Cyber Warfare

1st Edition

Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners

Authors: Jason Andress Steve Winterfeld
Paperback ISBN: 9781597496377
eBook ISBN: 9781597496384
Imprint: Syngress
Published Date: 1st June 2011
Page Count: 320
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Cyber Warfare Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners discusses the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of cyber warfare. The book provides information that organizations can use to develop a strategic vision for cyber security, but it is also designed to spur national debate on the direction of cyber warfare. Starting with a definition of cyber warfare, the book’s 15 chapters discuss the following topics: the cyberspace battlefield; cyber doctrine; cyber warriors; logical, physical, and psychological weapons; computer network exploitation; computer network attack and defense; non-state actors in computer network operations; legal system impacts; ethics in cyber warfare; cyberspace challenges; and the future of cyber war. This book is a valuable resource to those involved in cyber warfare activities, including policymakers, penetration testers, security professionals, network and systems administrators, and college instructors. The information provided on cyber tactics and attacks can also be used to assist in developing improved and more efficient procedures and technical defenses. Managers will find the text useful in improving the overall risk management strategies for their organizations.

Key Features

  • Provides concrete examples and real-world guidance on how to identify and defend your network against malicious attacks
  • Dives deeply into relevant technical and factual information from an insider's point of view
  • Details the ethics, laws and consequences of cyber war and how computer criminal law may change as a result


Information security practitioners, network security administrators, computer system administrators, security analysts

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments About the Authors About the Technical Editor Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 What is Cyber Warfare? What is Cyber Warfare? Definition for Cyber Warfare Tactical and Operational Reasons for Cyber War Cyber Strategy and Power Cyber Arms Control What is the United States Doing About the Threat of a Cyber War? Have We Seen a Cyber War? Case Studies The Debate (Is it Real?) Why Cyber Warfare is Important Summary Endnotes Chapter 2 The Cyberspace Battlefield Boundaries in Cyber Warfare Defense in Depth Physical Infrastructure Organizational View Where Cyber Fits in the War-fighting Domains Land Sea Air Space Cyber Domain Threatscape Most Active Threats Most Dangerous Threats Motivations Fielding Systems at the Speed of Need Summary Endnotes Chapter 3 Cyber Doctrine Current U.S. Doctrine U.S. Forces U.S. Air Force U.S. Navy U.S. Army DoD INFOCONs Sample Doctrine/Strategy from Around the World Chinese Doctrine Other Key Nations Developing Doctrine Translating Traditional Military Doctrine IPOE JMEM MOE BDA CAS COIN Guidance and Directives CNCI DHS HSPD NIST Academia and Industry Associations Operations and Exercises Federal Exercises
DoD Exercises Educational Exercises Sample MESLs Summary Endnotes Chapter 4 Cyber Warriors What Does a Cyber Warrior Look Like? Certifications Education and Training Experience and Skills Differences from Traditional Forces


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About the Author

Jason Andress

Jason Andress (CISSP, ISSAP, CISM, GPEN) is a seasoned security professional with a depth of experience in both the academic and business worlds. Presently he carries out information security oversight duties, performing penetration testing, risk assessment, and compliance functions to ensure that critical assets are protected. Jason has taught undergraduate and graduate security courses since 2005 and holds a doctorate in computer science, researching in the area of data protection. He has authored several publications and books, writing on topics including data security, network security, penetration testing, and digital forensics.

Affiliations and Expertise


Steve Winterfeld

Steve Winterfeld (CISSP, PMP, SANS GSEC, Six Sigma) has a strong technical and leadership background in Cybersecurity, Military Intelligence, Certification & Accreditation (C&A), Simulations and Project Management.

Affiliations and Expertise

(CISSP, PMP, SANS GSEC, Six Sigma) has a strong technical and leadership background in Cybersecurity and Military Intelligence.


"…aimed at a military audience, this book offers concepts and examples largely from the U.S. Military."--Security Management, January 2013, page 60
"This book of around 300 pages and some 15 chapters, with a ‘cyber timeline’ appendix, provides an adequate coverage of the topics given that the whole area is subject to rapid change in both technical and policy terms. The foreword to the book again sets the scene. It asks the question ‘just what should teaching on this vital subject involve and how should it be done?’. It then sets out the aim of the book as, to quote, ‘to cover the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the conflicts in cyberspace today.’ This ambitious aim is partially met but mainly from an intensely USA perspective even though some reviews are done of international policy settings as of the date of writing."--
Computers & Security
"The book is also crammed with details that keep it from being too dry a treatise — right from the foreword, where the president of security experts The SANS Institute confesses to being fooled into friending a fake Facebook persona (luckily for him, set up by a security researcher). The short final section of perspectives from a range of security experts is thought-provoking, but mostly this is a rigorous analysis of every aspect of cyber-war and defences against it…. At the end of Cyber Warfare you won't have a definitive answer on whether a true cyber-war is imminent. What you will have is a far better idea of the complexity of the situation, and a clear view of where to start evaluating threats to your infrastructure and how to protect against them."--ZDNet UK
"Regardless of where the definition of cyber warfare finally settles, be it simply a war waged over the Internet, a technological cold war, network-based hostilities or simply another theater of war, there are without doubt activities that transpire over t