors on Chromatin

Conversion of Nonmuscle Cells into Functional Striated Myotubes by 5-Azacytidine

A Study of Estrogen Receptor-DNA Interaction by a Competition Method

The Effect of Ethionine on Lymphocyte Activation and Associated Macromolecular Synthesis

Competitive Labeling Analysis of Chromatin Structure —

Inhibition of Accumulation of Messenger RNA for a Brain-Specific Protein in Rat Glial Cells by Colchicine

The Three-Dimensional Structure of a DNA Unwinding Protein: The Gene 5 Product of fd Bacteriophage

Modulation of Granulopoiesis by Prostaglandins and 1-Methyl 3-Isobutyl Xanthine

Regulation of Glutamine Synthetase in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes

The Effect of 5-Bromodeoxyuridine on the Induction of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterase in 3T3-L Fibroblasts

Milk Proteins and Their mRNAs during the Lactogenic Differentiation of Rat Mammary Gland

Partial Purification of Prolactin RNA from Bovine Anterior Pituitary Glands

Quantitative Differentiation in Vitro of Exponentially Growing Embryonal Carcinoma Cells at Low Density

Induction of Surface Immunoglobulin (slg) Expression on a Murine B-Cell Leukemia by Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)

Temporal and Spacial Distribution of Messenger RNA in Primate Spermatogenic Cells

Genetic Control of Milk Zinc Availability

Stuttering: High Level Mistranslation in Animal and Bacterial Cells

Effect of Cytochalasin B on the Expression of Mitogen Receptors in Cultured Chick Embryo Fibroblasts (CEF)

Development of Adult Muscles in the Abdomen of Drosophila

Sequence and Structure of the ACTH/LPH Precursor Protein and mRNA

Appearance of a Species-Specific Sperm Nuclear Protein in the Spermatogenic Sequence Demonstrated by Cytoimmunofluorescence

Evidence for an Intrinsic Developmental Program during Growth and Differentiation of Skeletal Muscle Fiber

Hypostomal Dominance—A Role for Nerve Cells

Sequence Complexity Studies with Poly (A)-MRNA from Murine Neuroblastoma Cells in Suspension Culture

Sites in Simian Virus 40 Chromatin which Are Preferentially Cleaved by Endonucleases

Embryonic Gene Regulation: Role of a Specific Inducer RNA in Control of Heartlike Differentiation in Early Chick Embryo

Patterns of Protein Synthesis as Measured in Vivo in Simple Embryoid Bodies and Teratocarcinomas

Continued Expression of DOPA Oxidase in Chick Melanocyte X Chick Fibroblast Heterokaryons Association of Cyclic GMP with Gene Expression in Polytene Chromosomes of Drosophila

Biochemical Markers for Hematopoietic Cell Differentiation and Leukemias

Differential Effect of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) on Cloned Cell Strains of Neural Origin

Regulation of DNA-Dependent: RNA Polymerase I Activity in Rat Liver Nuclei

Pancreas Histone 1 Phosphorylation in Development, Regeneration, and Cancer

Regulation of Dihydrofolate Reductase Gene Expression in 3T6 Cells during Transition from the Resting to Growing State

Increased Nuclease-Susceptibility of Active Chromatin at Heat-Shock Loci in Drosophila

Keratin Production as a Marker for Normal Differentiation in Mouse Epidermal Cell Cultures

Early Volume Changes during Differentiation of Friend Leukemic Cells

The Origin and Significance of Tissue-Specific Histone Variant Patterns in Mammals

The Ovalbumin Structural Gene Sequence in Native Chick DNA Are Not Contiguous

DNA Sequence Analysis of the Chicken Ovalbumin Gene


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© Academic Press 1978
1st January 1978
Academic Press
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About the Editors

Fazal Ahmad

J Schultz

T. R. Russell

R. Werner

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA

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