Cytokine Reference, Two-Volume Set (Individual Version)

1st Edition

A Compendium of Cytokines and Other Mediators of Host Defense


  • Marc Feldman
  • Scott Durum
  • Toshio Hirano
  • Jan Vilcek
  • Nicos Nicola
  • Description

    The Cytokine Reference is the most complete work for anyone interested in the role of cytokines in host defense processes. With essential and comprehensive information on all known cytokines, including chemokines, growth factors and neuropeptides, the database will include hundreds of entries with detailed descriptions of cytokine genes, proteins, cell sources, activities, receptors, receptor signal transduction, gene activation, pathophysiology, therapeutics and techniques. This encyclopedic reference is written by a panel of global experts and will include extensive tables and diagrams. This book/online bundle consists of a two-volume print set, plus a regularly updated and searchable Online Database. Cytokines are produced by virtually all the cells in our bodies, and they regulate the systems that defend us against infection, tumors, and trauma. This publication and database will enable all those working in the field to find the information they need about this ever-expanding field.

    Key Features

    * Online extensively-linked database is highly functional and allows you to reach data in a variety of ways--by cytokine, by cell type, or by disease * Online version offers regularly updated entries and addition of new entries as research uncovers further information * Print version has approximately 2500 pages of detailed and highly structured information on all the cytokines and other mediators of host defense * Contains over 175 chapters contributed by international experts and edited by 6 world renowned scientists * Online database allows extensive links at chapter subheading level guiding you through the maze of inter-relationships * Online version includes full color diagrams and sequences plus links to online databases, including MEDLINE, PDB, SWISSPRO, and GenBank * Every cytokine or receptor chapter uses the same highly structured subheadings, ensuring that the information is complete, comprehensive, and easy to find


    Researchers in immunology, biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology. Also rheumatologists, hematologists, oncologists, and infectious disease specialists

    Table of Contents

    Preface. Dedication. Contributors. Volume I: Overview: Introduction to the Role of Cytokines in Innate Host Defense and Adaptive Immunity, J.J. Oppenheim and M. Feldmann. Cytokine-Receptor Signaling at the Structural Level, R.M. Stroud, S. LaPorte and J.A. Wells. Cytokines and Disease, M. Feldmann and F.M. Brennan. Cytokine Assays, D.G. Remick and T.L. Whiteside. Cytokine Standardization, R.C. Thorpe, A.R. Mire-Sluis and M. Wadhwa. The Immunomodulating Interleukins: Cytokines and the Immune System, S.K. Durum TH1/TH2 Interleukins, S. Romagnani. IL-2, K.A. Smith. IL-4, A.D. Keegan. IL-7, H. Spits. IL-9, J.-C. Renauld. IL-10, R. de Waal Malefyt. IL-12, C. Esche, M.R. Shurin and M.T. Lotze. IL-13, A.N.J. McKenzie and D.J. Matthews. IL-15, T.A. Waldmann and Y. Tagaya. IL-16, D.M. Center, H. Kornfeld and W.W. Cruikshank. IL-17, S. Lebecque, F. Fossiez and E. Bates. Growth Hormone, S. Chappel and W. Murphy. Prolactin, H. Rui. Parapox (Orf Virus) IL-10 Homolog, G. McFadden and R. Moyer. The IL-1 Family: Proinflammatory Cytokines, M. Feldmann and J. Saklatvala. IL-1-alpha, C.A. Dinarello. IL-1Ra, D. Burger and J.-M. Dayer. IL-18, H. Okamura, H. Tsutsui, S.-i. Kashiwamura, T. Yoshimoto and K. Nakanishi. IL-1-beta, C.A. Dinarello. The TNF Family:


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