Current Topics in Developmental Biology provides a comprehensive survey of the major topics in the field of developmental biology. The volumes are valuable to researchers in animal and plant development, as well as to students and professionals who want an introduction to cellular and molecular mechanisms of development. The series has recently passed its 30-year mark, making it the longest-running forum for contemporary issues in developmental biology.

Key Features

* Includes over 25 color tables * Topics covered include stem cells, zygotes, hepatocyte cell cycle, and mammary gland functions in seals * Six chapters edited by the most authoritative figures in their fields of study


Developmental biologists, animal and plant cell biologists, and stem cell researchers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Defending the Zygote: Search for the Ancestral Animal Block to Polyspermy Julian L. Wong, Gary M. Wessel Chapter 2 Dishevelled: A Mobile Scaffold Catalyzing Development Craig C. Malbon, Hsien-yu Wang Chapter 3 Sensory Organs – Making and Breaking the Pre-Placodal Region Andrew P. Bailey, Andrea Streit Chapter 4 Regulation of Hepatocyte Cell Cycle Progression and Differentiation by Type I Collagen Structure Linda K. Hansen, Joshua Wilhelm, John T. Fassett Chapter 5 Engineering stem cells into organs: Topobiological Transformations Demonstrated by Beak, Feather and Other Ectodermal Organ Morphogenesis Cheng-Ming Chuong, Ping Wu, Maksim Plikus, Ting-Xin Jiang, Randall Bruce Widelitz Chapter 6 Fur Seal Adaptations to Lactation – Insights into Mammary Gland Function Julie A. Sharp, Kylie N. Cane, Christophe Lefevre, John P.Y. Arnould and Kevin R. Nicholas


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