Crystalline Bacterial Cell Surface Proteins assembles information on the understanding of the occurrence, structure, chemistry, genetics, assembly, function, and application potential of S-layers. The chapters are designed to stand independent of each other and provide a complete survey of the different topics in S-layer research. This book is intended to stimulate further development in basic and applied S-layer research.

Key Features

  • Assembles present-day understanding of S-layers
  • Provides a detailed survey of the entire field of basic and applied S-layer research
  • Potential for broad application in biotechnology, vaccine development, diagnostics, molecular nanotechnology, and biomimetics


Researchers, clinicians, specialists, and graduate and upper-level undergraduate students interested in development in basic and applied S-layer research

Table of Contents

U.B. Sleytr, P. Messner, D. Pum, and M. Sara, Introduction. U.B. Sleytr, P. Messner, D. Pum, and M. Sara, Occurrence, Location, Ultrastructure and Morphogenesis of S-Layers. P. Messner, Chemical Composition and Biosynthesis of S-Layers. B. Kuen and W. Lubitz, Analysis of S-Layer Proteins and Genes. M. Sara and E.M. Egelseer, Functional Aspects of S-Layers. M. Sara, S. Kupcu, and U.B. Sleytr, Biotechnological Applications of S-Layers. P. Messner, F.M. Unger, and U.B. Sleytr, Vaccine Development Based on S-Layer Technology. D. Pum and U.B. Sleytr, Molecular Nanotechnology and Biomimetics with S-Layers. Appendix: Crystalline Surface Layers on Eubacteria and Archaeobacteria. Subject Index.


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