Developing and Managing Embedded Systems and Products

1st Edition

Methods, Techniques, Tools, Processes, and Teamwork

Editors: Kim Fowler
Hardcover ISBN: 9780124058798
eBook ISBN: 9780124058637
Imprint: Newnes
Published Date: 12th September 2014
Page Count: 862
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This Expert Guide gives you the knowledge, methods and techniques to develop and manage embedded systems successfully.  It shows that teamwork, development procedures, and program management require unique and wide ranging skills to develop a system, skills that most people can attain with persistence and effort.

With this book you will:

  • Understand the various business aspects of a project from budgets and schedules through contracts and market studies
  • Understand the place and timing for simulations, bench tests, and prototypes, and understand the differences between various formal methods such as FMECA, FTA, ETA, reliability, hazard analysis, and risk analysis
  • Learn general design concerns such as the user interface, interfaces and partitioning, DFM, DFA, DFT, tradeoffs such as hardware versus software, buy versus build, processor choices, and algorithm choices, acquisition concerns, and interactions and comparisons between electronics, functions, software, mechanics, materials, security, maintenance, and support

Key Features

  • Covers the life cycle for developing an embedded system: program management, procedures for design and development, manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, and legal issues
  • Includes proven and practical techniques and advice on tackling critical issues reflecting the authors’ expertise developed from years of experience


Embedded Systems Engineers, Embedded Developers, graduate students

Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • About the Editor
  • Co-Author Biography
  • Author’s Biographies

    • Chapter Authors
    • Case Study Authors
  • Developing and Managing Embedded Systems and Products: The Roadmap

    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Good Development
    • Chapter 2: Drivers of Success in Engineering Teams
    • Chapter 3: Project Introduction
    • Chapter 4: Dealing with Risk
    • Chapter 5: Documentation
    • Chapter 6: System Requirements
    • Chapter 7: Analyses and Tradeoffs
    • Chapter 8: The Discipline of System Design
    • Chapter 9: Mechanical Design
    • Chapter 10: Electronic Design
    • Chapter 11: Software Design and Development
    • Chapter 12: Security
    • Chapter 13: Review
    • Chapter 14: Test and Integration
    • Chapter 15: Manufacturing
    • Chapter 16: Logistics, Distribution, and Support
    • Chapter 17: Agreements, Contracts, and Negotiations
    • Chapter 18: Dealing with the Government
    • Chapter 19: Agency and Getting Paid
    • Chapter 20: Intellectual Property etc.
    • Chapter 21: Open Source Software
    • Chapter 22: Laws That Can Nail Embedded Engineers
    • Chapter 23: Corporate Operations, Export, and Compliance
    • Chapter 24: Case Studies
  • List of Acronyms
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Good Development

    • About this book
    • Focus
    • Team attributes
    • Systems engineering
    • Various approaches to development processes
    • Life cycle phases
    • Case Study: Disastrous engineering processes fixed
    • Conclusion
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
    • Suggested reading
  • Chapter 2. Drivers of Success in Engineering Teams

    • Overview of organizational and psychological drivers
    • The role of the team member
    • The role of the team leader
    • Self-awareness an


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About the Editor

Kim Fowler

Kim Fowler has spent over 30 years in the design, development, and project management of medical, military, and satellite equipment. His interest is the rigorous development of diverse, mission-critical, embedded systems. Kim co-founded Stimsoft, a medical products company, in 1998 and sold it in 2003. He has also worked for JHU/APL designing embedded systems, for a company now part of Curtiss-Wright Embedded Computing that built digital signal processing boards, and consulted for both commercial companies and government agencies. Kim is a Fellow of the IEEE and lectures internationally on systems engineering and developing real-time embedded products. He has been President of the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement society and an adjunct professor for the Johns Hopkins University Engineering Professional Program. He has published widely and has written three textbooks - this book is his fourth. He has 18 patents - granted, pending, or disclosed. Kim currently is a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University to finally get his PhD to teach and research.

Affiliations and Expertise

Instructor and PhD Graduate student at Kansas State University, USA and Past President, IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society.