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* An entirely new section on DC biology is included in this edition. Also new to this edition are chapters on: * Imaging * Interaction of dendritic cells with viruses * Dendritic cells and dendrikines, chemokines and the endothelium * Molecules expressed in dendritic cells * Role of dendritic cells in wound healing and atherosclerosis * Delivery of apoptotic bodies * Genetic engineering of dendritic cells * Imaging * Practical aspects of clinical protocol development

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Preface Michael T Lotze and Angus W Thomson Foreword Dendritic Cells in Biology and Disease Sir Gustav JV Nossal, FRS I. ORIGIN AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF DENDRITIC CELLS Chapter 1 The Development of Dendritic Cells from Hematopoietic Precursors Li Wu and Anne Galy Chapter 2 Dendritic Cells in the Thymus Hergen Spits Chapter 3 T cell activation and polarization by dendritic cells Yong Jung Liu, Vassilli Soumelis and Nori Kadowaki Chapter 4 Follicular Dendritic Cells: Molecules Associated with Function Marie Kosco-Vilbois Chapter 5 Langerhans Cells Dieter Maurer and Georg Stingl Chapter 6 Dendritic cell-related immunoregulation: signals and mediators Pawel Kalinski, Martien L. Kapsenberg, Michael T.Lotze II. DENDRITIC CELL BIOLOGY Chapter 7 A Guide to the Isolation, Culture and Propagation of Dendritic Cells Weiping Zou, Jozef Borvak, Florentina Marches, Shuang Wei, Tatyana Isaeva, Tyler J. Curiel Chapter 8 Phenotypic Characterization of Dendritic Cells Derek N J Hart, Kelli MacDonald, Slavica Vuckovic and Georgina J Clark Chapter 9 Targeted Gene Knockouts: Making sense of dendritic cell biology and lymphoid tissue development David Lo, Lian Fan, Will Redmond and Christina R. Reilly Chapter 10 Mobilization, Migration, and Localization of Dendritic Cells Jonathan M Austyn Chapter 11 Regulation of Antigen Capture, MHC Biosynthesis and Degradation by Dendritic Cells Russell D Salter and Xin Dong


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Michael Lotze

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Departments of Surgery and Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Departments of Surgery and Immunology, Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


"This is an excellent book that will serve as a valuable source of information for many researchers both in and outside the field of dendritic cell biology. The scope and range of information in this book make it a significant contribution to the scientific literature. The fact that this second edition was published only three years after the first edition speaks to the importance and vitality of the dendritic cell biology field." Alvin Telser for DOODY'S (2003) Praise for the First Edition "...represents the first book that attempts to draw together the exponential growth in our knowledge about this fundamental cell." -IMMUNOLOGY TODAY (March 2000)