In this superb new volume, Edward Whitticks has charted the course for anyone working with contracts and dispute control in oil and gas, one of the most volatile industries in the world. His practical, straightforward approach will move you step by step through the process of contractual negotiations, bids and closeouts. For anyone working in the oil and gas industry today, finding your way through the maze of contract management seems more cutthroat and challenging than ever before. In Construction Contracts, Edward Whitticks dispels the myth that “there has to be a winner and a loser” in contractual management and dispute control. As a desktop companion for project managers and engineers, contract administrators, cost scheduling engineers and others engaged in the field of refinery, pipeline and petrochemical construction, this book covers the entire contract process.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Client Policy and Practice

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The Fundamental Contract Document

1.3 Invitations to Bid

1.4 Lump Sum Contracting Preferred

1.5 Lump Sum Plus Unit Rates

1.6 Unit Rate Only

1.7 Reimbursable Cost Contracts Where Necessary

1.8 Cost Plus a Percentage Fee

1.9 Start Cost Reimbursable with Later Conversion to Lump Sum

1.10 Provisional Contract Price Agreement

1.11 Target Cost (Shared Overrun or Underrun)

1.12 Partnering

1.13 Prime Contracts

1.14 Professional Services Contracts

1.15 Short Form Contracts

1.16 Incentive Plans

1.17 Policy on Claims

1.18 Quality and “Intent” of Contracts

1.19 Field Administration of Contracts

1.20 Planning Policies

1.21 Integration

1.22 Governmental Policies and Influences–The “Third Party”

Chapter 2: The Bid Package

2.1 Preparation by the Client’s Team

2.2 Errors and Omissions

2.3 What Type of Contract?

2.4 Job Explanation Meeting

2.5 Site Visit

2.6 Bid Package Worksheets

Chapter 3: Bid Preparation

3.1 Bidders’ Responses to the Invitation to Tender

3.2 Articles of Agreement or General Terms and Conditions

3.3 Scope of Work

3.4 Has It Been Done Before?

3.5 Changes to the Scope of Work

3.6 Schedule

3.7 Compensation

3.8 Materials

3.9 Specifications and Drawings

3.10 As Built Documentation

3.11 Bid Preparation in General: Alternative Proposals

3.12 Subcontractors

Chapter 4: Evaluation

4.1 Reception and Examination of the Bids

4.2 The Bid Clarification Meeting

4.3 Low Bidding

4.4 Bids Above the Company Estimate

4.5 Unit Rates for Work Variations

4.6 General Observation


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